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Social Rebate®

Social Rebate®

Developed by Share Magnet

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  • Convert your customers’ personal recommendations into relevant and credible social network marketing.
  • Drive new customer acquisition and increase sales by tapping into your customers’ social influence.
  • Reward your customers for sharing your brand, products, or business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

The World’s First Social Rebate® Program

Demand for rebates is surging but is this “Ad” good as it gets?

Traditional internet “display ads” are quickly becoming irrelevant.  Case in point, only one out of two thousand Facebook ads are actually clicked.  That’s a lower activation and response rate than traditional junk mail.  With 83% of consumers seeking products that offer rebates, how can you best connect with today’s shoppers?

There is a BETTER solution.

Consumers value their friends’ opinions above all else.

92% of consumers globally say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of marketing communications.  Social messaging, communication that highlights ‘friend’ connections via social networking sites, generates better lift, awareness, and recall than other forms of online marketing.  However, recommendations have to be credible… to be believable.  Most online referral programs, while offering connectivity, almost always feel like a “solicitation.”

Introducing the world’s first Social Rebate® program.

Social Rebate blends the immediacy of online rebate programs with the connectivity of customer referral platforms.  Using our Social Rebate® tool, you can incentivize shoppers to credibly share your messaging with their personal social network of friends after they purchase items on your site.  You turn your shoppers into individual marketing executives.

Here’s How Social Rebate® Works.

Social media ad sharing… made easy.  On your site’s receipt page, customers are offered the opportunity to share their purchases, another product recommendation, or your relevant advertising with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other favorite social networks.  When their friends view your ads by clicked on the posted link, the customer is credited cash.  After an initial client set-up, you can easily create new Social Rebates® for sharing in less than two minutes.

The result?  Social network advertising that is relevant, personal, and highly credible.

Let the sharing begin!

For an in depth tutorial on how to install the app and create a Social Rebate, watch the video: Installing Social Rebate on Shopify

For a look at how your customers will claim Social Rebates from your store, watch the video: Claiming a Social Rebate on Shopify

Social Rebate® reviews (7)


I haven't tried the software yet, although I plan to do so. But I don't think Fearless State in their review understands this software. How can it be cheaper to advertise on Facebook? On facebook, like any hit or miss advertising, you may end up MISSING but you still had to pay UP FRONT (even if your Facebook ads produce 0 sales)! With this app, it seems pretty clear to me that you offer a rebate of say like $10 off a normally priced $100 item. This app then takes only 15% of the $10 REBATE (only $1.50). That means on an item you normally sell for $100, you end up with $88.50 ($100 less the $10 rebate for the customer less the $1.50 app fee that you pay as thanks for the sale you otherwise wouldn't have had).

If you can live with the 88.50 net gross instead of $100 gross, DO THIS ALL DAY, because you ONLY PAY after a SALE has occurred. That's NO RISK advertising. Facebook advertising and ALL PAY UP FRONT ADVERTISING is BIG risk. You can pay and still get NOTHING! I think that some people think that this app is pay PER CLICK. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that this app is only pay PER SALE (after the sale).

If so, I plan on using any app like this to the hilt...that's just common sense.


Creative way to grab social shares through our social media marketing avenues.


Works as it says but cheaper to run an ad on Facebook yourself. The CPC ends up being pretty high on this app. Interesting idea, just not for us. Also, make sure you delete your account if you try this and end up uninstalling it or you will keep getting charges.


A fantastic program that helps customers share their love for the products and receive compensation for doing this. This has enabled us to focus less on individual customer marketing and focus more on a holistic approach, exponentially increasing sales and sales channels. I would absolutely recommend this program.


The Social Rebate app is wonderful! It turns our customers into a mini-marketing team for us, and let's them advertise specials that we have running to their own friends and family. You can customize the message that you want them to share to earn back their rebate. The code we set up for our latest campaign has been used well over 100 times! Not to mention, the team over at Share Magnet is extremely easy to work with!


Share Magnet is one of the smartest and most effective marketing solutions we've used and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow their business.

My advice is to work with the share magnet team and let them lead you in the right direction. This is truly the best marketing app and marketing team I've worked with.


We have been using Share Magnet's Social Rebate and Share Magnet services for several months and have experienced exceptional results. In our industry - skincare and cosmetics - our customer's buying habits are heavily influenced by trusted resources and not so much by traditional advertising methods. Share Magnet has developed an easy-to-use system that gives us the opportunity to use our current customers as advertising vehicles - they spread our message to their social networks, which gives them motivation to buy. Through rebates to the "advertiser," discount codes to the new customer, and increased revenue for us, it's an absolute win-win for everyone involved.

To top it off, the Share Magnet team has been an absolutely pleasure to work with. They are beyond helpful from a technical, as well as a strategic standpoint. I would highly recommend Share Magnet to any business looking to increase sales and expand their audience.


Social Rebate is free to install. We charge a small management fee for each rebate claimed.


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