Speedimize: Raise Page Speed

Speedimize: Raise Page Speed

作成: Speedimize

Increase your Page Speed in just one-click

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Increase Pagespeed Insights

A high rating guarantees that your site is optimized and loads faster, relative to competitors.


A high score will have a positive impact on SEO, the priority will always be to optimized sites


Be sure that your store is equally convenient for everyone, mobile and desktop segment.

Speedimize: Raise Page Speedの詳細情報

Speedimize: Boost your Page Speed

Modern e-commerce stores need to be designed to deliver high-quality speed performance. Speed is an important indicator, but even more important is whether your shop meets the needs of the client. Whether it is comfortable enough to use your store. If the site is quickly rendered and ready to interact, then this creates the good conditions for surfing in your store and positively impact your SEO ranking as well. Speedimize is here to help you create fast and comfortable store with good metrics at Page Speed Insights. User comfort is more than just download speed.

Fast store is a convenient store for all your users.

Which features of Speedimize can help you achieve these results?

  • Speed Up rendering
  • Prioritize the scripts and make them appear in order
  • Make your store faster without making sacrifices
  • Increase immediately your store with few clicks

Speedimize optimizes the site speed and plus automates the process without contacting programmers. Knowledge of the code is not necessary.

It collects all the connected scripts and shows them to the client. You decide for yourself which scripts to put the defer on.

You can revert all changes that were made to your theme easily with just one-click.

Integrates with Google Lighthouse.





4.4 5つ星


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Eine wirklich gute App, die hält was sie anbietet. Die Geschwindigkeit meines Shops hat sich sichtlich und stark verbessert. Besonders lobenswert finde ich den engagierten Support, der sogar mehr Hilfe und Unterstützung anbietet als zur Problemlösung erforderlich wäre. Wirklich großartige Hilfe.



Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback und Ihre Unterstützung! Wir werden auch versuchen, unsere App zu verbessern.

Jajone Living

A very simple and straightforward app, made my google pagespeed score increase immediately from 15 to 70+ with just a click! Aibek provided the best customer service, helped me troubleshoot some coding issues with such dedication! Highly recommended Speedimize!



Thank for your review! We will keep continue to work and getting better. Thank you for your support!

Rainbow Bridge Warriors LLC

Originally when I downloaded this app and tried to use it, it crashed and broke my entire site - it froze my navigation, messed up my logo and damaged site functionality including search. Their support team took over 24 hours to get back to me, so I had to hire someone $100 to fix the code and leftover code in the theme. Speedimize reached out and offered to help for free, to remove the code and offer free service on the site to optimize it and speed it. When they did this, it deleted assets in my theme for the page builder I was using and crashed and ruined another 3 pages on my site. I am terribly upset, out many hours and dollars to fix the mistakes this app made. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR USE.



Dear merchant,

We're really upset that your experience with our app was so stressful for you. As we mentioned in our emails we have found out that our optimization could not affect the loading of images in any way. And the real problem was the app that you use another app for the layout. In fact, there is no error in the app. The app is functioning normally. The fact is that the app stores all the pictures on the live theme, and on the rest of the themes, these pictures will not appear. Because the app will not add new pictures to all themes. And that is why there were no such pictures on the theme where the work was carried out. But most likely, you edited these pages and the new pictures were updated only on the live theme, and no new pictures appeared in the theme where we were working. Since the Page Builder app does not provide for this.

To fix it, you will need to re-add these pictures before publishing an optimized theme. This is supposed to fix the problem with the pictures. But if this does not help, then you will need to contact the support of this app.