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24. huhtikuu 2023

not working on chrome. I want to run snap ads on my shopify store so i downloaded the app. Tried making an account and it just keeps refreshing when i input my Snap account information. So i went on Snap Ads website and the same issue occured. I cleared chrome cache , cookies, relaunched chrome. Tried from incognito, none of it worked. I went on different browser and it started working/

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12. huhtikuu 2023

Never tell me why it violates the advertising policy
Always says I violate their policy ,but never tell me the details , what kind of ad I can show , I made the ads picture totally the same with the sample but they still says I cant use my ads

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11. huhtikuu 2023

Very hard to use, lots of the ads are rejected with no real reason, and lots of technical issues, meta is much better in managing their ads.

The Skincare District
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5. helmikuu 2023

Apparently, you don't read any of my emails and you just assume things and reply, I won't read any articles as I know before opening the link that I did what was in the article.
Also, the app was working before fine so it's not about installation. I provided you with a screenshot and It's clearly a problem with your app as there are many users facing the same problem, check the link below
Anyways, I deleted the app and deleted Snapchat accounts and I stopped running ads on the platform, I think your customer service is slow and you just keep sending links and articles to the user in hope that will fix the problem that you don't know how to solve.
Thank you for frustrating me and wasting my time!

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28. elokuu 2022

I used it for my website. It says on snapchat ads it made more swipes but on my Shopify website i see less swipes than on snapchat ads

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11. elokuu 2022

It looks easy enough, however, every ad you try to run kicks back as a "Violation" of something .. but they do not tell you what said "violation" of the ad policy is. Once you read the policy, you still cant tell what the problem is, or how you are suppose to fix it. Seven thumbs down..

The Footwear Menu
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29. kesäkuu 2022

Worst Customer service ever. They never replied my messages. My ads got rejected and I tried to change the creative and everything I know but no changes. I sent them message since last month and they haven't replied me. The only thing I regretted was the time I wasted learning how to run Snapchat Ads

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22. toukokuu 2022

Snapchat is the worst app to use with Shopify. Where Shopify is about ease of use and simplicity, to operate Snapchat you'll need to have an IT qualification. Ads are not performing, and cost more than Ad lifetime value. I tried it over a year ago and now, nothing improved nothing changed. The support team responded but bit rigid, and will ask to read and research a ton of help documents. The experience with Snapchat Business Manager website is also not good, the whole thing is awkwardly setup. I'm going to delete this app permanently.

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28. huhtikuu 2022

Horrible experience no proper support from the Snapchat team
Simply closing the chat boat and no replay for mails

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Muokattu 19. huhtikuu 2022

I would provide -5 start if its available. Very poor, disappointing customer support . If they don't want to support the platform why have they created this. Just to steal money, waste others time. Even after 2months and multiple support requests they haven't responded properly to our Shop button request. Support person said they can't even follow up /escalate or provide ETA or do anything else on our requests. They haven't approved or denied it. Even the ads are not bringing any conversions just burning the budget. Not recommended at all.

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