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This app saved our store BEST B2B APP on shopify!!!

We recently had the pleasure of partnering with Sparklayer to address the challenges our B2B customers faced when ordering through Shopify. The results were not just impressive but transformative, and we couldn't be more delighted with the outcome.

From the outset, Sparklayer demonstrated an unparalleled level of commitment to understanding our needs and crafting solutions tailored precisely to our requirements. Their expertise in Shopify integration proved invaluable as they seamlessly implemented features that significantly improved our conversion rates.

One of the standout aspects of working with Sparklayer is their exceptional design sensibility. The interface they created not only streamlined the ordering process but also enhanced the overall user experience, garnering positive feedback from our customers.

What truly sets Sparklayer apart is their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. They consistently went above and beyond to address any issues that arose, even when the problems extended beyond their immediate scope of responsibility. Their willingness to tackle challenges head-on, without additional charges, underscores their commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach.

Moreover, Sparklayer didn't just stop at resolving technical issues; they also provided invaluable guidance and insights to optimize our Shopify store further. Their proactive involvement and strategic advice have proven instrumental in maximizing the potential of our online platform.

In summary, Sparklayer has not only provided us with a robust solution for B2B ordering on Shopify but has also proven to be a trusted partner invested in our success. Their expertise, exceptional service, and willingness to go the extra mile make them a standout choice for anyone seeking to enhance their e-commerce capabilities.

We wholeheartedly recommend Sparklayer to any business looking to elevate their online presence and drive meaningful results.

Protool Precision Tools
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SparkLayer已回复 2024年4月8日

Wow - what a review! Thank you for taking the time to leaving such incredible feedback, we'll share it with the team as it's always great to hear from our customers :) We're enjoying working with you and looking forward to the future of our partnership!


This app has been great for my wholesale store needs. I have different inventory between wholesale/retail, so I needed to make 2 stores. Some things I've wanted to do are a little complex, but the support is super helpful and will often make the edits I request if they're too hard for me to do.

Crabcakes & Cannabis Wholesale
9个月 人在使用应用
SparkLayer已回复 2024年5月13日

Thank you for taking the time to leave such great feedback, we'll pass it on to the team!


life changing app. very uncomfortable at first in pricing, but for the difference it made in wholesale business. hats off. a must have b2b solution. don't care about the price. if you need a good interface and convenience for your clients for ur b2b business. this is app. thanks sparklayer team.

Entro Wholesale
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SparkLayer已回复 2024年4月30日

Thank you for leaving a review, we're really glad to hear you're enjoying using the app and are set up for success :)


This app has been incredible in getting our store from a direct B2C store to both a B2C and B2B store without needing to upgrade to Shopify Plus. The suite of features provided work flawlessly in being able to show current stock levels, hide items from B2C customers and reformat the store's layout when a B2B customer is logged in. Their support team has also been top tier in handling any and any issue that arose and every request concerning customization of the platform for our B2B customers.

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SparkLayer已回复 2024年5月23日

Thank you for leaving such a great review, we're really enjoying working with you!


Highly Recommend Sparklayer, we were building a B2B only shop for our pro clients with restricted pricing and visibility based on tiers, and the app was perfect for our needs and much more affordable than Shopify Plus.
Their Support team is also top notch! We had a lot of little customizations that we needed to implement and they were able to either help us install them, or point us in the right direction if it wasn't something relevant to their app. Very responsive, extremely friendly, and highly recommend!

Pro Shop by Edelrid
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SparkLayer已回复 2024年4月30日

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review - great to hear you're enjoying using SparkLayer! We'll share your feedback with our team!


Very customizable, which is great, but can be a little daunting to those not familiar with Liquid and CSS. For our few hiccups, the support team has been incredible and very quick to respond. This is a really cool application and allows for a ton of flexibility over our old system!

Glo Brands Wholesale
3个月 人在使用应用
SparkLayer已回复 2024年4月30日

Great to hear you're enjoying SparkLayer and are now fully set up - we'll pass your feedback to our Support team, thank you!


Their customer support is unmatched, They helped us get to a b2b solution, set things up, adapted to all the changes we needed and still continue to support us through their friendly staff interactions + quick implementation!

Honestly a one-of-a-kind experience from a third party software. Huge fans of the experience and the software!

大约2个月 人在使用应用
SparkLayer已回复 2024年4月8日

Thanks so much for the brilliant feedback, we're really enjoying working with you :)


So far, Sparklayer really delivers! I'm extremely pleased with how responsive / knowledgeable the UK customer service is (thanks Ben!). We're still in test mode, but all the features work: the wholesale checkout is robust, customer groups and price lists work as intended. The only thing I'm unable to do is assigning different terms for the same customer group (e.g., I cannot differentiate between preorders and in stock items to let people check out with an invoice if they're on credit card terms - it's a problem for backorders as people don't want to pay in advance for a product that might be shipping in a month). But overall, I highly recommend.

大约2个月 人在使用应用
SparkLayer已回复 2024年3月26日

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! This is a suggestion we've had from a number of customers and we're actively exploring it as part of a future update to SparkLayer. At this point in time, we don't have a precise timeline but we can keep you updated once we have a better idea :)


I can count on one hand the number of times I have felt compelled to write a review. This app is one of them.

I was trying to launch my wholesale store and realized I needed a Shopify store. I then realized that a lot of the standard settings do not work for the wholesale model. I started trying to piece together different apps, each of which only did 1 thing of a long list of requirements.

A fellow business owner recommended this app to me, and I am so glad they did. Not only does this app offer all but 1 of my requirements (I will learn to live without that one for a while), but the team was SO HELPFUL and SO RESPONSIVE that within 2 days or so from installing, I am ready to launch my store. Hooray! The customer service, timeline, friendliness, usability for endusers of my site etc. is off the charts thanks to this app.

Harmony Hardin
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SparkLayer已回复 2024年4月30日

Wow, what great feedback - thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review! We're enjoying working with you and will pass this onto the team :)


This app is fantastic! It integrates seamlessly with our store and operates flawlessly. The support team is always helpful and professional, promptly addressing my needs with patience.

Pluscare Medical LLC
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SparkLayer已回复 2024年3月21日

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, we'll pass this onto the team - we're really enjoying working with you!