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 Sneez - Shoppable Instagram Feed

Sneez - Shoppable Instagram Feed

Developed by Sneez

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Price: $25.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Automatically email customers to request that they create and share authentic Instagram & Twitter content to bring you more customers
  • Scan Instagram 24/7 for your branded hashtags to detect content and add the best posts to your store with a single click
  • Increase social proof, engagement and sales on your store with a Shoppable Instagram Feed

4 years ago we started an eCommerce store with no cash or business experience.

We spent months struggling to drive traffic, losing money to Facebook and Google Ads with every campaign.

Then things started to change...

Since that turning point we have been featured on the BBC1 show Dragon's Den, the MailOnline and GQ.

We now have a UK based distribution centre and full time manager.

That turning point was the discovery of a simple 3 step Social Selling Cycle:

1. Customer generated through through Store

2. Customer creates and shares authentic content featuring product on their Instagram profile (bringing more customers)

3. Brand takes content and use it to provide social proof on their Shopify store, generating more sales and increased conversions

The only issue was that steps 2 and 3 were extremely labour intensive.

So we decided to automate the whole process.

Now a number of Shopify's strongest brands are using Sneez to use their existing customers to bring them more customers: Elements For Life (Food), Beast Gear (Fitness), Helvin Watches (Fashion).

And now you can too.

Sneez enables you to seamlessly incentivise your customers to create and share authentic Customer Generated Content with their immediate social networks, driving increased brand awareness, reach and referral sales.

Sneez then automates the process of pulling this content back onto your product pages with a Shoppable Instagram Feed to further boost sales and conversions.

To summarise, Sneez will:

Use Your Existing Customers To Bring You More Customers

The people that have already invested in your products are your best source of new customers (people tend to befriend people similar to themselves).

If you are not incentivising your current customers to share on Instagram, you are leaving money on the table, Sneez automates this process.

Skyrocket Conversion Rates On Your Product Pages

There are few things more effective at boosting conversion rates on your product pages than REAL images of other people that have bought your product SHOWING potential customers the REAL LIFE benefit they received from their purchase.

Enabling Customers To Buy Directly From The Feed

Sneez installs a Shoppable Instagram Feed onto your product pages to enable your potential customers to take action and add your products to their Cart RIGHT when they are most engaged: when looking at your existing customers using your product.

"Set It & Forget It"

In Sneez's development process we spoke to hundreds of Shopify Store owners and a couple of them mentioned this.

You are busy... as a Shopify Store owner your time has MASSIVE value. If you are spending it chasing customers and managing content, this is a waste.

Sneez automates the Social Selling Cycle leaving you to spend your time on the tasks that matter, whether that be designing new campaigns, developing new products or just spending time with your family/having cocktails on the beach.

Access To The Sneez Social Selling Mastermind

We are building a community of Shopify Store owners that care.

That care about building long term sustainable brands that delivery REAL results for their customers.

ONLY Sneez users get access to this closed Mastermind to connect with their fellow brand builders, swap Social Selling strategies and enjoy the process of growing their Shopify Store's organically.

In Summary...

Are you in the Shopify game to create a brand that your customers care about?

A brand that you can potentially sell to a willing buyer for a large multiple of revenue?

A brand that you will be proud to tell your children about?

I hope so.

As you are the type of Shopify store that we love to work with...

Scroll to the top of this page and click Get to start your 7 Day Free Trial and let's get started on the journey to creating a Shopify brand that matters.

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3 reviews
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Sneez is great. There were a few hiccups but the staff is very responsive. Love it!


If you sell any product that would benefit from capitalising on real social proof from your customers this app is essential!



This app improved our Shopify Product Page conversion rate by nearly 50%. Super simple to set up and takes literally no time to maintain.

$25.00 / month

Sneez costs $25 per month with a 7 day Free Trial.

If we do not improve the conversion rate on your Shopify store within the first 30 days, we will offer you a "no questions asked" 200% refund.

Full pricing information can be found here.

7 days

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