Google Shopping, Facebook Shop

Google Shopping, Facebook Shop

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Sync and optimize product feed for Google Shopping & Facebook

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All feeds in 1 place

Manage all feeds in one place with real time synchronization. Sync, List and Optimize all your product feeds to Google Shopping and Facebook

Fully Optimized Product Feeds

Customize product data to create a highly converting feed. Sky-rocket your revenue from Google Shopping Ads & Facebook Dynamics Ads

Create Facebook Shop in clicks

1 step Facebook Shop onboarding: Create Page Shop, Sync, List and Optimize right in the app.

Su Google Shopping, Facebook Shop

Socialshop by Socialhead - the First Facebook Marketing Partner for the New Facebook Shop 2020

Socialshop syncs your Product feed with Google Merchant Center, Facebook Catalog Manager, which then allows you to create Google Shopping Ads/Facebook Dynamic Product Ads...

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1-step seamless Facebook Shop onboarding in app

No more channel-hopping! You can now stay in one place to create your Facebook Shop, then sync, list and optimize all products from Shopify within minutes.

1 Click Sync All - No additional Set-Up

With just one step, you can connect your Shopify product data with Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalog using API. After linking your account, you’re all done!

Grow sales with our feed optimize tool

To win the competition on Google Shopping Ads & Facebook Catalog, it’s important that your products stand out. Here’s how we help you succeed:

Customized labels for better management

Add custom labels for hundreds of products in second for better management such as: body_html -> description, variant_title -> color...etc

Customized Data field for higher conversion

  • Combining multiple fields together such as color, size with product title for a catchier product name
  • Bulk editing a data field or bulk assign a default value for any fields
  • Adding text in a field for better tracking and higher conversion rate
  • Fully optimize all Google & Facebook data fields - up to 84 fields

Filter Product Collection

Filter a product collection you want to update. Choose to update a specific collection or all product to Google Merchant and Facebook Catalog Manager

Realtime Update

We will list, sync, and modify the shopping product list in REAL-TIME with nearly no bugs.

Support Up to 100,000 SKUs

Have a big store? No problem! We support up to 100,000 SKUs. For more SKUs, please contact us!

5 Stars Customer Service

Our “5 stars” customer support team is available to help you deal with any problems that you run into. We’re here to get your 5 stars reviews by providing you excellent products and experience. Selling products online doesn’t need to be difficult - we’ll always be here for you.

Why Socialshop?

  • Simpler, more user-friendly tool with super-easy setup

  • No copy-paste URL in every single platform

  • A smooth and reliable tool that actually works!

  • Edit data and variables directly in the app, a fully customizable feed manager.

  • Free Plan available with amazing customer service.

Channels that we support

Facebook Catalog Manager (for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads)

Google Merchant Center (for Google Shopping Ads)

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  • Google Shopping Ads,
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  • Facebook Catalog,
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4.4 stelle su 5

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The Radiant

Customer Service is awesome, you can tell they legitimately know what they are doing and how to apply their services with social media applications. It has been really useful and I hope they continue their services as is. Thanks for all the help you have provided me !

Risposta dello sviluppatore

25 novembre 2020

Hi The Radiant store admin,

Im Tracie from Customer Support of Socialshop. Thank you so much for your feedback. Im really appreciate

We are happy that you are satisfied with our app. We will try our best to bring you better experience.

Thank you again for choosing our app. If you meet any proble while using our app, feel free to contact me

Warmest Regards,


This is really a good app and customer service Annie is very helpful and prompt. Recommended. Thank you.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

24 novembre 2020

Dear Thenovelshop,

This is Annie from Customer Support team. Thank you for your review and It's great to hear that you are enjoying our app.

We are now working hard to improve it for the better.

If you have further concern, please feel free to contact us, we are glad to help you.

Have a nice day.

Warmest Regards,


The Best Google Merchant/ FaceBook Catalog feed importer ever :) I recommended to use this app for your catalogue ad manager and google merchant.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

23 novembre 2020

Hi EASYFITYOU store admin.

I am Tracie from Customer Support of Socialshop. Thank you for choosing our app and your feedback.

It's great to notice that you have the well experience from our app. We are still developing our app to give you better functions.

Once again, thank you for your review. If you meet any issue while using app, please dont be hesitate to contact us

Warmest Regards,