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Fecha de modificación: 10 de febrero de 2020

[UPDATE 10-FEB-2020] -- I removed USO today. Since Pixel Union acquired Supple, they made it look pretty and changed to the Polaris interface.
But they didn't do much more than that on this app. Believe me, I tried. Countless emails, live chats and videos with the team. Super nice folk -- but they kinda watched while others build a better mousetrap. My new solution uses two apps to accomplish discounting, including BOGO, discount tiers, BXGY, and discount links -- and UX. The overall quality is insanely great. I'm dropping USO to 3* because it doesn't play nicely with shareable discount links from Shopify (which means apps that use these codes, such as and the popups are butt ugly. Pixel Union could have made it better... time to move on.

[UPDATE Sept 8, 2018: I STILL THINK USO is the most important merchandising tool in my store.]

[UPDATE Nov 17, 2017: I STILL THINK USO is the most important merchandising tool in my store. Even after a re-theme (now on Turbo).]

My store migrated Shopify in January 2016 -- and I was immediately frustrated with merchandising options, lack of BOGO, and upsells were just not intuitive. Is there an app for that?

I first started using Bold Upsell since (at the time) it was the only game in town, but for months I was desperately looking for a better solution. In my opinion, Bold Upsell is a 1-star app due to all kinds of customer facing UX issues and terrible, terrible support. Bold also believes presenting a customer with 3 upsell options is a good choice (no! every expert says one upsell, period!). Bold Upsell does not redirect to cart after accepting an upsell offer (customer stays on the page - totally bad UX). They offered custom development to solve this for about US$5,000. Pass.

I was also wanting to offer quantity breaks, and the only game in town was also from Bold:
And I gave this app a 2-star review
Bold QB used hidden-products/hidden variants to solve this. It was a disaster. Read my review... posted on Jun 13, 2016

Simultaneously, I was trying to find a BOGO (buy X get y at discount)
and the only option at the time was Buy X Get One by Supple
And although I was uncomfortable with the limitations, at the time, the only way to do BOGO was using BuyX... but BuyX had a laundry list of incompatibilities, and in my opinion, I had to find a better way to do BOGO. Hidden products/variants didn't feed Facebook feed and it didn't play nice with OneClickUpsell and other integrated apps. But it NAILED the logic rules for BOGO, the customer facing UX was perfect, and the developer kept making it better...

In January 2017, the developer of this app (Ultimate Special Offers - USO) told me he had been working on a better mousetrap for about a year...

tl;dr There is no finer app at this time for discounts, upsells, BOGO, quantity breaks, and other special offers.

Marius is a pleasure to work with, and although I have probably been a total PITA during onboarding, this app is "Best-in-class" for merchandising for Shopify at the time of this writing. Email communication has been exceptional.

We are using USO for:

1. BOGO (such as buy any lipstick and get another, in any color, for 50% off)... WITHOUT USING HIDDEN VARIANTS and now, NO DRAFT ORDERS!!!!!!!

2. Auto add-to-cart of free item -- we use JustUno for popups and an effective marketing campaign offers the visitor a success page if she subscribes... and the "prize" is a link that automatically adds a free item to the cart. USO handles this perfectly.

3. UPSELL -- a well thought out and well-designed UX for the "would you like fries with that?" scenario -- this is UNLIKE other so-called upsell apps that analyze and make an offer in the cart -- well, you can... but... the magic here is product specific upsell offer -- a makeup brush that perfectly pairs with a powder, etc... These upsells convert.

4. Quantity Breaks. Without hidden variants!!

...among other things

This app is deep, and now (28-MAY-2017) that "draft orders" are a thing of the past, there is nothing else out there in Shopify app-land that comes close.

DO NOT be confused that this app has a variety of offers-- that's the whole point.

And now, with the addition of stacked special-offers + coupon code discounts, and also passing a discount code from URL parameter also shares with USO, this is The Most Powerful discount app available.

There are few things that I would like to see to make it "more perfect" - including hooks to a recurring payments app, such as ReCharge -- but with the recent API announcements from Shopify, this may not be needed soon...

The BIG TAKEAWAY here is Supple has engineered a way to offer BOGO and Quantity Breaks without hidden products/variants and without using draft orders. And the upsell UX is the best in class.

Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 3 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 24 de abril de 2019

The issue has now been resolved and back working as it should so a thank you for that.
Shame really as worked well but when it doesn't work its loses you a lot of orders.

The Weston Biltong Company
Reino Unido
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
Orbit respondió 9 de abril de 2019

Hi Ryan, we're sorry to hear you're having trouble. We've prioritized this issue and are working to get it resolved as quickly as possible. Please check your email for the latest updates. Thanks for your patience.

25 de marzo de 2020

We often use automatic discounts, which have no effect. You must wait for several seconds on the shopping cart page before the discount appears.

Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
17 de marzo de 2022

Easy to use app, however, does NOT work with Able to stack coupon codes, but USO does not change coupon from Issued to Used. The customer sees used coupons from the launcher as still active, but they are disabled. Didn't realize the issue was coming from USO after giving a headache trying to figure out why. I've wasted a ton of money trying to make it right with customers. I hope they fix the issue in the future.

Gritty Beauty
Estados Unidos
11 meses usando la aplicación
Orbit respondió 17 de marzo de 2022

Hi! I'm so sorry to hear you're experiencing trouble with the app and its compatibility with another app. I've sent you an email just now, looking forward to hearing from you! - Emily, Support Lead

18 de febrero de 2019

Been waiting a few days now for a response from the developers. Still waiting to hear back from them

Smart Pressed Juice
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando la aplicación
25 de octubre de 2022

Your app can't be opened now and can't contact the staff,I need to modify some of the discount information in it, but it cannot be opened. When do you go to work?

3 meses usando la aplicación
Orbit respondió 26 de octubre de 2022

Hi! Our hours are Sunday - Friday 7am to 5pm PST. It looks like your review caught us right outside that window. We don't have a support request from you prior to this review, so I've sent you an email now to address your concerns. Please check your inbox (including spam!) and get back to me ASAP! - Emily, Head of Support

Fecha de modificación: 20 de febrero de 2018

The app is easy to use but custumer service is really bad! 2 emails and no response and people complaining because it is not working the offer.

[EDIT] Costumer Service reviewed the issue very efficiently. Thank you

Rr Fine Jewelry
Estados Unidos
20 días usando la aplicación
21 de mayo de 2020

It's works great for their features and good responsible for support. But the limitation is not to work with other apps like Whole sale discount or another discount apps.

11 días usando la aplicación
27 de noviembre de 2017

Needed it for BUY X, GEY Y AT 50% OFF

First the good:
1. It is very easy to install & use. No coding required.
2. No need to create a "hidden" duplicate collection (the discounted products that will be offered)- that can be a very tedious task if you had to make one. With this, you simply choose the products you want to offer, then set the discount rate.

The bad:
1. The pop-up (offered discounted products) had a very poor design/lay-out. Looked very cheap.
2. Only 8 products can be included in the pop-up. I had much more products to offer so this app was not useful.
3. Customer service: 12-24 hour response which is a bit on the slow side if you are running a live site and need help asap.

I used Discounted Upsells by Booster Apps instead. It has it's own faults, but better than this one.

Australia Vape
5 días usando la aplicación