Buddy Coupon ‑ Social Discount

Buddy Coupon ‑ Social Discount

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Customers Split Coupon with Friends to Drive More Sales

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Customers become Promoters

Increase traffic and create awareness by making customers invite friends in their network to join and unlock discount vouchers with them.

More Engagement & Conversions

New social e-commerce feature to make regular discounts fun. Earning rewards together with friends leads to faster conversion by everyone.

Track Performance Real-Time

Track the performance of your campaign - number of completed & running groups and sales due to it.

Sobre Buddy Coupon ‑ Social Discount

Efficient social e-commerce app for your shop.

Buddy coupon offers a new & exciting way to supercharge your store with the power of social e-commerce and increase overall reach and conversions.

Why Buddy Coupon?

  1. Better than traditional e-commerce marketing

    Traditional e-commerce has relied on marketing to each shopper individually to get sales & growth. This leads to higher acquisition & advertising costs for businesses. With the increasing adoption of social media and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, every user has the potential to become a promoter, create awareness, and influence other people in their social network.

  2. Customers bring more customers

    Buddy Coupon helps you gain an advantage by making it easy for customers to advocate your store to their friends & family. Through our social discount popups, customers are rewarded only when their friends join the voucher. Thus, users actively invite their friends to help unlock and split the coupon with them. This creates an uptick in the awareness of your store & with all members getting incentivized together, the sense of winning the voucher leads to faster conversions.


- Beats the most personalized push notification

A user knows best about which of their friends are likely to join them for a given store & products on it as they have a better understanding of their interests. For a friend, a direct message personally inviting them goes a long way in building immediate trust & validation for the store.

- Creates Word-of-mouth

The act of sharing the split coupon deal directly or on group chats generates word-of-mouth for the store as members generally interact further to know more about it.

Key Features

  1. Simple Offer Creation

    Get the offer up and running in no time with a clear and simple form.

  2. Custom Coupon

    Have complete control on what you offer:

    • Allow between 2 - 5 friends to participate in the split
    • Set the discount amount for the voucher
    • Put an overall usage threshold on the offer
    • Set a coupon limit per customer if required
    • Decide the time available for users to join a given voucher
  3. Beautifully Designed Popup

    Our popup is designed to seamlessly integrate with the store and nudge users to start participating in the offer.

  4. Personalized Voucher Page

    Every voucher (split coupon) started by a customer gets a landing page with information on people in the voucher and the time left for others to join it.

  5. Easy sharing

    One-click WhatsApp sharing to let customers personally invite friends & family to the voucher. Sharing to other social networks is also available.

  6. Track Performance

    Easily see how your offer is performing with information on vouchers started, filled and orders due them.

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  • Free to use, no charge
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