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20. Dezember 2021

The support team was great and they helped me set up the app in less than 5 minutes! That's very nice as I'm very busy and they did it all for me. Thanks! :)

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3 tage mit der App
6. April 2022

Duaas was great for his customer service. Still tring out the app. Should be good. Keep you all posted. Cheers

Chef Sac
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28. Oktober 2021

Noah was very helpful in setting us up with the affiliate program for latico. We are excited to get started and highly recommend using Snowball if you are on the fence!

Latico Leathers
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Etwa 22 stunden mit der App
10. November 2022

Really easy-to-use app and the support go above and beyond to help. I've just set it up, but so far so good!

Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa 7 stunden mit der App
26. November 2021

Austin was a big help on getting us off the ground. Excited to try this out and watch the revenue pour in!

Frontline Boutique
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Etwa 4 stunden mit der App
23. Dezember 2020

Top app in shopify. We have a strong community around our brand, so having a solid partner for our affiliate management is essential. This app goes beyond expectations. This is the new word to mouth, this is needed for a brand to grow RCR and LTV. This app will have a major impact on our long term success. For now, it's been a great partner, incredibly fast support, and awesome founder. Would recommend 10/10

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Social Snowball hat geantwortet 23. Dezember 2020

We're beyond thrilled to hear you've had such a positive experience with us. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you ever have any concerns or suggestions! :)

29. März 2022

The thought of integrating an affiliate program into my Shopify story was scary for my tech-challenged brain. I can honestly say this experience was 5/5 stars! Duass was amazing and walked me through the process step by step. I'm excited to get going with this and my only regret so far is that I didn't start this process sooner! Excited for what this will mean for SILX Global moving forward!

Silx Global
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Etwa 2 stunden mit der App
6. Oktober 2021

We've just installed the app and we already got over 10 people sign up for the affiliate program! Social Snowball is a great idea to easily integrate affiliates and brand ambassadors into your store. The app integration is really simple and straightforward! I did have some questions about the app and its functions, but Noah was more than happy to help me out by showing me every single cool function of the app so I don't miss out on anything. I love Social Snowball's pricing, as it doesn't only make sense for brands, but is also cheaper than customer acquisition cost on the paid side. In the beginning, I was a little scared because an affiliate program sounds like a logistical pain and I was getting discouraged just by thinking about it, but Social Snowball changed my mind! Everything in one place, absolutely great! Absolutely love how legit and well thought out Social Snowball is.

The Project Honey Bees
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44 minuten mit der App
18. November 2021

We're at a time when we're totally trusting our business to virtual strangers. My chat w Austin sold me on Soc Snowball His responses were fast &informative.

Indigo Moon Collections
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10. Januar 2024

Athlete's Thread
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