SP (Sales Exit Intent Popup)

SP (Sales Exit Intent Popup)

de TenGrowth

Discount popup, exit intent popup, email popup, sales popup

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Gather emails to retain buyers

Collect shoppers’ emails via the exit pop up to reach out to customers later.

No coding to unlock pop ups

Skip lengthy configurations and coding. Just choose a handy template and add your sales, exit intent, email, or discount pop up in no time.

Curb cart abandonment

If customers show exit intent, use the exit popup to retain them with a special discount or coupon offer.

Acerca de SP (Sales Exit Intent Popup)

Popups capture customers’ attention and make them reconsider their purchase decision to your advantage. The Sales Popup app by TenGrowth lets you increase sales by engaging with customers in a more dynamic way.

11 things you can do with the Sales Popup app:

  • Set up BFCM sales popups in no time with built-in templates. Maximize your Black Friday and Cyber Monday revenue by running this sales notification app in just a few clicks. You need no coding skills to enable popups, configure their display conditions, add a CTA button, a countdown timer, a coupon code, a link, or an email field.
  • Use a CTA button to encourage customers to go straight to the pages you want.
  • Your sales, exit, or discount pop up will not only inform but also convert visitors into shoppers. With the call-to-action button, you can make special offers and redirect customers to the product or collection page.
  • Add a Countdown Timer to create a sense of urgency. Limited offerings seem more valuable, so use urgency and scarcity to make customers stop hesitating—and purchase. The built-in timer will help you.
  • Return and retain customers. Use the email pop up to gather the contacts of your loyal and potential customers into a handy dashboard. Use this data in your marketing and sales activities to make shoppers return and buy more.
  • Choose the most efficient trigger for each popup. For example, you can load a sales pop up in sync with the page or show it at a certain time. Turn on your exit popup when customers are leaving the shop.
  • Attract attention without irritation. Set an optimal time to show popups to your customers.
  • Encourage customers to interact with your pop ups by hiding the Close box.
  • Target shoppers from any region. Create popups in any language you need.
  • Show beautiful popups on any device and screen. This Sales Popup app is completely responsive.
  • Enjoy the seamless performance of your popups. Our responsive support team will quickly help you should any tech issue arise.

5 business benefits you get with this Sales Popup app:

  • Get ready for BFCM sales in record time
  • Reduce cart abandonment and retain customers
  • Grow your customer base
  • Leverage every opportunity to sell to your customers whether they open or leave your store
  • Increase conversion with a CTA and a countdown timer

Install the SP app and make your Shopify store more interactive with the popups you need!

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  • All the UNLIMITED features enabled
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  • Unlimited active popups
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Templates
  • Scheduling
  • Page and device targeting
  • Fast support

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5.0 con 5 estrellas

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I was very pleased with the quality. I think all the essentials are in (at least I don’t need anything extra). I mean popups, cta, timer, triggers, targeting - all included. Lovely popups for most popular cases.

Spike and Sparrow

Very convenient. App allows to use different exit popups when customers want to leave. It helps to retain them with offers or discounts.


You can reach out to customers after their purchase via emails! So they return to the shop again. Easy to use!