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Redigerat 16 januari 2024

They never do quality checks (This is most important thing as some Chinese suppliers scams people with fake product pictures, they need to check parcel before shipping, they never open the package!!!), shippinng takes longer time compared with other agencies.They won't cover anything if they did something wrong. My customer started dispute as she received piece of cloth instead dresss! DO NOT PAY them, I've called my bank and started dispute proccess against them.


Update to their Reply

You guys, didn't provided return details until PayPal force you to provide return address details. (after 1 month). Also you have to cover the return shipping cost as it's your FAULT!

Your customer support laughed at me when I send actual picture of dress. Dress completely see through and nothing as pictured.

If you had opened the box, you would have seen that the product does not actually look like the photo. I am an experienced dropshipper enough to know that all this can happen and that some suppliers in China are fraudsters.

That's why I asked you for photos of the product before sending it because I knew it! You didn't send a picture or check the package contents. Definitely do not fall into their trap. They do not cover their own mistakes as stated in their policy! or they drag you around until they solve the problems.

I had to give my customer a FULL refund! (Because she filed a case through PayPal!) You will definitely lose money, stay away from them!

There are other agencies like SUP dropshipping, Eprolo they got better customer service.

Glova UK
3 månader användning av appen
Pandaria svarade 16 januari 2024

We feel sad that you are not satisfied with our services.

Regarding your products, we sourced them according to the links sent to us and according to your requirements, and we confirmed the product's appearance, color, and size with you before you paid us.

Regarding the quality, we checked the product quality and sent product photos to you and you have confirmed that the product is consistent with what you want.

Regarding shipping, we've informed you in advance about the possible delays during the peak season and you said it was no problem and you could accept that.

Regarding refunds, the problem is that you didn't provide the details of the product quality issues within 7 days of the customer receiving the products.

Regarding the transaction disputes, we asked for returns, but you didn't provide valid tracking information for the returned products. The result of the disputes has proved that we are not the responsible party for this problem.

Hope you can understand!

24 september 2021

Didn't work well for me, i saw a lot of good reviews, i guess they are fast when you sell a lot,support respond sometime after 2 days, the processing time is too looong, sometime 9 days, and i still have to raise a ticket to alert them about my orders. I am really disappointed, the reviews doesn't reflect the reality.

Beauty Peachy
8 månader användning av appen
15 december 2021

Absolute trash. Their customer service is horrible. Trust me, AVOID! I launched my shopify store and my first two orders were assigned to Sourceinbox. I paid premium shipping with DHL and they gave me Yanwen shipping. Shipping info never updated. Despite countless attempts to contact them they never answered and finally one month later they tell me my orders were never sent. My customers are not happy now. And so I asked for reshipping express and they again claimed to ship it DHL and they shipped Yanwen and they refuse to update me. They are a total scam. I am sure they work for some people but to be honest with you all and save you time... in business sometimes it is best to spend a little more to reassure your customer is looked after. Sourceinbox is NOT reliable.

5 månader användning av appen
28 februari 2023

I had a terrible experience with Sourcinbox. Be cautious using them. I ordered some weighted plush toys and I received regular plush toys instead. My contact argued that weighted was the name of the product. Complete false advertising and super misleading. And there’s nowhere to review the supplier

Still in the process of getting a refund and I’m struggling with the customer service. Just a heads up to be careful, people put their hard earned money into this and I don’t want to see people get mislead

Comfort Buddies
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
Pandaria svarade 28 februari 2023

Your order was fully refunded as you said that you would send the products to a charity. We are happy to be part of the kind move. We hope these toys bring happiness and good wishes to the kids. Please send us the donation record. Thanks.

We have furtherly analyzed the problem you have and the following are the reasons for this problem:

1. Mainly the accuracy of the translation caused the misunderstanding between you and our customer manager. As we checked with the supplier, "Weighted dinosaur plush doll" should mean "Fat dinosaur plush doll" in Chinese; when we name the plush toy with extra stuffing, we would prefer words like "Heavy". Nevertheless, we've changed the title of this product to avoid further midunderstanding.

2. The communication between you and us was not specific enough to cover the detail in this respect before you placed the order to us.

We reiterate that we were not intentionally trying to mislead anyone. We will try our best to avoid similar misunderstandings in the future.

19 april 2021

Didn't work well for me, i contacted support and i was just ignored both on Facebook Messenger and Skype. I just wanted some help.

Charming Jewels Boutique
11 dagar användning av appen
Pandaria svarade 19 april 2021

Hello. Thanks for your comments. Sorry for not responding to your messages in time. Would you please let us know the email address or username of your SourcinBox account? We'll investigate this case.

19 oktober 2021

It's a stress altogether. You can't change an email or activate products unless you contact your in-store manager. Same when it comes to changing photos. Within sour ox own market there's barely any products and to add them via aliexpress you must create an account in aliexpress look for the products copy URL and paste in in sour ox to add. Note the item will show deactivated so you must contact your store manager within sourbox so they can activate it. When I say store manager is not your business manager or company is an employee within source box. Why waste time. Download Oberlo instead you get to download an extension and add products within oberlo compare to sourcing box you have full control so it's way faster. Also they show you products from distributors they done a deal with so you know it's 100% secure, fast and have 0 issues. I say choose Oberlo is a way better option

Cupid Beauty Supplies
Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
Pandaria svarade 20 oktober 2021

Sorry for your bad experience. However, our whole working process is proved a most user-friendly way based on the experience over past 3 years.

~changing email will be possible in our future version;
~activate products: we suppose you are talking about the "disconnected" products. Before we send you connection requests to connect the products, we have to confirm that each products are available and the prices are acceptable to you;
~there are over 280,000 products on SourcinBox marketplace;
~creating an account on AliExpress is requested by AliExpress Dropshipping Program, no one can bypass it if you want to use this function;
~the products on the other platform are also from AliExpress and there's margin added to the product price, we hope you've carefully compared the total prices (product price+shipping price) between ours and the other platform;
~it's not about wasting time, it's about saving cost, having a 1-on-1 customer support service whenever you have questions, and getting customized support.

We hope you'll be successful in your dropshipping business. Hope we'll have a chance to work again.

21 mars 2024

soso pet
33 minuter användning av appen