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2 de junho de 2023

I couldn't be more disappointed after losing thousands of SMS subscribers....

When I used this service, I had no issues and no problems and it always worked great. One day I am no longer to access the app via the Shopify Sales Channel nor login on their website and am in a pinch to access for a memorial day weekend sale to send out texts. I reach out to support, no answer due to it being the weekend. Due to a time crunch, I uninstall the app and re-install in hopes it will work because I desperately need to send something out, but unfortunately get the same issue I started at.

I reach out to support again first thing Monday morning via chat and they cannot help me and say they will follow up end of day. 3 days go by, still no response.

I get into another chat today and I'm told they emailed me, but of course, I received nothing. I ask them to copy and paste the email in the chat which claims they fixed it, but of course the issue was not resolved and still couldnt access my account at all.

Now it gets worse... I ask for them to export me a list of all my contacts so I can use another service, and they only send me 500 contacts, though I had over 2100 which is a lot for a small business like mine.

SMS was a massive driver for sales and now I'm left with a 75% loss of subscribers and the support team telling me they cant retrieve anything which I believe is false.

I greatly look forward to never using Yotpo ever again. Your support sucks, your pricing sucks, and I promise you can find a better option. ✌

Bibles and Coffee
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: Mais de 2 anos
17 de maio de 2023

we recently had the unfortunate experience of using the SMSBump app, and we must say that it was an absolute nightmare. What started as a promising tool turned into a frustrating and costly ordeal. we had heard positive reviews from some colleagues who had used the app in the past, but after an update, everything fell apart.

The first red flag was when the update completely removed the automation feature that had initially attracted us to SMSBump. Instead, they introduced something called "flow," which turned out to be a complete disaster. No matter how meticulously we set up the flows, not a single SMS was sent to our customers, even though they were subscribed via email. It was a colossal waste of time and effort.

Naturally, we turned to the support team for help, hoping they would resolve the issues. Unfortunately, our interactions with them only added to the frustration. Every time we reached out for assistance, they would assure me that the technical team was working on it. However, their promises proved to be empty as we never saw any tangible results. It seemed like they were just passing the buck and avoiding taking responsibility.

To make matters worse, we had already added an amount of money into SMSBump, hoping to boost our marketing efforts. However, the lack of functionality and non-existent customer support had detrimental effects on our business. we lost a substantial amount of sells due to their app's failures.

In an attempt to salvage the situation, we requested a refund of the balance on our account. However, the billing team was just as unresponsive as the technical team. They kept stalling, claiming that the refund request had been forwarded, but no action was taken. It felt like they were intentionally dragging out the process, hoping we would give up and move on.

Overall, my experience with SMSBump was beyond disappointing. It not only failed to deliver on its promises but also caused significant financial losses. The lack of functionality, poor customer support, and ongoing refund delays make it clear that this app is not worth anyone's time or money. I strongly advise against using SMSBump unless you want to go through the same ordeal I had to endure.

MyGlamoura - Luminothérapie
Reino Unido
Tempo gasto no app: 29 dias
Data de edição: 2 de maio de 2023

I had a disgraceful customer service experience. I opened a request for sms sending. There is no solution for 24 hours. Every second is important to us. I asked the request I opened yesterday, they can't give an approximate solution time. I said that I would write a bad comment for this and they said that threat would not create a solution. will I not mention my experience as a customer? then he hung up the speech bubble as if he was slamming the phone in my face. Also, I opened a case about a topic yesterday. Tell them that the speech bubble is not active and they will return by mail. I did not receive any mail until noon. I wrote to the speech bubble again, but that's how the answer came. If you can reply from the speech bubble, why don't you send an email. I use 8-9 shopify tools. I have never seen such bad customer service. I still haven't deleted the tool. I hope they see this and fix it.

Zift Unique
Tempo gasto no app: 10 dias
29 de abril de 2023

For a short non-US SMS which was only 156 chars and worth 1 SMS based on the campaign review, I was charged for 3 SMS per each customer! When I duplicate the same campaign, it still shows me 1 SMS in the review phase. This is unacceptable and outrageous and I want my money back!

Reino Unido
Tempo gasto no app: Quase 2 anos
SMSBump Ltd deixou uma resposta 10 de maio de 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We're sorry to learn that you're experiencing difficulties with our SMS product. We took a look at your account from the backend and we've refunded you for the issues pertaining to this campaign. Our team has tried contacting you, but we have not heard back. If you're still experiencing issues, please let us know.

26 de abril de 2023

I had SMSBump for a while, then when it started sending bogus coupon links to my customers they could not fix the issue. It was jaw dropping. I stopped using them after that.

Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: Quase 2 anos
SMSBump Ltd deixou uma resposta 2 de maio de 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review — we apologize for the inconvenience. Our team has tried contacting you, but we have not heard back. Please reach out to us at your earliest convenience so that we can rectify this issue.

2 de abril de 2023

Unless app for anyone not based in US, the rates they charge for sending text messages to other countries is ludicrous and not stated anywhere prior to them selling you on a marketing plan, that once purchased and you realize the rip off pricing that was never disclosed prior... Wont be refunded as its a "credit" against your payment.

Empress Athleticus
Tempo gasto no app: 25 dias
SMSBump Ltd deixou uma resposta 10 de abril de 2023

We apologize for any confusion there may have been around pricing. We're continuously working to ensure that our pricing is as clear and transparent as possible so that there are no surprises on the merchant side. After looking into your account, we see that our team was able to rectify the issue. If there's anything else that we can help with, please reach out for assistance.

Data de edição: 27 de abril de 2023

SMSBUMP a vraiment changé ! SAV inefficace 10 jours d'attente et problème toujours pas résolu ! les séquences du FLUX ne fonctionnent pas ! donc SMSBUMP TOTAL INUTILE !!

Tempo gasto no app: 7 meses
17 de março de 2023

Absolute worst customer service! We added the app to our store but have some basic general questions. We have scheduled several meetings, all of which get changed to different times. Every customer service representative so far has only wanted to sell us something. They can not answer any questions at all. They keep creating a "support ticket" for another meeting and then that person can't answer anything and has to create another "support ticket'. In the meeting we just had, the customer service rep was 17 minutes late and you guessed it- couldn't answer anything. We are not asking in depth questions. We just want to know how some features work and help with setting up our account. I even tried to use the live chat and all it wanted to do was sell me stuff. couldn't answer one single question!

Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 7 meses
SMSBump Ltd deixou uma resposta 10 de abril de 2023

We're so sorry to hear about your experience, and we'd love the chance to make things right. We've tried contacting you several times, but we have not heard back. Please reach out to us for assistance.

17 de março de 2023

Et selskap som lurer sine kunder med priser som ikke stemmer.
i sine sider så sier de at SMS til Norge vil koste ca. 0,0105 men i realiteten så tar dem nesten 4$ pr SMS

J&K Shop
Tempo gasto no app: 3 meses
SMSBump Ltd deixou uma resposta 22 de março de 2023

Thank you for leaving a review, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We work hard to ensure that our pricing is as transparent as possible. Our team has tried contacting you, but we have not heard back. We encourage you to reach out to our team if you still have questions about our pricing and packaging options.

15 de março de 2023

My campaign wouldn't send. This was after I had to deposit money to send them. My account balance showed I was charged, couldn't find analytics or metrics on the campaign anywhere. Finally reached out to support and was told it didn't send.

Now I have to wait and hope my deposit is refunded.

Grip Spritz
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 2 meses
SMSBump Ltd deixou uma resposta 22 de março de 2023

We're so sorry to learn that you're experiencing difficulties with your SMSBump campaigns. After reviewing your account, we've issued a refund to your account balance. We've also tried contacting you, but we have not heard back. If you're still experiencing issues, or if you have any questions, please reach out to our team.