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22. juni 2024

What's wrong? It tracking extra purchases. I showing more sales in ads manager then my shopfiy store.

Over 3 år bruker appen
8. mai 2024

Snap Chat ads offer:
1. **Targeting Capabilities:** Snapchat offers robust targeting options based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and location, allowing advertisers to reach a specific audience effectively.

2. **Engagement with Younger Audience:** Snapchat is popular among younger demographics, making it a great platform for brands targeting millennials and Gen Z.

3. **Vertical Video Format:** Snapchat is known for its vertical video format, which is highly engaging and fits well with mobile viewing habits.

4. **Augmented Reality (AR) Advertising:** Snapchat is a pioneer in AR advertising, offering interactive and engaging ad experiences through lenses and filters.

5. **Brand Awareness:** Snapchat ads can help increase brand visibility and awareness, especially among younger audiences who are active on the platform.

6. **E-commerce Opportunities:** With features like shoppable ads and dynamic product ads, Snapchat provides opportunities for e-commerce businesses to drive sales directly from the platform.

7. **Influencer Collaboration:** Snapchat works well for influencer marketing campaigns, where influencers can create authentic content to promote products or services.

8. **Geofilters and Location-Based Advertising:** Businesses can create geofilters to target users in specific locations, making it ideal for local businesses and events.

9. **Video Views and Story Ads:** Snapchat offers video views and story ads that can help businesses tell their brand story in a creative and engaging way.

10. **Performance Tracking and Analytics:** Snapchat provides detailed analytics and performance tracking tools to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns and optimize for better results.

Pleasures and Treasures
5 måneder bruker appen
14. juni 2024

In fact I didn't have experience on the Snapchat yet, but I'm learning about it.

Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
18. mai 2024

I recently had a fun experience with Snapchat. I used it to share moments with friends through snaps and stories. The filters and lenses were a hit, making every photo and video more entertaining. I also enjoyed discovering new content through the Discover section. Overall, Snapchat made staying connected with friends creative and engaging.
24 dager bruker appen
13. mai 2024

It took me a couple times would not let me choose a username or a password,but I got it fixed and happy to be on Thank you

Willows ways
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
1. juni 2024

Snap chat is a use-full app for digital marketing and other stuff we can run or grow our business by using this app

De forente arabiske emirater
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
6. mai 2024

Auto connection is good but still getting event quality error. Please solve it

3 måneder bruker appen
8. juni 2024

Because it shares my design and idea across the media beautifually.

Abe’s attire
23 dager bruker appen
29. mars 2024

Thank you for asking for feedback. My experience with your product/service was excellent. The customer service was top-notch, the quality of the product exceeded my expectations, and the overall experience was smooth and efficient. I would highly recommend your company to others and will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you for providing such a positive experience.

Mafias de Nuevo Generacion Cafe
3 måneder bruker appen
14. mai 2024

It was easy to set up hopefully it will pay out

Squatch'en Watch'en
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen