Instant Search & Quick Filters

Instant Search & Quick Filters

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Smart and instant search bar, Upsells to boost conversion

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Instant Search & Quick filters

Instant search suggestion for collections, products, pages and blogs, Product search by SKU, Unlimited filters for your products.

Smart Search & Suggestions

Improved search results page and browsing through collections with unlimited filters including Quick View, Search for variant options.

Promotions & Merchandising

Our advanced product filter system optimizes your conversion by helping your customers navigate to the product they need in seconds.

Over Instant Search & Quick Filters

Thousands of stores rely on Instant Search & Quick Filters

Instant Search & Quick Filters operates with a very advanced technology, sustainable and scalable in an efficient way that makes possible its super affordable pricing model.

Product filters and instant search solution, a great smart search

Buyers are not patients, it is very important to ensure that your customers do not leave your store, By helping you find the exact products you want, in seconds. Instant Search & Quick Filters enables you to easily increase your sales conversion.

The search is the greatest conversion reinforcement

  • The great search can significantly increase the conversion over the average search.
  • Buyers who use the search are much more likely to buy since they exhibit intention.
  • A quick search will allow your customers to buy fluidly.
  • Search results Identification may result in additional sales.

Navigation through search results and collections

Snappy Search & Smart Search includes advanced filters for search results and collections. Here is the whole list of navigation features:

  • Multiple filtering options, Collections, Vendor, Product Type, Product Options (e.g Color, Size), Tag, Rating, Price.
  • Filters for unlimited collections.
  • Availability filtering - only shows products / variants available.
  • Quick view to facilitate the sales of the products.
  • Results in products, collections, pages, and blogs.
  • Modern design that fits in any storefront.
  • Mobile optimization.

Instant Search & Quick Filters supports all the following Shopify products fields:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Product Type
  • Vendor
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Variant Options

Instant Display of Search Results

The search suggestions are instant, no delays. Your customers deserve that experience.

Search Data Analysis

You can find out and analyze entire search pattern and history from reports and dashboard

  • Monthly Search Records
  • Daily Search Keywords
  • Landing page for various search terms
  • Top Search Terms

Very easy installation and integration to your store

Install the app. That's it. Almost no configurations required. We have taken care for everything.

  • Product filter
  • Instant search
  • Search suggestions
  • Search bar
  • Smart search
  • Navigation

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4.8 van 5 sterren

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I really do like this app on how it breaks down all of the categories and displays all of the products. It would be nice if this app could reduce the amount of space below between products. So the customer doesn't keep on scrolling.

Other than that it is a good app

I did significant research on different filter apps and landed on this one. The presentation looks very organized and the search function is a very pleasant. Photos are shown in the search function making it much easier for the customer to find their product. I would consider a great value for the improved experience it brings to the customers.

For this app, if you want the collection pages to also have the filtering feature, you can have the programmer go in and set it up for you. Since the 4 products per row was a bit small for the products that I sell (I need them to be bigger since my products have intricate artwork that would be missed at a smaller picture size), I was able to request the programmer to update it to show only 2 products per row. The programmer is very knowledgeable so it only takes them around 15-20 minuets to get it all set up. Now my collection pages look significantly better than before I installed this app.

The only improvement I would say for this app is to improve compatibility over more browsers. Majority of my customers are coming from Google Chrome (mobile & desktop) and Safari. If they use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, the filters on my collection pages don't render properly and the product titles are sliced up. It hasn't been a major issue for me since very few people nowadays use those browsers but still would like to see that corrected in the future. Other thing I would mention is if you have other apps that impact the collection page, you should test out to see if this app will be compatible with it. I noticed that there are certain apps such as apps that add labels (i.e. "sale") over collection page photos, aren't always compatible with this filtering; for example, I was testing one that the labels would not line up with the photo properly.

Overall, was a worth it to incorporate into my store. I do believe that it has positively impacted my conversions.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

4 mei 2020

Hi, Thanks for your comment, we already implemented a new version and the application already works in all browsers, we are improving every day.


Such an awesome app and great customer support, thank you very much guys!
I was needed some customization and they added it to my store in no time!