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Social Proof Samurai

Social Proof Samurai

Developed by Samurai Labs

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  • Drive conversions on your products using social proof
  • Quick, easy setup and integrates smoothly with your site
  • FREE. Install includes high level of hands-on support from the developers

Add the Power of Social Proof to your Store With a Few Clicks.

Social Proof Samurai automatically serves discreet alerts on each product page showing who has recently purchased or how many people have purchased related items.

What Is Social Proof?

Imagine you’re standing outside two restaurants. The one on the left is BUZZING with people and the line is out the door; the one on the right is completely empty. Which would you be more interested in checking out?

The restaurant on the left with all the buzz.

The same applies to online shopping. Studies show that users are more willing to follow the crowd and purchase items that other people have purchased before. Research by Arizona State University shows that social proof is the most influential optimization when it comes to online sales.

Super Easy Setup

After installing Social Proof Samurai, you are ready to go! Each product page will serve related products that people have bought on each product page.

Easily Customize Your Social Proof Settings

Social Proof Samurai allows you to be in control of what items are recommended to your customers.

Social Proof Samurai can recommend related items based on:

  • Items in your store from the same collection

  • Items in your store with matching tags (“chic” on Product A would match “chic, casual” on Product B)

  • Items in your store from the same vendor

  • Items in your store that are the same product type

  • Random (Social Proof Samurai will check past purchases from any product)

Your Privacy is Safe. Guaranteed.

Your customers’ privacy is very important to us. Social Proof Samurai only shows the first name and last initial of customers.

Mobile support

Social Proof Samurai is compatible with mobile devices.

FREE + Hands-on Support From Developers

Social Proof Samurai is committed to helping you drive more traffic and increase sales and put money back into your pocket. This application is risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the procedure to install this app?

Click the installation button “Get” button. After approving the permissions that app requires, you will be redirected to the Social Proof Samurai settings page. We set the default social proof settings for you, but feel free to edit them to your best

When will my social proof data get refreshed?

We update our databases with your store social proof data every few hours.

No pop up is showing on my product pages

At a minimum, Social Proof Samurai check orders within the last 7 days (You can also change how far Social Proof Samurai looks back in time in the app settings page). If a product does not have an order within that time, then no pop up will appear.

If you had an order within the last 7 days (or the time you set for Social Proof Samurai to look back), then your theme files may be preventing it from popping up. Please follow the manual installation instructions here.

Will this affect my theme files?

No. This app does not make any changes to your theme/liquid files.

How can I contact you for support?

Please contact us at socialproof.samurai@gmail.com. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

How can I uninstall your app?

Please visit your store’s application page to uninstall Social Proof Samurai.

Click the Get button to get started now!

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