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7 octobre 2023

Absolutely awful POD company. I have several customers who have been waiting for OVER 2 MONTHS for their products to arrive and are still waiting. It's a shame because they have some good dress options. I've spent a lot of time and effort to add them to my shop but am going to have to take them down because customers want refunds and it's way too late to cancel the orders. Sellers beware!

Drop Dead Threads
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21 août 2019

Product (A clock) arrived damaged. Printy6 (Snaprinting) agreed to send a replacement back in June. The replacement has still not arrived. Worst of all is Printy6 has been continuously ignoring further requests for support. This is unacceptable! I am forced to refund the entire purchase price to my customer.

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21 février 2018

I paid twice for a pair of shoes, I never received my things, and they never responded to my email

Multi Hustle Clothing
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Modifié le 10 mai 2019

They only print one side of the shoes! Probably why they only show one mock-up! Use Printful, they print the whole shoe really well and delivery time is reasonable coming from China

Hawaiian Attitude
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Modifié le 9 mars 2023


Ordered 5 dresses on Jan 22, 2023, at 02:54:11am, and the dresses were still in production on Mar 3, 2023, at 12:35 am. I will keep updating this review until the dresses are shipped.

Printy6 added new dress silhouettes to their catalog. And they advertise in writing a fulfillment time of 3 to 4 days. However, they are unable to fulfill dresses within this time frame. I placed an order for dresses on Aug 9th, and I didn't receive them until Sep 19th. It took a month to fulfill the order of only 3 outfits and about 2 weeks to deliver. When the outfit finally arrived, they were well-made and packaged in a presentable way. I placed a second order and requested information about the fulfilment time but I have been ignored.

Objet D'Art
Environ 4 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 20 octobre 2020

Lots of recent 5 star reviews with only one sentence comments always makes me do that extra bit of due diligence and as part of that i check out the stores leaving these reviews. I recommend that you all check out the stores leaving these 5 star reviews too.
Anyway, I had high hopes as design interface was quite good and placing sample order was easy. Then it all went bad. There is simply no way I can confidently scale with this company based on the experience I am having with this sample order. Ordered a pair of sneakers on 20th January which gave "3-5 days" production time. 10 days later order still not shipped. After sending an email and waiting i was then told "3-7 working days" (which had also already passed). Anyway, i waited (not much choice). Finally I got a tracking number . I had paid for express shipping so thought I would get these fairly soon after production was complete. Nope. Still waiting and tracking still shows as "Shipment information sent to FedEx" . That's the last update from 21st July and here we are 10th August and no sample order has arrived and no updates. There is no way I would put volume through this group given the experience I have had so far. I am not angry, just genuinely disappointed and relieved. But better to find out now with one sample order than 500 legitimate customer orders. Feel like I dodged a bullet here.

I Love a Hangar
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1 mars 2019

High order error rate. My customers want to go crazy. shoes send one size each. Printy6 does not take corrective action to send it back to the guest, always rejecting its responsibility.

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12 janvier 2019

It's too much simple, don't have too much options for design and the mockups doesn't show the real application of the image applied. Could be better because they have good products.

mira la mira
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Modifié le 18 mai 2021

I have had an item "in production" for 14 days. Support is not responsive, customer is frustrated, Printy 6 help is non-existent. They replied to this review but still have not relied to the support ticket that was "created" on my behalf.

Phoenix Shaving
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Printy6 a répondu 17 mai 2021


This is John from Printy6, we noticed that you have an order is in production about 14 days, and you sent us several emails but didn't get response from us, I have checked your order #98430 , we are so sorry for the order was delayed, we cannot produce this item for you, because of the mockup image is created so long time ago, we had a upgrade and a migration for the mockup images, during this migration, your Shopify store is inactive, caused the image lost, you need to re-submit the image to us.

We haven't received your emails until now, we are still looking into what was happened about the lost emails, If you can get this email, please get back to us ASAP , we are so sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


26 mai 2018

Can’t seem to edit or resize the image. The product visualization doesn’t seem to work either.

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