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These guys are scamming people. Their old plan is no longer there in the current list and has almost same features as the new 19$ plan but they keep on charging 35$ for it. The important thing to keep a note of: When you try to load credit into the app for the first time, they would try trick you to upgrade to pay 34.99$ for a plan (when it doesn't even exist). I was trying loading 20$ and assumed I was agreeing to pay 20$. But 11 months later I was paying 35$ all these months. This difference is small compared to their bigger monthly bills that include sms charges, so it went unnoticed. When asked about why would they ask for 34.99$ plan even now (I tried their app on another store recently and it happened again but luckily I caught it), they had no answer. This guy Chris was like plain unacknowledging of the fact that there was anything wrong at all and couldn't answer. BEWARE !

Sale Gardens

their support said i do not need to import customer list even after my store is fully validated and reviewed


Be really aware of this app. They activate subscription even if you didn't sign for and when you contact the support they refuse to refund. My story 0 SMS send = + 100$ bill. Save your money, use another app.

Addison Grace Co

This app fraudulently charged my account. I have not used it at all and I've been charged 4 $10 charges all on the same day even though I clearly have no activity shown. I will remove this once they have reversed the charges. Very unhappy.


This is my 1st ever bad review and it's because I'm well and truly disappointed with the customer support which is the worst I've ever experienced considering I use much smaller apps who take their customer support actually seriously.

I've asked customer service my questions over 5 times each time I have politely elaborated and clarified my enquiry making it as clear as possible for the evidently outsourced VAs in the Philippines. Let me show you my exact last clarification of the question I have asked so many times yet to no avail have I received a clear answer and you'll see it's not obscure or bizarre it is perfectly legitimate:

"Let me explain my enquiry once again that way we are on the same page :)
I just got SMS bump and I was watching Kamil who you interviewed, make an abandon cart automation on SMS bump
I noticed however that he would say something along the lines of "you forgot some items in your cart" but what if they just had 1 item in their cart you agree that saying "you forgot some items in your cart" wouldn't be correct nor would say "you have 1 item left in your cart" be correct if they indeed have 2.
Do you see what I mean? I was hoping you could give me a solution to this or at least give me advice on how other people are going around this issue?"

So that is my question which I have already clarified countless amounts of time through my chat history and let me show you the responses I've received which honestly are so irrelevant and nonsensical that I can almost feel as if it is the job of the customer service to led their clients astray so that they end up giving up on customer service. Let me also inform the readers once again that this is my first ever bad review as a matter of fact, I've only given 5 star reviews but as I said let me show you just some of the uninformative answers I received to my question:

"Would you be able to elaborate on this please, if there's something you found in the automations that you would like to clarify with us please tell us" - How on earth is this answering my question? Elaborate on what?? Specify for goodness sake I made it as clear as day!

"Hey there! To cash-out your affiliate funds you need a minimum of 100$" - I mean that one speaks for itself. SMS Bump you can check my full history of chat with customer service I never asked anything at all regarding the above irrelevant answer.

"Okay, let me know if my understanding is correct. You said my abandon cart automation there is the short code for order items count. You have a short code which will be in a number for the quantity of a customer's cart so 1, 2 or even 3 and so on." - If this seems like it is informative then read my question and then the answer again, it is literally the opposite of what I want. Any half fluent English speaker would be able to know that saying "3 item left in your cart" is grammatically incorrect. On top of that the syntax is beyond comprehendible.

All in all I am extremely disappointed and frankly frustrated at the poor and indecent customer service from such an established and otherwise great app. To the point where I have to warn others of how counterproductive the customer service is for SMS bump absolutely baffles me and what's truly sad about writing a 1 star review is that you aren't expecting to be helped and have your issues solved otherwise why would you write a bad review? I've always remained polite with the customer support as SMS Bump will be able to verify however I am not holding back in this review and I hope you can understand my frustration.

Lastly and in all fairness, I will say that if you don't rely on customer service then the app is still truly amazing and very helpful. Let me make it clear that I have no problem with the app itself, as a matter of fact I appreciate it's relative ease of access and its useful offers however to me customer support is fundamentally as important as an app itself and that is what sadly SMS Bump lacks.

If I do get a response to this trying to discredit my complaint let me say in advance that everything in quotations was word for word and were just some of the unhelpful answers I received, nothing on my part was taken out of context and I have made an effort to put my emotions aside and remain fair on the overall app's utility I hope this same integrity will be kept if I even do receive an answer.


Experiencing the same problem with 19mileStore. Slow customer supports. Can't start my business waiting for their support! Fvck. Damn it.

Developer reply

August 17, 2020

Hello there! Stoyan here from the SMSBump team. I am sorry that you had to experience this. What happened was something that we were not expecting. Fortunately, it was resolved within the same day it was reported.

As I explained in the other similar review, there was a minor technical problem in the connection between two services. The problem was resolved in a couple of hours and since then there are no issues in this functionality.

Now that part of the system is greatly improved and this should not happen again.

As for the slow support - usually we are pretty quick to reply, however, as you can imagine, we had a lot of requests on that day and we were a bit overwhelmed.

I can see that the app is not uninstalled, so you should still be using it. If you do have any questions, feel free to reach out to us ✌️

UPDATE AUG 21st: We are still waiting for a feedback from the client.

I am going to be so furious if the message I just spent 2 hours on after I figured how to do it, has just vanished! I pressed test to have it sent and it is gone. I think it is just playing with me.. we save drafts for everything... I'm not even a tekki and I know that, and I know this was not created without a save for newbies to just loose everything. With a deadline in the morning. It is late and I have to redo this now... Nah. Not good.

Developer reply

August 1, 2020

Hello there! Stoyan here from the SMSBump team.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We've checked your case and unfortunately, you've come up to something that happens in extremely rare use cases. Fortunately, thanks to the information that we've received, this will not be happening again. We've contacted you with more information.

Looking forward to working with you!

EDIT (4th AUG): We've contacted the customer and explained the situation, we are waiting for a feedback from them.


For a customer service based app, where is the customer service?

Couple issues that have been recurring for me. (In my niche there tends to be a lot of abandoned carts, and they get recovered.)

1. I have had multiple instances where my customers have purchased and then they receive the first abandoned cart text. It also shows there has been a purchase amount. Put yourself in the customer's shoes... you just received an email confirmation for the order and also a text saying that you left your cart abandoned.... ?

2. Texts (my replies to my beloved) are not getting sent through, causing my customer service team extra work for something that is a basic function. Thankfully my customer service team is A+ and our customers are super understanding.

Proposed solution:
1. Somehow do not send customers who have purchased these texts.. Merge profiles, take into order amount, do whatever it takes.. just please don't confuse the customers.

2. Reply on the chat. It's currently a non-holiday 7/22/2020 at 4:30 pm.

Hopefully it's some sort of glitch (as I have to keep relaying to my customers) that can be fixed soon.

Developer reply

July 27, 2020

Hello there! Stoyan here from the SMSBump team. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. We're sorry to hear you didn't have a more positive experience.

I noticed that a support representative of ours has already contacted you in regards to resolve your issues.

We look forward to your reply and hopefully, we will continue working together.

EDIT (4th AUG): We've been in contact with the customer and hopefully now everything is working as expected. Waiting for feedback from the client.

EDIT (17th AUG): The customer has contacted us with other questions and we've answered all of them. Looking forward for an update here from the customer.

Knife Depot

Terrible app, it also kept charging me when I tried to turn it off! I have reached out to customer service multiple times without response!

Developer reply

July 27, 2020

Hello there! Stoyan here from the SMSBump team. I am sorry to hear you didn't have a more positive experience.

We checked your case, and it seems that you were automatically charged mainly because you left the Auto Recharge option active on your profile. We've contacted you a couple of times to show you how you can disable it. We even disabled it manually on our side, so you don't get charged additionally.

In addition, we've contacted you so you can get a refund on the money that was not used. However, as of now, we've not received a response.

We look forward to resolving all your issues and if you are willing to continue working with us, we will be happy to show you how yo can get the most of our app.

Stoyan from the SMSBump team.

EDIT (4th AUG): We've contacted the customer and explained the situation, we are waiting for feedback from them.

EDIT (17th AUG): We are still waiting for feedback from the merchant.

HearMode | Invisible & Discreet

The app is not working, tried to reach support in 3 different times, got excuses, upgraded to a bigger package for functionality, still don't work.

The App was used to be good, not anymore.
seems they don't care.

Developer reply

July 27, 2020

Hello there! Stoyan here from the SMSBump team.

This review is a bit confusing to me, as I checked the history and it seems that we've responded in a timely manner to all your questions, the last one being from 3 days ago. Is there something else we can help you with?

Looking forward to your reply. We would like for you to have the best experience possible with our app, so please let us know if there is something that you are missing or not working.


EDIT (17th AUG): We are still waiting for feedback from the merchant.

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