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Product (A clock) arrived damaged. Printy6 (Snaprinting) agreed to send a replacement back in June. The replacement has still not arrived. Worst of all is Printy6 has been continuously ignoring further requests for support. This is unacceptable! I am forced to refund the entire purchase price to my customer.

Mystix Co

Terrible place to get stuff fulfilled through. Takes a month for anything to get even shipped. Never coming back.





I do not know if all products are the same (my issue was with the pop sockets) but I would say either way do not waste your time, especially if you care about your business and your customers. On my VERY FIRST order with Printy6, two weeks passed and there was no update of my order which I thought was odd. So I contacted them via chat, took them 5 days to respond, at which point they said your order has been updated, so now it shows processed and shipped. It doesn't do this automatically?! The package still hasn't arrived to my customer. So 3 negatives here...
1. Not a good app in terms of fulfillment (no auto fulfill, have to manually pay for your orders) no automatic tracking, and not a very intuitive platform.
2. Extremely slow customer service
3. Extremely slow shipping, even worse than aliexpress..


Horrible experience, its been 1 month now and haven't had any of my orders fulfilled. My customers ordered custom phone grips and have not received anything yet.

Gen X Printworks

UPDATE: so it took Printy6 a full week to respond to my request for specs by telling me "sizing was after the next step." Their customer service literally doesn't understand what they do and told me where to find the size chart. I just want to know what size files they need for certain items but, obviously, that's too much to expect from a company that allegedly does "print on demand." Their answer to "what specs to you need to print because I'm tired of guessing" is "Size 10."

They don't offer a lot of products, the only thing I was interested in were the sneakers because their sneakers don't have the black rubber that, but they are so not worth the effort to get an answer from them.

So, so, so much guesswork. The only specs they give you is upload a jpg in 300dpi. Cool. Except...they don't tell you what SIZE you need to upload for any given product and if you go too big then it takes forever to get the image to upload and create the mockup. I tried asking the alleged "chat" where the literal specs for each item is but I was told "chat" was offline and they'd email...eventually...when it suited them, I guess. I've been trying for the last half hour to get a mockup for a wallet created so I can offer it on my site, but I feel like Goldilocks and just can't find the right size image to get it to work.

Also, their set up time is long. 3-7 days leaves a lot of time in between. I get that they can't guarantee 3 but people like to have at least an idea of when they'll receive their items and saying "anywhere from 1-3 weeks" isn't good customer service.

On the plus side, which is why this was a 2 not a 1 star review, they do offer some (limited) products like wallets and sneakers that look nice. We'll see.

Any Means

Really bad customer service. I decided to remove all Printy6 products from my store. The items take much too long to produce. When you ask for status or help it takes 5 days to get a less than professional response. I 100% would not recommend them.


So I've been trying to get a response from someone for the past week and a half with no response! I have one order that is taking way too long and every time I try to leave a message no one responds. I just order one of my demos and received the shoes and the print is all messed up! I love your products but how in the heck can you mess up on peoples orders and not respond to them or provide help and feedback. Understand that if you create products from this company that you will be in this on your own without help from the company. They SUCK when it comes to communication and you'll be doing a lot of charge backs without getting a refund from this company because they don't bother responding back to your complaints or their mess ups. If you work for this company and your are reading this.... I'm still waiting for a response! Also for those that are reading this understand that I have been dealing with these issues for the past year and a half! I've had to increase the cost of my product (To process another order in hopes of the next one to be correct) to facilitate for their bad customer service and lack of ownership when it comes to the products being misprinted or badly put together!


If I could give negative stars I would.
UPDATE: the test order was delivered BUT they sent the wrong size!!! I've sent ANOTHER message to "support" and have got nothing. I'm now deleting them, they're not good for business and I really don't think they should be allowed on Shopify. Sure, the app is really easy to use and they have some good products but if they can't provide support and send wrong products then why should they be supported by Shopify or anyone for that matter. I'm extremely disappointed!!

UPDATE:Yes, the app is easy to use, however, I've sent several emails to their "support" and have got nothing in return so they're losing stars. I did a test order, thank god, they've taken my money but have not/will not respond to my emails or contact. Have they not read their own FAQ's? They say to contact their "support"....well where is it? I'll keep waiting, but they're losing stars the longer I wait.

I've use this app to create canvas shoes, it's very easy to install and use. I haven't ordered anything yet so I give it 5* for now.

Singer & Sage

Ordered a sample order. After 2 months it hasn't arrived. Tracking number does not work. Customer service couldn't locate my order and stopped replying to me. Had to open a dispute through PayPal to get a refund.

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