SMSBump SMS + MMS Marketing

SMSBump SMS + MMS Marketing

by SMSBump Ltd.

Fully Compliant Text Marketing. SMS Marketing Flows. Chat. A/B

4.9 of 5 stars(700 reviews)

Build Your Subscribers List

Build your TCPA/GDPR compliant subscribers list in no time using our pop ups, floating button, email invite, keywords, sharable links + more

Smart SMS Automations

Sell more with our pre-built SMS / MMS flows, including abandoned cart, customer winback, new order flow, product upsell, COD etc

Highly Targeted SMS Campaigns

Powerful enterprise grade segmentation for crafting your ultimate targeted SMS marketing lists.

About SMSBump SMS + MMS Marketing

What is SMSBump?

SMS Bump is Shopify's most loved sms marketing and automations app. 800+ Shopify Plus clients, 6000+ Shopify Advanced and more than 20000 SMEs use SMSBump to fully automate all notification and marketing processes in their stores.

Fully TCPA and GDPR compliant. Create SMS /MMS(Text with image) marketing campaigns in seconds and track results. Integrates with major Shopify apps such as Klaviyo, ReCharge, PushOwl,, Loyalty Lion, Gorgias, ReCart and more.

Download for FREE, set up in less than 5 mins and join 12000+ Shopify stores averaging a 35x increase in ROI.

Text marketing and automations

  • SMS Flows - Create sophisticated SMS/MMS flows and let your business run on autopilot
  • ROI Powered Text automations including Abandoned Cart Reminders and Customer Reactivation
  • MMS support - Boost conversion by sending Image (PNG) or GIF SMS to your clients (US only)
  • SMS Segmentation - Combine Shopify filters for more narrow targeting
  • Run A/B Testing. Run different variants of a SMS message and measure performance
  • Full support and tracking of Shopify discount codes + individual discount codes
  • SMS campaign scheduling
  • Opt out lists - keep track of unsubscribed clients
  • + Many more


  • Send messages just the right time - Launch campaigns or send automations based on your customer's local timezone,
  • Quiet hours - Input quiet hours based on your store timezone which guarantees that your clients would not be woken up in the middle of the night
  • Country restriction - Send messages only to a certain countries
  • Max cost per text message - Optimize your costs and do not send SMS messages above a certain threshold
  • Emojis - Spice up your campaigns
  • GIPHY and Pexels integration


  • Detailed In app Analytics - Track orders, link clicks, SMS by country, conversion rate, amount spent, specific automation stats, campaign stats, Image SMS, GIF SMS special tags and many more
  • Google UTM tracking

How to build your Text Marketing subscription list?

  • Checkout language (TCPA + GDPR Compliant)
  • SMS text-word/keyword to our US short-code
  • Double-click mobile optimized pop ups, embed forms, floating buttons
  • Email to SMS converter, sharable links, automatic landing page builder
  • Third party partners JustUno, Privy, WooHoo, Optimonk (CS)


  • ReCharge, OCU, ReCart, ReConvert, Birthday Email, JustUno, MailChimp, Klaviyo, Slack, ZenDesk,, Gorgias,, CartHook, PushOwl, ReCart, Loyalty Lion, Checkout X (CS), ManyChats, Intercart, Bold Cashier, Shopify Flow, ReAmaze (CS), Loox (CS), Swell, (CS), YotPo (CS) WooHoo (CS), Rise.Ai (CS), Optimonk (CS)

Great alternative to: Attentive Mobile, Attentive, Slicktext, Retention Rocket

Integrates with

  • ReConvert,
  • ReCart,
  • Birthday Email,
  • ReCharge,
  • Klaviyo,


Free to install

Based on the country you will be sending SMS messages to. Starting from 1.5 cents per text message in the USA

Overall rating
4.9 of 5 stars
Based on 700 reviews

  • 5 of 5 stars
    90% of ratings are 5 stars
  • 4 of 5 stars
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  • 3 of 5 stars
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Most recent reviews

Blended Designs

Beyond frustrated. In theory this app is great. It functionality, it doesn’t actually work. You are charged for the number of text messages that are sent not the ones that are received. When spot checking, a VERY small percentage actually receives the text. We ran a campaign on Cyber Monday that sent text to over 9k people. Interestingly enough, I personally NEVER received the text despite my phone number being in the list and being charged for my number. Then we noticed that quite a few people that we know personally also didn’t receive the text. We reported it to customer service and were told it was a “delay”. 24 hours later, those same people had still not received the text. We tried it again on Tuesday with a different campaign, the same thing happened. Customer service stated “Verizon has a delay”. We proved that this was not a Verizon issue by providing numbers that did not receive the text that did not use Verizon. We also were able to confirm that another business we know personally sent texts with them which we did not receive.

We are a verified account on IG with about 80K followers. We ran a poll on our IG story asking for only people that have ordered from us in the past had received any text from us. Only 1 out of 17 stated that they are on our list AND received a text from us. This actually lines up with us checking with people we actually know personally to confirm if they received the text.

On Thursday, I posted a review stating our experience. Customer service reached out to us and ran “tests” on numbers we confirmed did not receive the text. We received the texts when the “tests” were done. We were asked to remove the review since the problem was “resolved”. We happily agreed because hopefully it was just a bug that they finally fixed.

On Friday at noon (the best time to send text marketing messages), we sent yet another campaign. None of the same people received the text messages. NOT ONE. The worst thing about it is that had I, the CEO, actually received any of the texts we would have never known that the received vs sent (what you are charged for) is EXTREMELY low. Here we are almost 24 hours later and I still have not received anything.

This is incredibly frustrating with extremely inflated pricing since the majority of people do not actually receive the campaign. Based on our spot checking, it is about 5% that receive the text. But even if it is as high as 20%, who wants to pay for 9000 but only 1800 receive the campaign?

SN: only Chris seems really interested in helping solve the issue. The rest aren’t very responsive and are pretty nonchalant. They respond with “it’s a delay” not recognizing that a delay is REALLY bad due to time sensitivity.


I recently installed this app and quickly received an order so it was so excited seing how fast it worked but then I had no more orders. I was thinking what I'm doing wrong and I leave the tool working for more days instead looking it all the time. A few days later, boom more orders coming in. It works very well if your products and your store are good as well and now it represents about 15% of my sales. I'm not worried any more looking at the tool all the time as it's working automated, only for marketing campaigns and I look at time to time. You must have this tool for sure

Lu & Lulu™

Excellent app and customer service. Very easy to set up and allows you to recover a lot of money. So why not!?