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25 juni 2020

Poor customer Service.... App sent 3 texts in error and charged me 3 times t $90 a piece! They acted like it wasn't their fault......i wish i had a screen recording.... use another SMS app

SaltWater Brewery
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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 25 juni 2020

Hi there and thank you for your feedback!

Stoyan here from the SMSBump team. I am sorry to hear that you had such an experience with our app. From what I understood, a campaign was scheduled more than once, and this is what led to the issue that you are reporting. A member of our team will contact you to resolve this for you. We will be happy to help and also provide you with more information on how our product works and how you can benefit the most.

EDIT: From what I understood, our support team has reached out, talked with you about the issues you had, and they were resolved. However, we did not receive a reply since then. Is there something else we can help you with?

EDIT 2: We've tried to reach the customer more than once to ensure everything is working as expected, however, we don't have a response as of July 2nd.

EDIT (17th AUG): We are still waiting for feedback from the merchant.

Bewerkt 24 mei 2020

I used this app to send text marketing to my customers. This app is absolutely inefficient. I paid for texts to be sent to my customers and the texts never went through. I contact the support team and they told me they were having technical issues but could not provide an alternative solution. It takes tech support at least 20 mins to respond to your LIVE CHAT messages even after you can see they have read the chat. Very slow and INEFFICIENT. Don't waste your time on this app...very frustrating experience. I also used this app to send abandoned cart text messages and for the first time ever, my abandoned cart recoveries hit a low of 5%. My recovery was always at 7% or higher. SMSBump is the worst!!!

The Waist Experts
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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 26 mei 2020

Hello and thank you for your feedback.

We took care of the refund for you.

Just to throw a bit more light on the case, there was a hiccup and a support member who was working on your case was investigating the issue you were describing hence the 20 mins to respond to your message. Definitely something that could have been communicated better.

As far as the attribution goes we've recovered 78 orders while you were using our software. The % of recovery is in thousands and definitely much higher than disclosed here.

10 augustus 2020

Experiencing the same problem with 19mileStore. Slow customer supports. Can't start my business waiting for their support! Fvck. Damn it.

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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 17 augustus 2020

Hello there! Stoyan here from the SMSBump team. I am sorry that you had to experience this. What happened was something that we were not expecting. Fortunately, it was resolved within the same day it was reported.

As I explained in the other similar review, there was a minor technical problem in the connection between two services. The problem was resolved in a couple of hours and since then there are no issues in this functionality.

Now that part of the system is greatly improved and this should not happen again.

As for the slow support - usually we are pretty quick to reply, however, as you can imagine, we had a lot of requests on that day and we were a bit overwhelmed.

I can see that the app is not uninstalled, so you should still be using it. If you do have any questions, feel free to reach out to us ✌️

UPDATE AUG 21st: We are still waiting for a feedback from the client.

Bewerkt 2 juli 2019

I REALLY wanted to like this app, because the features like segmentation and Klaviyo integration look awesome. However - I am very tech-savvy and after installing it properly, I realized that for weeks the app had not been collecting subscribers from checkout or sending abandoned cart reminders!

This has lost me a lot of potential revenue =(
I have contacted support twice, with no resolution as to why it's not working for me.

I've just switched back to and without any tinkering at all, it is successfully collecting subscribers for me and sending abandoned cart text reminders for my store.

EPIK Canvas
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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 14 juli 2019

We REALLY wanted to help this client. We tried to get in touch about 12 times on multiple channels. Email, FB and no response.

We had our team check and unfortunately all issues were due to the fact that he had a modified checkout. Something he did and it seems the app recommended did custom for them. Unfortunately after telling our findings and being promised a staff account the customer never responded. Its been 2 weeks now and it seems the customer just does not want to respond back.

Also the bad part about all that is that the customer's checkout is not TCPA compliant. Not sure who set it and how and why messages are sent at all when there is no explicit consent. For anyone reading this be very careful as this is how you may get in trouble!

Bewerkt 25 maart 2020

Don't expect the automation to work properly. Once you run into the malfunctions don't expect customer support to be helpful. They hardly know how their own app functions and never actually fix the glitches in the software.

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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 30 maart 2020

Hey, sorry about that.

Our support team reached out to you and we are looking forward to addressing your comments.

UPDATE APRIL 20th: All issues have been addressed now. Customer promised to delete the review

UPDATE JULY 2nd: Hello again, I can see that the issues that have been mentioned here were resolved a long time ago. If you decide to give us another shot, we will be more than happy to show you how you can set up our product correctly and gain the most from it.

10 november 2020

The worst experience EVER, I've been waiting for their response for 3 weeks, but I still got no response at all on any of my help requests or refund request. I emailed them 5 times and contacted an online service 3 times.
I already added $20 to my account. The worst part is I can NOT even open the App. I've been waiting like an idiot wasting my time and my money. I can not even open the dashboard. The App does NOT work at all. It keeps popping out to It looks like the app is nothing to do with Shopify. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS APP. Terrible after-sale service(no service at all) All I want to do is get my money back.

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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 12 november 2020


Unfortunately the email response we've sent landed in the SPAM folder, thanks Intercom. The fact that you were not able to set up might be unfortunately due to the fact that you are based in China (sometimes this happens if the servers of the company are not based in China and ours are not)

If you cannot use our service we would be more than happy to grant you a refund, so please get in touch with our support team so we can settle this.

Thank you.

Bewerkt 12 november 2020

This is a fake service which does not intergrate with smile at all, you will loose money and be charge for intergartion which doesn’t work I all fairness lying isn’t gonna get you off the fraudulent hook.
1 charging for a service which doesn’t exists is called Fraud !!!!!!
2 I’m yet to wait for a response from your so called developer team .
3 I have reported this to Shopify investigations , and lodged a complaint with smile and will lay a charge of fraud with the CCMA INTERNATIONAL . Hence this is a fake plug in , app service , which takes your money but doesn’t delivery what is promised , FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE

Green Peppercorn - Mr Maki -EL Loco Mexicano
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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 12 november 2020


We've been in touch with you trying to help you set up Smile for some time already. Not sure what you refer as "fake service" as we are waiting for a response from your side.

Thanks and looking forward to fixing this.

Update1: responded to the customer almost instantaneously. They have a problem with a third party integration. Working on solving it for them, but the customer stopped communicating.

Update2: The customer stopped responding after countless of reach outs.

19 februari 2021

I don't understand how y'all gave this app good reviews. It is completely inaccessible and customer service sucks. They left me high and dry, stole my money and didn't give an explanation as to how it got there. I'm still waiting.

Artis Styling Experience
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12 april 2020

I would have given more stars but it seems that customer service doesn’t reply back. I surly understand the epidemic that’s going on but it wasn’t a problem with communication until after I was told about me receiving my refund from a miscalculated charge. I’ll say it’s been more than a week since our last communication where I was told about a refund only to not hear from them again. With the attempt to email them twice since then. I would have love to just kept this situation through email but this seems the only way to actually get someone to respond.

NuvèLuxx Raw
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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 20 april 2020

Hello and thank you for reaching out.

It seems that you had a bad experience with our app, for which we apologize. It seems that there was an issue with the payments.

From what we understood, there was a delay on Shopify's side in regards to your case. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about this, because all payment requests are managed by Shopify - we can send payments to you, but it is up to Shopify and their payment schedules on when those payments will be received by you.

Stay safe!

21 december 2020

Unprofessional! Uninstalled the app and they still charged me $60usd and deleted my account so i couldnt get my unused money out. They are even still trying to charge my credit card.

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