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Social Login

Social Login

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  • Automated Setup and Installation
  • Supports Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Microsoft Live, QQ and Weibo

A Embedded App allows you to access Social Login directly from your Shopify admin.

Simple Login & Registration

Allow your users to register and login to your Shopify store with their existing social identities. Social Login also gives you access to permission-based, first-party social data, like name and email, so you can start establishing meaningful relationships with your users as soon as they register and login to your store.

Increase Registrations Up To 90%

Social Login reduces the barriers to register and login to your store, allowing users to authenticate their identities using Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. According to a research study done by Janrain, about 90% of study participants are bothered by user registration. In fact, 54% reported they would leave a website and not come back.

How many sales are you missing by not having Social Login?

Try It For Free

We believe your Shopify store will benefit from Social Login login so much that we're offering it absolutely free for the first 7 days.

Supported Services

  • Facebook Login

  • Google+ Login

  • Twitter Login

  • Yahoo! Login

  • LinkedIn Login

  • Microsoft Live Login

  • QQ

  • Weibo


  • Automated or manual installation.

  • Configure Social Login for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and Microsoft Live.

  • Customize spinner image.

  • Custom redirect option.

  • Custom CSS option.

  • Upload your own Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and Microsoft Live button.

  • Inactive account removal option.

  • CSV user export

  • Facebook data export.

  • Auto tagging. This feature tags the customer with the selected Social Login service. Group users quickly inside of Shopify and then segment them for email marketing.

  • Modal window option.

  • Custom style editor.

  • Sync users to Mailchimp newsletter list


We've made it super easy for you to adjust the look and feel of Social Login. Change the background color, text color, sign up text, height of the widget and more.

1-Click Registration

Social Login eliminates the need for users to fill out long registration forms and remember yet another username and password combination in order to access your store. Instead, users will be able to login with one click, and your store will benefit from happier customers.

Automatic Updates

Social Login is automatically updated to support changes to social network APIs. We're always adding new services too! We monitor social network changes and maintains an up-to-date app, so you can be sure Social Login is always running smoothly, and with the most recent capabilities.


  • $9 a month

History of Social Login

Almost 90 percent of visitors currently have the option to register on a website using their email login or social network identity. The social login system was pioneered by Janrain in order to address core problems associated with traditional online registration. Web users will often bounce off the webpage when asked to complete a registration form; however, they are likely to remain on the page when given the option of using existing account information. With an increase in use and reliance on various social media and networking platforms, Internet users suddenly had to store a cache of unique names and passwords. Developers soon began to recognize the difficulties many users have with account and password maintenance. It is estimated that over 2.5 billion people maintain active accounts. In addition, each platform is designed to address a specific area of interest. Facebook users enjoy connecting with their friends and family members, and they are likely to use LinkedIn for professional networking. Popular email services from Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail tend to be reserved for priority contacts. This disjointed landscape of social media activity can create user frustration.

Social Login In 2014

Analyzing the usage patterns on the various networks provides helpful insights into underlying trends that motivate online behavior. Identifying the most popular platforms is an important tool for tracking preferences and affinities. Currently, Facebook is leading the pack for utilization of the social login option. However, the company’s share dipped slightly to 45 percent in Q3 of 2013. Google was just behind, and the gap between the two competitors closed during this period. In addition, Google’s share also increased slightly during Q2. After the initial launch of Janrain’s Google+ sign-in in April, the overall rising trend was constant without generating any significant and instantaneous growth. According to Searchmetrics, social sharing activity is expected to pass Facebook by 2016 if it continues at the current rate.

Why Social Login?

The innovation of social login has already produced substantial results. It solves the problem of data accuracy while minimizing the discontent of users who do not enjoy searching their database for various passwords. Social network integration is possible through the use of protocols like OpenID, OAuth and other digital products. By writing to a single API only one time, it is possible to connect to all social networks while drastically reducing deployment times. The system is reliable and stable, user management is simplified and user satisfaction is increased.

Facebook Powers More Than Half Of All Social Logins

According to the latest data from social login service Gigya, Facebook remains the absolute market leader here and now powers more than 51 percent of all social logins in North America.

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