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18 februari 2021

This app is a fantastic app for anyone trying to make a community. Leaving it open for people to share their thoughts on products while discussing related topics to do with what your selling and a brand. The team behind the app was also willing to have any feedback. I strongly recommend this app for anyone making a community.

The Cannabish Club
7 maanden gebruiken de app
King Commerce heeft geantwoord 26 augustus 2021

Thanks Cannabish Club.
Really appreciate your kind words.

Bewerkt 8 januari 2021

Was looking for a cheap forum option. This one advertises $.99/month, but when I went to install it wants to charge $19 per month? Might not be bad, but I didn't even bother installing the free trial.
Edit, Thanks for quick response. Trying it out now!

Elite Recovery Shop
6 maanden gebruiken de app
King Commerce heeft geantwoord 8 januari 2021

Hey there,
Apologies for the Pricing Bug.

We're continuously adding new features, so we need to somewhat raise prices to cover the cost of development (believe me, we haven't come close to covering the cost of development).

As of March 2021, the price is currently at $4.99 monthly with a 15-day no commitment trial.

Relative to the competitors on Shopify, we charge at least $10 less than any other Guest Blogging App + We support more Shopper-Facing Languages.

Happy week 🙏