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Plenty of items to choose from to put your design on.

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I Love a Hangar

I had high hopes given the recent high ratings with single sentence reviews..... hmmmm. Anyway, as i said,I had high hopes as design interface was quite good and placing sample order was easy. Then it all went bad. There is simply no way I can confidently scale with this company based on the experience I am having with this sample order. Ordered a pair of sneakers on 20th January which gave "3-5 days" production time. 10 days later order still not shipped. After sending an email and waiting i was then told "3-7 working days" (which had also already passed). Anyway, i waited (not much choice). Finally I got a tracking number . I had paid for express shipping so thought I would get these fairly soon after production was complete. Nope. Still waiting and tracking still shows as "Shipment information sent to FedEx" . That's the last update from 21st July and here we are 10th August and no sample order has arrived and no updates. There is no way I would put volume through this group given the experience I have had so far. I am not angry, just genuinely disappointed and relieved. But better to find out now with one sample order than 500 legitimate customer orders. Feel like I dodged a bullet here.

Olivier Industries

Ordered some sample shoes, very bad quality. First it looks awesome and good made but one day of using the color of the shoes cracked. And only send in plastic bags and support is minus 10

Wasted Po

I would give the people who handle this a negative 10, if I could. I ordered a sample, on July 3rd. This isn't about the current state of the world, being in utter chaos. This is about one fulfillment app, refusing to acknowledge or answer 3 (COUNT 3) request, to use a different shipping method, now, or in the future (EVEN IF I WAS WILLING TO PAY EXTRA).

FedEx is the WORST shipping service on the planet. They were slow in 2019, and they're even that much slower now. I ordered another item, FROM THE SAME COUNTRY, after I ordered the shoe sample, and it reached here BEFORE the FedEx shipment (EVEN THOUGH THAT FULFILLMENT CENTER, HAD A DELAY IN PRINTING). Who was the shipping service, that beat FedEx, even with a delay in printing? DHL.

After asking Printy6 and going ignored, regarding the request to use DHL, no less than 3 times, I cannot stress enough the inability of a fulfillment service to work with a brand, and these people refuse to. You've been warned.

This was my final email to them: It would be a miracle if it reached here by the 29th, which is completely unacceptable. The shoes haven't even left your country yet. FedEx delivery is horrible in NYC. They consistently lose packages, and have the worst attempted service delivery, and that's not even taking into account, having to retrieve a package, once they "miss" delivery. You are vehemently opposed to the best option available. You refuse to answer any request to use DHL, now, or in the future. When I receive my shoes, IF I receive my shoes, I'll be leaving a very detailed review, of how you handled this, & why you never answered my request to use a far superior method of shipping. Had you bothered to entertain my request to use DHL, I may have considered giving you a 2nd chance. You have shown me you don't want to consider anything else except the worse shipping mandate that exist on the planet. Thank you for letting me know what kind of company you are. You've saved me a large amount of money, time, & headaches down the road. I'm very, VERY angry with your lack of response to my inquiry.

I've decided to delete the app, even after spending well over 72 frustrating hours, painstakingly putting together all my designs. That should tell you just how angry I am, with their lack of consideration for my request.


SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. I ordered Pair of shoes and paid Expedited Shipping. After my order seemed to be fulfilled they sent fake information to FedEx, Fake delivery time.
After waiting almost a month with Expedited Shipping... And contacting them more than 10 times,
They said - "we have checked this order, the tracking number has been replaced, the correct tracking number will be available tomorrow, so sorry the the inconvenience".

Of course, next day - nobody got in touch with me.
I checked with FedEx directly - they have NEVER received any packages from them - SCAM !!

This is company is pure SCAM, STAY AWAY, They located in China,with poor customer service. They don't speak English. I used to talk with them on Chinese to force them answer my emails.

Don't fall to any good reviews they have - is ALL FAKE, generated by their stuff.

I have long experience with Shopify, I am filling a COMPLAIN to take them out of market. This place not for SCAMMERS.

Poulet by PP

I would rate zero if I could.

At first my product was printed quickly, but then it got stuck to shipping. I waited 21 days before reaching for them, knowing the context of COVID-19.

I paid 27.99$ for my item and 11.99$ for my shipping.

Then, I reached for them to ask them the status of my order, and what I got as an answer is an absolute joke/scam :

"We cannot ship your order due to COVID-19 increased prices of shipping. You will need to pay an extra 18$ and then we'll be able to ship the order"

Which is BS, for many reasons:

- I paid my order already in total, and was never told that beforehand. I also already paid 11$ for EXPEDITED shipping in Canada, so I consider my shipping paid.

- It means that, if I wasn't diligent, my order would have never been sent and NOBODY would have reached out to tell me that?!?

Are we supposed to run after the companies we do business with? I don't think so. It is unacceptable. It was the company's responsibility to reach for me to tell me there was shipping increased cost. Not me having to discover that info, out of nowhere.

Now my order is sitting and nobody over at printy6 ever reached for me. What an unprofessional company. They care about volumes, not clients.

It smells like a big scam : 11$+ 18$ USD to ship a small box is ridiculous.

I want a refund for this order as the shipping costs were never presented this way, and I refuse to pay the extra 18$.

Please reach out for me at to fix this issue.

My store is

Witty Canvas

It has been more than 6 weeks that I ordered product and I still did not receive any of them. the transit number keeps saying that it is on the way, but it seems this way for a while. this is very bad for my business.

Developer reply

April 24, 2020

Hi, this is John from Printy6, we are taking your feedback seriously, and so sorry for the order was delayed.
that’s because the COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, the carrier’s flight is fewer than before, caused take so long time to delivery.
We recommend you select the expedited shipping method to ship your order.


I ordered a product and it took more than 2months and still I have got it.
I want recommend this app.
I tracked the product and still it says in transit.
If u get products from them ull ruin ur customer satisfaction.

Developer reply

April 15, 2020

This is John from Printy6, we are taking your feedback seriously, and so sorry for the order was delayed.
that’s because the COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, the carrier’s flight is fewer than before, caused take so long time to delivery.
We are providing two different types shipping method, the flat rate shipping and expedited shipping, you can get more efficient delivery by select expedited shipping method.
Best Regards,

Nocturnal Class Clothing Co.

Do NOT use Printy6!!!! I would give them -10 stars if I could!!! I ordered sweatpants as a mockup for my store in mid January.... I have not received them. I have sent numerous emails regarding where my item is. I even sent an email in mid February (when it said my order was being processed) to cancel my order because it had taken too long and my customers cannot wait that long for their products. They never replied, so I sent another one and again, they never replied.

Here's a timeline of it all:
January 15-placed 1 item order
January 26- asked for information on my order (like tracking)
January 27- they replied and asked me what the name of my store was
January 27- I replied with the name of my store
January 30- Follow up email
February 1-Once again asked
March 19- Asked again.
March 20- today. Found the tracking within the app and it has been sent out. Still have heard nothing.

The emails are delivering and I know they are receiving them because I am keeping them in the same chain as what they replied to. I will never use them again. I am shocked that they are still around and wonder how there are so many good reviews. I do not know if they have gotten worse in the past two months or what is going on. All I know is that it is by far the worst customer service ever and I will NEVER use them again.

Developer reply

March 20, 2020

This is John from Printy6, You can see the tracking number is LO847918340CN, Your order has been sent out at February 27, but the shipping company is not fully get back to work, We are so sorry for your order has been delayed, and we are taking your feedback seriously, Since our staff are all in Chinese New Year Holiday, the production was stopped at Jan 14th, so the production schedule was delayed by a week, and then the shipping company's schedule was delayed because the Corona-virus, We are so sorry for this happened.

I called the shipping company just now, they told me your order has arrived at Canada.
Best Regards,


The first order through this app was delayed, but seemingly good quality (did not receive a complaint). The second order was delayed again, saying they needed a phone number with the order (no, you don't. the customer will not be receiving sms updates). Then it was radio silence for a week and when I asked again, the order was delayed because of Chinese New Year. Checked back in 2 weeks later and now I'm hearing it's not shipping that is delayed - it's production, because of the coronavirus. The order was placed in the beginning of DECEMBER and it is now MARCH and there has been absolutely no indication of when,if,how this will be made and shipped. Also nothing close to a refund or partial refund or credit for the insane delay. I now have the customer asking me for a refund, so it seems I will be out double the cost ($400). Shopify needs to step in if this is how Printy6 is fine operating.

Lingo Ink

If there were 0 stars I would of chose that Printy 6 is a complete joke and I am not sure why Shopify would align themselves with this company. I have a customer who purchased an item a month ago and has not received their product. I emailed them several times the 1st excuse was the staff is celebrating Chinese new years wait until next week. They was not even going to let myself or the consumer know that of this unless I contacted them. Now they are saying that they do not know when the customer will get their product because of the virus and again I had to follow up with them after they took money and still no product has been shipped. If you don't want to start off poorly with your customers do not get this app it has been a complete nightmare I have contacted Shopify because they have affiliated with them to help solve this issue.

Developer reply

February 22, 2020

This is John from Printy6, we are so sorry for the order was delayed, because the Chinese New Year Holidays and corona-virus in China, almost all factories and shipping companies were forced to go out of business.
The good news is the epidemic has been brought under control, our factory and shipping companies as been back in operation since 5 days ago, I wonder, could I just crave your more indulgence ? I think your order will be fulfilled within couple days, or we can just fully refund to you.
With regard to this case, we are deeply sorry.
Best Regards,

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