ProWebSms Business Messaging

ProWebSms Business Messaging

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Any SMS Gateway, Android, Whatsapp messaging & abandoned carts

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SMS sent on various actions

Notify customers by SMS or Whatsapp automatically on checkout, order update or registration. Additionally store owner can also receive alert

Use Android or Any SMS gateway

You can connect your Android smartphone as a sending system. Or use our reliable Master Gateway Or use any other SMS gateway. Or use Whatsapp.

Automatic customers import

Automatic and manual customers import into our dashboard lets your communicate with your Shopify customers. Send custom messages as well

Over ProWebSms Business Messaging

This is the official ProWebSms (formerly smshare) app for Shopify. It was developed by ProWebSms team!

ProWebSms makes it easy for Shopify stores to send more engaging SMS to their customers on different events.

Indeed, you can do the following:

  • Send SMS or Whatsapp messages to customers on registration.

We have a blog post to learn how to capture the telephone at registration. Checkout the blog post called: send-sms-on-registration on our website

  • Send SMS or Whatsapp messages to customers on checkout. Or send SMS or Whatsapp messages to yourself including other shop administration members.

  • Send SMS or Whatsapp messages to customers when you receive payment

  • Send SMS or Whatsapp messages to customers when you ship their order

  • Send SMS or Whatsapp messages for abandoned carts

  • Send SMS or Whatsapp messages for product review and insert the response automatically in product reviews.

  • You can use multiple variables to customize the message:

    • {firstname} First name
    • {lastname} Last name
    • {phonenumber} Phone number
    • {order_id} Order ID
    • {order_name} Order name
    • {total} Total
    • {store_url} Store URL
    • {tracking_company} Tracking company
    • {tracking_number} Tracking number
    • {tracking_url} Tracking url

We have also an advanced variable system that gives you access to all the data available in shopify so that you can use it to customize your messages.

Automatic import of customers for segmentation

All Shopify customers are automatically imported into your ProWebSms account which lets you segment your customers into groups and send promotional SMS or Whatsapp messages.

You can filter on customers by:

  • checkout date
  • number of orders,
  • etc ...

You can also import Shopify customers and communicate with your customers by sending them not only automated SMS but custom messages as well (chat messages).

In addition to Android, we support every SMS gateway in the globe (worldwide).

  • Twilio
  • Nexmo
  • Msg91
  • Clicksendus
  • Infobip
  • text2reach
  • sendinblue
  • etc, ...
  • Whatsapp

If you don't see your SMS gateway here, please ask and we will assist you set it up.

New: discover our Master Gateway. The most reliable and cheap SMS gateway used every day to send thousands of messages reliably in different countries including:

  • United Kingdom
  • Greece
  • Saudi Arabia and all gulf countries
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Romania
  • Italia
  • United States
  • much more...

We inspect all countries where we operate, daily, to ensure that messages are working reliably.

Message pricing is among the cheapest. Checkout pricing at our website in the pricing page

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Basic plan


Small fee per SMS When using Android. Ex: India: 0.001 usd

  • Pricing = [API charge] + [Usage charge]
  • API charge: $3 / 3K SMS/Month
  • Usage charge depends on whether you use Android or SMS Gateway to send

* Alle betalingen worden in USD gefactureerd.
** Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

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I work with them for more then 2 years and I am very pleased, my costumers receive notifications regrding their orders!

Onlinemart Ph

bad! very bad! first, he deleted my account without any warning or notification.. 2nd he blocked me on chat!! don't use the app!


We use this on , we tried most of the other SMS notification apps most seem to work well but we wanted the Twilio integration this app provides We do a lot of business over SMS these day, we take order, make appointment, have them funnel into our help desk via our Twilio number, So the problem we had with other service was when a customer responds to our notification asking for help, You have no way to receive it and not answering your customers is never good. so by using our twilio number with this app if they reply to the notification it goes straight to our help desk. I read the negative reviews below and don't understand how they apply to this app, I do not even see where you could buy anything. Add our Twilio number was easy. Had one question customer support answered in a timely manner.