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Social Interface

Price: $19.95 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • 30 day Free trial plus Easy install on shopify stores
  • Automatic email reminders - grow your review base every day
  • Customize the look and feel with your own css

Super easy to install customer review solution with a social twist.

Reviews are a key part of the ecommerce landscape. Having reviews on your site can boost conversion rates by 20% or more. Reviews provide a merchant with important analytical information about their products. They also provide customers with invaluable insight and boost their buyer’s confidence. There are many benefits to using Social Interface's review system over other review systems.

Social Interface Benefits

  • Simple Install

    By pasting a few lines of code into your theme you can have reviews on your site in minutes.

  • Full Shopify Integration

    We have integrated completely with Shopify to make it as easy as possible on you, the store owner, to get up and running as quick as possible. This integration means that you will not need to waste time on pulling and submitting data feeds of any kind.


    Social Interface allows you to control what reviews are published on your website. You can choose to manually approve each review and auto approve some or all reviews. We also supply a profanity filter that will flag any reviews with profane content so that you can make a choice on what to do with them.

  • Active Review System

    What good is a review system without reviews? Our system automatically links up with your Shopify store's database to send out review reminders to your customers on your behalf. This lures customers back to write a review and also gets customers back to your store where they often will make another purchase.

    Examples: http://www.babymelons.com/products/flower-power

  • Social Interface is Social!

    We allow visitors to your site to ask a reviewer a question. The reviewer (if he opted in) will then receive an email asking him to respond. When the reviewer responders, the asker will be notified to come back to your product page and check out the response. This back and forth conversation drives traffic back to your product page, where buying decisions are made!

    Examples: http://www.mousenvy.com/products/crystal-pirate-computer-mouse

  • Social Interface Pays for Itself

    When you combine the boost in buyers� confidence which results in higher conversion rates, additional traffic and sales from our social conversations, and email review reminders, Social Interface will more then cover the cost of our monthly fee.
  • The Best Customer Service

    Social Interface is very easy to install and use but if you ever need help we are here. We will help with any aspect of our product. We even offer free professional installation support for those having trouble with putting Social Interface on their site.
    You can contact during normal business hours via our toll free phone number: 1-888-216-2045
    You can also reach us 24/7 via our contact us page on our website: Social Interface Contact
  • Ratings Without Reviews

    You can setup your Social Interface review system to collect ratings without reviews. This will allow your visitors to submit a simple rating via a click of a mouse. This will give you insight on how your traffic/customers feel about the products you offer.

    Examples: http://swatchaholics.co.uk/products/swatch-wealthy-star-mens-watch-yos401g

Who is Social Interface good for?

Social Interface is perfect for any sized retailer. From someone just starting out on Shopify or stores that have been around for awhile, Social Interface will improve your customer satisfaction, increase your buyer's confidence and boost your traffic/sales.


Baby Melons
Mouse Envy
Eco Brats

More Info:

Social Interface reviews (17)


The worst customer service I have experienced with all my apps. I was doubled billed and have been trying to get a refund since Nov 2014.
their reply "We're sorry, looks like David has not processed yet the refund."
I send them a reminder every month with no luck.
I'm looking for a way to export my reviews so I can remove the app. Anyone know if this is possible?


This app does have some good features but it fails so badly in other ways that it makes the whole thing completely useless. The form that they have for customer's to leave reviews is ridiculously long and hinders customers from wanting to even start filling it out, much less completing it. There appears to be no way to change the form. Or maybe there is, but if you contact support you will get a series of vague one line responses. They seem to not really care about new customers or telling customers how to use the system. There is very little documentation. The follow-up email system is clunky. There is no indication of when emails will go out, but it turns out it is supposed to run once weekly. However, this only worked the first week because I told them my emails weren't going out. Then the next week, they just flat out failed to go out. The social conversations based on reviews feature seems like a brilliant idea, but you need to have a decent reviews system in the first place before customers will start conversations about said reviews!!!


Looks beautiful on my site! Dave and Rolly really care about thier product, and they want it to work for you. I would recommend to anyone. Just be careful if you want to play around with it, because it will send out emails to ALL your customers. That's good and bad, because it's a "set it and forget it" app, but don't play around with it. I am very happy with how it works. I got 11 reviews within hours of setup. Seriously.


The concept of this app is awesome. I'm just setting it up and sending my first batch of follow up emails. The review system has worked out great for me - it's very easy and seamless for customers and admin. Lastly, support was amazing! Very timely and helpful


Like this app quite a bit. Support was excellent, they helped me import my 1,900 reviews from Power Reviews and spent some extra time helping me get the display settings correct.


Wow -- I just installed this app and am very impressed! Contrary to what is stated in one (year old) review below, I found the customization options to be above and beyond. The interface is supper easy to use and you can literally customize each font, color, size of content blocks, background of fields, borders or not etc to match your theme's palette. Customer support (I'm a newbie) was faster than any other I've experienced to date. Responsive, thorough to the end. I am very happy to recommend this app (and no, I don't work for the company!)

Best of all -- The first review came in just minutes after I installed the app and I think it's already paying for itself. I'm so happy because I had checked out all the apps in the Shopify App store and this was the only one that did it all: social integration especially. So far my experience with Shopify AND the Apps has been way better than expected. It makes running a shop quite pleasurable actually... Big thanks!


Dunno why there are bad reviews out there for this. It is a SIMPLE and POWERFUL tool for anyone serious about increasing their sales. Service was always fast and reliable for me, and I have already had positive feedback from buyers. I mean, look how much better www.Slidebelts.com looks with reviews now! How many of you are more likely to buy a product on Amazon if it is highly rated? Ratevoice works great. You can be set up in like 10 minutes. HIGHLY SUGGESTED! ***** Five Stars.


Easy enough to install and customise. It did take about an hour, but most of that was my playing with the colours to get the right balance for my site.

I love how this app also auto sends an email to customers to ask for a review.


The customer service provided by Ratevoice during the installation and design of my website has been superb! I can't wait to see how well it functions when our site goes live but so far so good!


I use Rate Voice for www.TongkatFitness.com it's integrated well for me.

I would like the option to change the date format from U.S to U.K but other than that it's a good system.

$19.95 / month
30 days

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