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28 augustus 2022

Been using it for about 3 months, sent few 1000's recover sms's and suddenly stopped working. The sms's stopped sending to customers. I contacted support to help us solve the problem and she just didn't understand me, maybe support don't speak english, i only received copy-paste messages that weren't answering my questions. I felt like she was joking with me. Not okay to judge a whole company by 1 person, but i can't stay without sms recover so i'll have to find another app.

Vagance România
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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 31 augustus 2022


Thank you for reaching out.

After further review, I can see that the personalized suggestion that our colleague has previously provided was in fact the resolution behind your account’s messaging issue.

After the updates you have applied to your account settings, following your conversation with our team, we have ran some detailed testing, and another member of our team has reached out to confirm our results.

Your messages are now successfully sending from your account moving forward after successfully updating your account's personal settings.

We hope that you will keep using our app to send text messages and continue seeing great results.

Please let us know if there is anything further we can help assist with.

Kind Regards,
Yotpo SMSBump Customer Care

26 augustus 2022

Customer service is absolutely unresponsive. They put a banner ad up that prevents the ability to log in and, after at least 5 times attempting to contact them over a 2 week span, they never once responded. I have been using SMSBUMP for 5 years so the app is ok when it works. But, if the app breaks, good luck getting hold of someone to help you out.

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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 26 augustus 2022


Thank you for reaching out.

I sincerely apologize for the experience you received.

A member of our team has reached out to further assist with the issue you described.

We are very happy to help correct any trouble with your account.

Looking forward to being in touch.

Kind Regards,
Yotpo SMSBump Support Team

24 augustus 2022

Poor support they do not respond to messages. Very Poor app performance. We have scheduled text campaigns and 50% of our consented customers do not receive text messages. We are charged for messages the platform is not sending. We have tested with several phones no messages are received. This app is falsely showing sent messages. Scammer app that does not sending text messages. I wish i could give negative stars

Oh It's Natural
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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 24 augustus 2022


Thank you for reaching out.

We are very sorry, it is not our intention to miss your outreach and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Indeed we can assure you that our service is not a scam and we are more than happy to further assist and review your concern described.

A member of our team has reached out directly and we look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind Regards
Yotpo SMSBump Support Team

Bewerkt 23 augustus 2022

This app is the worst. I'm writing this so drained after another glitch in the app has caused a text to go out at the completely wrong time which will probably result in so many unsubscribes and customer issues. I've given this app so many changes and I'm just done. Definitely switching to a different SMS provider this week. If you have the chance to do that from the beginning, do it and avoid the headache from SMS Bump. UPDATE: I just want to make sure that people know that in addition to the app being useless, the creators are dishonest. The response to this review says that they can already see someone has reached out to me since leaving this review regarding my issues??? NO ONE from this app has sent me a single message since I left this review. They must just automatically say that in all review responses to save face in front of other Shopify users. No integrity at all.

The Bougie Brand
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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 22 augustus 2022


Thank you for reaching out.

I sincerely apologize for any trouble you are experiencing.

We are more than happy to assist you!

I can see that one of our team members has reached out recently to help further resolve this for you.

We look forward to being in touch.

Kind regards,
Customer Care SMSBump




After multiple attempts of reaching out, unfortunately, we were unable to get in touch with this user to further assist with the issue described. It seems they are not responding to our outreaches.

However, we would love to further assist with their account and we welcome them to reach back upon our attempts to follow up.

Kind Regards
SMSBump Support Team

15 augustus 2022

Really bad app, they keep pausing my flows and automation even after saying I have completed all steps in order to verify the account. I will be perusing legal action for damages as they promised the campaigns would be live 24/7 but they proceed to pause them randomly. One of the worse companies I have ever seen. For sure missed out in nearly 10k net profit due to this app being faulty. I would stay very very well clear of this app. Try kylavio etc. I will be warning all my clients and other people I know using SMS bump to get away from them.

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15 juni 2022

5days, I've been writing for 5 days to the customer service because i can't log in to my account which is linked to my shop in Germany and no one is answering, so so frustrating, customer service is really bad.

Rior Design
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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 16 juni 2022


Thank you for reaching out.

I am sorry to hear this feedback, sincere apologies!

I can see that our support team has reached out to you and we are looking forward to addressing your feedback and to further assist with your concerns.

Kind Regards,
SMSBump Support

12 mei 2022

does not have any support service with quality. spent 2 days, cannot troubleshoot my problem. not recommended.

Hongkong SAR van China
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SMSBump Ltd heeft geantwoord 12 mei 2022


Thank you for reaching out.

I am sorry to hear that you had this experience with our service.

I can see that we have been in touch recently and are currently working towards remediating your concerns

We have reached out to you directly to further discuss any issues impacting your account so we can work towards a quick resolution.

Kind Regards,
SMSBump Customer Care

28 februari 2022

Bad app! since yotpo has acquired smsbump they have become so hard to use. we operate 50+ stores and they expect us to create an account on yot-po for every store or we can not use smsbump. Whenever we install the app in the new store and click the app, it asks us to recover the password which was never lost. They think that we will make a new store from a new email. All other apps we use, when we click on the app, they log us in automatically, or they have the feature where you can add multiple stores under one account but this, yotpo has ruined smsbump. i have complained to them multiple times but since they don't care, I will leave my review and find better options. Their customer support chat sucks, you refresh the page and all chat history is gone, you have to start over again.

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23 februari 2022

Reset password does not work. Extremely annoying and if you own multiple stores they make you bind everything together which is also another issue

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12 januari 2022

**UPDATE AFTER 3 years with service**
Decided to switch to a much better platform, Klaviyo. It’s much better and less expensive. SMSBump merged with Yotpo and is trying desperately to integrate email marketing.
It’s not good. Support team is a joke. Never really been useful. Generic responses. Don’t believe the “bonus funds” you get when replenishing your account. When you uninstall you won’t get any of them back. They expect you to completely deplete your account to $0.00 before uninstalling.
Even if you’ve depleted and replenished your account dozens of times, the “bonus funds” stay in your account and never get depleted first. Overall, this app is costly, doesn’t have advanced email features, and comes with a subpar customer support. Clearly signs of a company who has grown to a point where profits matter over customer experience.

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