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Spark Shipping

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Automate order fulfillment, inventory updates, tracking

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Automated Inventory Management

Process feeds from your suppliers to automatically update your inventory. Keeps your inventory in sync with all of your vendors.

Automated Order Routing

Automatically route orders to vendors, distributors, suppliers, or fulfillment centers.

Tracking Automation

In real time Spark Shipping will automatically update tracking in your Shopify store when vendors send you tracking updates.

Spark Shippingの詳細情報

Spark Shipping automates the connection between Shopify and all of your vendors!

Automatically update inventory quantities, sending orders, and receiving tracking updates with all of your vendors.

Spark Shipping works with any vendor, supplier, manufacturer, distributor, warehouse, etc. regardless of the format the vendor uses.

Is Spark Shipping right for me?

  • Are you a dropshipper who wants to keep inventory quantities in sync with your suppliers' inventory? - Spark Shipping can help.
  • Are you a retailer who needs to route orders from Shopify to your supplier but your supplier uses a specific format? - Spark Shipping can help.
  • Are you a retailer who wants to get tracking numbers automatically from your supplier then update Shopify? - Spark Shipping can help.

Enterprise Pricing

Enterprise plans are available, see our pricing details for more information.


  • Ingram Micro,
  • RSR Group,
  • Tucker Rocky,
  • Turn14,
  • Parts Unlimited,
  • Synnex








Includes First 1,000 Orders - 39¢ per Additional Order

  • Includes first 1,000 orders / month
  • 39¢ per additional order
  • Up to 250,000 Product Variants



Includes first 2,500 orders - 29¢ per additional order

  • Includes first 2,500 orders / month
  • 29¢ per additional order
  • Up to 500,000 Product Variants

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

4.9 5つ星


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E Cessory

The support is excellent. Very responsive and very helpful. I have no issues and wish this company the best - it will definitely only get better as they are proactively and quickly responding to customer recommendations.

There are just a few marks that need to be mentioned for a complete picture of this product:

1. Cost – This product has a lot of functionality, but from personal experience, you will get more value from it if you are large and already generate sales. If you are just starting, wait until you need to begin scaling.

2. The fulfillment system is good but its limited in its options for how to customize the reports and how to allow for updated tracking info. I know they are actively adding these though

3) Glitches - these happen. The mapping system is mostly intuitive, but there are a couple of times clicking around where the remapping doesn't "take" - stuff like that. But these get worked on as they get fixed.

I think you have a good product that can be improved on and be a game-changer for scaling.

Good luck on your continued growth!


Great app and great support. It works seamlessly for all our needs.

East Coast Reloading Supplies

We recently established our first drop-shipping partnership and through that process have tried out a number of apps. Spark Shipping is one of the two we decided to keep. Their excellent technology is only surpassed by the company's customer service. They are extremely responsive and have gone above an beyond to assist us with the integration process. I highly recommend this app for routing orders, syncing inventory and creating tracking emails.