B2B & Wholesale Solution

B2B & Wholesale Solution


Quick ordering, price lists, pack sizes, quotes & more

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Turn on B2B ordering

Quickly enable powerful features such as price lists, pack sizing, tiered pricing, quick ordering and a full my account area to track orders

Time-saving B2B tools

Give your B2B customers a great experience with rapid re-ordering, shopping lists, order CSV imports, and customised B2B payment methods

Connect to your B2B data

Ready-made connections to leading systems such as Brightpearl and Linnworks, or build custom integrations with the SparkLayer API

B2B & Wholesale Solution 정보

SparkLayer brings powerful B2B functionality directly to your Shopify store, allowing your B2B customers to easily place orders and manage their account. There's no need to install multiple apps, SparkLayer brings everything you need for an enterprise-level B2B experience.

B2B ready features

With SparkLayer, you'll be able to offer your B2B customers great features such as:

  • CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC PRICING & PACK SIZING: With built-in support for complex price lists, customers see their exact B2B pricing, pack size rules, and minimum order quantities as defined in your centralised backend systems.
  • TIERED PRICING: Display price-breaks (e.g. buy 3, save 10%), letting your customers gain savings based on the quantity of products they purchase.
  • QUICK ORDER CART: Let your customers build orders quickly with fast product searching and editing and then checkout using saved addresses and agreed payment terms (e.g. pay on account).
  • TIME SAVING TOOLS: Customers can easily import entire orders via a CSV file and save their favourite items with 'Shopping Lists' to quickly repeat orders.
  • MY ACCOUNT AREA: Customers can track their order history with real-time updates from your backend systems.
  • PAYMENTS: enable additional B2B payment methods such as Payment on Invoice and Payment on Account
  • QUOTES: let your customers submit orders as quotes that you can then review, edit, and then process.

Connect to your B2B data

SparkLayer lets you upload your B2B pricing with its powerful price import tools. It also has ready-made integrations for major backend systems such as Brightpearl, Linnworks, Unleashed, Patchworks, and more, meaning you can automate your entire B2B operation. Or if you have a bespoke system, you can use the SparkLayer API to connect directly and send through specific B2B data such as price lists, product pack sizes, and other pricing rules.

Getting started

Our in-depth onboarding process guides you through setting up SparkLayer on your Shopify store:

  • STEP 1: Install the Shopify App and create a SparkLayer account
  • STEP 2: Synchronise your B2B-specific data.
  • STEP 3: Install the SparkLayer Frontend into your Shopify theme with small code snippets that are easy to include
  • STEP 4: Perform end-to-end test as an example B2B customer
  • STEP 5: Launch and go live!

Monitor your B2B data feeds

The SparkLayer Dashboard lets you manage your Shopify integration. It gives you a detailed overview of the B2B data your backend systems are sending and provides a real-time health check to make sure all data is successfully synchronising; from products and price lists, to orders placed via the SparkLayer Frontend on your website.


  • Linnworks,
  • Unleashed,
  • Brightpearl,
  • Patchworks

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  • Up to 75 orders per month
  • B2B custom price lists
  • Tiered pricing
  • Quick-ordering
  • Shopping lists
  • My account area
  • Price list import tools



  • Up to 150 orders per month
  • All features of Starter plan
  • Ready-made integrations
  • API for custom development
  • Onboarding support


무료 설치

Enterprise plans available, please contact us to learn more custom pricing options

  • Unlimited orders
  • All features of Professional plan
  • Sales agent ordering
  • Full onboarding & launch support
  • Ongoing technical assistance

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