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Data modifica: 8 agosto 2019

I use this app to process our refunds and give our business a professional look. The demo run through was informative and really helpful. Although we have not started trading yet, everything is set up ready for our launch!

Not yet discovered any problems, the only disadvantage is the high returns courier fees. However, you are only charged for each return label used. We give customers the option not to use the label and if they do we invoice them directly.

TopDog Harnesses
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4 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
28 febbraio 2021

Very useful. Return process has been easier and responsive due to this app. And very reasonable billing. Good developer!!

Corea del Sud
3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
24 aprile 2020

A very good app. fantastic for free. would highly recommend and if you can handle some CSS you make it look exactly how you like.

3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 11 gennaio 2021

I was looking for an app to better streamline my returns process and this app is the best out of all the returns app I tested. Very easy to set up and easy dashboard to view the returns. Although the label printing integration is not functional in the united states yet I am hoping this will be rolled out sometime this year. I would definitely recommend this app to other e-commerce businesses.

The BRAND Label
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2 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 17 ottobre 2019

Clicksit is super easy to use and set up! Great way to organize all returns and exchanges. if your a small business owner I highly recommended it!

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2 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
8 ottobre 2020

Just completed on-boarding which was a breeze, thanks to Jodie who helped us all along the way. So far looks great and test return went well!

Stati Uniti
1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
11 agosto 2022

I am really impressed so far. The app is professional looking, customizable and all automated. The app is exactly what I've been looking for to handle returns. There are still some areas that I may need help with setting up but so far is working flawlessly. The customer services have been really great in helping me getting started and with the advice they've given me. Thank you!

Luna Rossi
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Circa 5 ore di utilizzo dell’app
11 maggio 2022

We have been using the Clicksit App with our sister Shopify site for a couple of years now and didn't hesitate to sign up again for our Roadskin website. the App is SUPER easy to use and the support is fantastic. Wholeheartedly recommend

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Circa 2 ore di utilizzo dell’app