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Spambot Hunter

Spambot Hunter

Developed by Soundest

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  • Protect your email list from spam bots
  • Save money by not sending your campaigns to fake emails
  • Improve your email deliverability

Every hour millions of malicious spambots exploit forms on various websites and submit email addresses. There are chances that at least several contacts in your customers list are also submitted by them. Some emails are fake, but some belong to real people that actually have never showed interest in your business.

Spambot Hunter app is here to protect your online store - just install it and it will never stop scanning your customers list for suspicious email addresses.

What does this app do?

It works just like antivirus for your shop - it constantly scans your customers list, looks for fake email submissions and instantly unsubscribes them from further marketing activities.

How does the app work?

  1. After you install it, Spambot Hunter scans your shop's customer list daily.

  2. Suspicious email addresses are automatically marked as spam. Note that all detected spam contacts are straight away visible on the top of you customers list as their status is updated.

  3. When spam email addresses are detected, the app instantly unsubscribes them from further marketing activities.

  4. Help Spambot Hunter learn! Manually report suspicious email addresses and contribute to app's effectiveness. The more spambots reported, the better the blacklist all Spambot Hunter users will have!

Why should I bother using this app at all?

Spambot Hunter automatically marks spam contacts as "Do not accept marketing". Email marketing tools like Soundest or Mailchimp respect this setting and will not send them email campaigns.

As a result you'll get the following benefits:

  • You'll save money and won't be paying your email marketing platform for spam contacts.

  • You'll get less spam complaints thus your email deliverability will increase.

  • There will be a much lower chance of getting banned by your email marketing platform for high complaint rate.

  • Metrics in your email marketing reports will be more accurate.


NOTE: This is beta version of Spambot Hunter app so it perfectly does its main job but we are still working on better user experience which will be delivered very soon.

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On a daily basis I get sign ups that put the same gibberish for both the first name and last name. This app did not mark these emails as spam.

When I ditched the app, the "spam contacts" option in menu bar remained.

And I swear that I am getting emails created in my Shopify that all seem to be 4-5 months old but I never noticed them before and they are NOT opted in. REALLY weird.


Developer confesses app doesn't work in the mobile environment for the merchant.


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