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8. August 2023

I faced difficulty in completing my onboarding process because the service provider had concerns about my ads violating Meta's terms of service. Despite having successful ads with a 4X ROAS on Meta, they refused to provide their service. Additionally, they asked for my credit card information in case my ads did not run on my own account, which seemed suspicious. Overall, I found the experience to be a waste of my time.

The Locker Room Jock
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Etwa 3 stunden mit der App
Snappic hat geantwortet 10. August 2023

If we don't believe that we can help, we will be honest and upfront about it.

As a business, if you aren’t ok with handling a "no" or having people voice their honest opinion when trying to act in your best interest, please look elsewhere.

We were upfront with this store that that in our experience they would experience difficulty advertising due to Facebook guidelines and that we would not be able to provide the support that they would likely need in case they ran into blocks due to their product.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to express our company values.

11. April 2023

I was really excited to try this app and but had an awful experience. None of my ads went live and they were in the approval process for weeks. Just long enough to charge your credit card.

Revy Skincare
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Etwa 2 monate mit der App
Snappic hat geantwortet 4. Mai 2023

This review is factually false. As soon as this store installed, our team realized that they would not be a good fit and reached out to let them know that. As soon a charge went through, we refunded the store and let them know that they would not be a good fit again. The store insisted. The ads did not run properly because there was not enough data for the pixel to properly optimize. We have the email receipts and app store refund receipts to support all of the above.

We run our business by the golden rule. We did not feel like this store was a good fit so we did not take their money. We always hope that other people share the same values. Unfortunately, sometimes they don't.