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6. Juni 2023

Disgusting service

Waiting non-stop for an answer in chat!!!

Nothing works properly!

Horrible and a waste of time.

don't get close

Baby Coupon
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Bearbeitet am 28. Februar 2020

They seem to have fixed the problem and it works great now. I recommend this app!

(Old review: They claim it is a free app when in reality it is a 5 day -free trial app. After that, it charges $5 monthly. I felt tricked into downloading it to my store.)

So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 2 monate
Bearbeitet am 25. Januar 2020

After installation a lot of PopUps and "distractors" appeared, as well suggestions to install more to sell you something. Looks not very inspiring confidence. And after "activating" a feature it says "try again", but the screens of installation instructions ( shows a completely different screen...

After adding it to my product page
My console shows some 404 errors like these...
GET[0] net::ERR_ABORTED 400

After sharing my discount field stays empty...

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7. Januar 2020

Nothing work. Do not waste your time for this app and save your time................................

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7. November 2019

Not sure what to expect after 14 days... will it ask me for money or is this a free app as stated in the APP Store ... I effin HATE when people say FREE then say different once installed.... SCUM!

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Bearbeitet am 23. August 2019

App setup page is not straightforward and I cannot save the setup at all.
Support not responsive when I submitted help request on Thursday US PDT PM. Now its support chat interface says it's out until Sunday.

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7. Februar 2019

Installed the app, the pop up was working but when you shared the link the customer didn't receive the discount code. Couldn't get it to work on product page. Emailed support MANY times, even run out of the trial and paid the monthly subscription. Email support again, and again. Never had a reply, couldn't get the app to work and it was just a waste of time and money.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 21 tage
10. Januar 2019

Like nearly all apps on this site, you set them up, then nothing works. I have no interest in spending my days trying to figure out how to make other company's products work. Seriously. Get your F'ing $#!^ together.

House of Romanov Fashion
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31. Juli 2018

Good but we need to know statistics (for example : the number of people who shared thanks to your app..)

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Bearbeitet am 4. Mai 2018

Yes, as others have written, customers can click off the share pop-up and still get the discount code, but I believe the majority will go ahead and share. Maybe the developer can work on this. I am overall very happy with this app and believe it will bring new customers to my store. YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT IN ACTION BY CLICKING ON MY STORE NAME BELOW.

Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee
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