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Developed by Checkend

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  • Automatically Increment Product Prices That Increase With Time or Orders Received
  • Boost Customer Conversion With Instant Urgency
  • No HTML Code Installation Needed -- Installs Automatically

Increase Your Sales Today With Speedbuy

The ONLY APP that automatically increases prices -- not ONCE -- but on a recurring schedule to motivate site visitors to click buy.

It's no mystery that customers are motivated to click on the BUY Button when they feel an urgency... like they're about to miss a sale.

Speedbuy gives your shop the ultimate tool to create that urgency right away.

Easily add a timer or a banner that tells the customer the price will increase in the near future. Speedbuy automatically manages and increases your prices for you at a set time interval or after a certain number of orders.

This app literally can help you move inventory! It pays for itself over and over again, whenever you run a Speedbuy campaign.

✓ Automatically Increment Product Prices That Increase With Time or Orders Received

Speedbuy automatically increments your product prices (set by you, the shop owner) based on either orders received or at a set time interval.

For orders based increments, you can specify the price will increase after 1 order or 100 orders... or whatever you wish.

For time based increments, you can specify whether the price will increase after 1 minute or 1 week... whenever you want.

✓ Boost Customer Conversion With Instant Urgency

Your customers will feel instant urgency when they see a timer on the page that tells them the price will increase after a set period of time... or that the price will increase within the next few orders.

✓ No HTML Code Installation Needed -- Installs Automatically

The Speedbuy app is designed to be installed without any HTML code modification. You're ready to get started in your first campaign in less than 3 minutes.

✓ Features:

  • Automatically increments product prices, including variants

  • Specify variant pricing individually, or collectively

  • Specify increment type: time based or order based

  • Run simultaneous campaigns

  • No HTML installation or code snippets required

✓ Easy Installation

Checkend Apps are known for easy installations. No HTML modification needed. It just works.


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✓ This is THE app that pays for itself

Imagine pushing a campaign out to your social media audience and getting them to buy with urgency. They will see that with every second of waiting, the price of the product will increase.

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