Speed Optimization Analyzer

Speed Optimization Analyzer

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Make your store load faster and lose no more customers.

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Get higher SEO ranking

Get more traffic and better ranking on search engines by speeding up your store.

Increase your conversion rate

Increase your conversion rate and don't lose customers anymore due to slow loading time.

Find out why your site is slow

Run detailed analysis on your store and find out what makes it load slowly.

Über Speed Optimization Analyzer

Speed Optimization Analyzer - Tips and Insights to Speed up your store loading time

The Speed Optimization Analyzer app lets you get powerful insights on how to improve your store loading time. It analyzes your store and generates several tips and insights on how to speed up your store. The tips are various and ranked by importance. The analysis lets you know what technical modifications you must make to your store and theme to make it load faster.

With the practical tips the app provides, you can easily limit the bottlenecks of your store's loading speed.

Get better ranking in search engines and thus more traffic

Google has announced that it takes websites speed and loading time in their ranking algorithms to give better search results. As a result, improving your store loading time and performance gives it higher chance of being in the first results and thus providing more traffic to your store.

Get higher conversion rate with better speed performance

Loading time is directly linked to conversion rates. Studies show that customers take loading speed very seriously and online stores often lose several customer because of the loading time of their stores.

As such, alongside marketing and advertising, making a faster Shopify store is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate and let your customers have a good user-experience.


  • Analyze any page of your store and get speed optimization tips
  • Get powerful insights on how to optimize your scripts and style-sheets
  • Get a list of resources(files) loaded by your store and find out which of them take longer to load and sort them by size or load time
  • Get easy to implement but also advanced tips that will increase your store performance
  • Get a global score on your store performance
  • Easy to use and user-friendly UI





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Waste of Money. Didn't do anything but tell you where your Speed needs to be optimized. Did not fix anything. This type of service all over the internet for FREE. Joke.


this is a joke run speed test on each of the pages and it always says the same thing that i need to fix same thing and says my images are not seo and they are. app really needs work.