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Social Rebate®

Social Rebate®

Developed by Share Magnet

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  • Rewards customers for engaging with your store and referring friends
  • More cost effective than PPC and CPM campaigns, and much more personal, credible, and relevant.
  • Save time creating an audience on social networks, let your customers spread the word on your business.

The World’s First Social Rebate® Program

Demand for rebates is surging but is this “Ad” good as it gets?

Traditional internet “display ads” are quickly becoming irrelevant. Case in point, only one out of two thousand Facebook ads are actually clicked. That’s a lower activation and response rate than traditional junk mail. With 83% of consumers seeking products that offer rebates, how can you best connect with today’s shoppers?

There is a BETTER solution.

Consumers value their friends’ opinions above all else.

92% of consumers globally say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of marketing communications. Social messaging, communication that highlights ‘friend’ connections via social networking sites, generates better lift, awareness, and recall than other forms of online marketing. However, recommendations have to be credible… to be believable. Most online referral programs, while offering connectivity, almost always feel like a “solicitation.”

Introducing the world’s first Social Rebate® program.

Social Rebate blends the immediacy of online rebate programs with the connectivity of customer referral platforms. Using our Social Rebate® tool, you can incentivize shoppers to credibly share your messaging with their personal social network of friends before OR after they purchase items on your site. You turn your shoppers into individual marketing executives.

Here’s How Social Rebate® Works.

Social media ad sharing… made easy. By default, integrate onto your stores’s receipt page, where customers that just purchased are offered a cash back opportunity to share your branded social content with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other favorite social networks. We also give you the option to display the cash back offer on any page of your store that you choose, allowing visitors to share and earn cash back on a future purchase! When the friends of your customer click on their shared post of your brand, the customer is then credited cash back on their future or current purchase. After an initial client set-up, you can easily create new Social Rebates® for sharing in less than two minutes.

The result? Social network advertising that is relevant, personal, and highly credible.

Let the sharing begin!


    Social Rebate offers 3 plans:

  • Pay as you go (free to use)

  • Basic ($39.99/month)

  • Pay as you go ($99.99/month)
  • for more information on our free and subscription price plans visit Socialrebate.com

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