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Spently - Sell More with Custom Email Notifications

Spently - Sell More with Custom Email Notifications

Developed by Spently

285 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Insert Smart Upsells right in the emails your customers open the most!
  • Easily add Discount Codes and Referral Links to your store emails.
  • Recover abandoned checkouts with personalized Follow-Up Emails.

► Boost Your Sales with Custom Notification Emails

EASY, BEAUTIFUL EMAILS -- Spently’s email template builder lets you easily create beautiful Shopify notification emails with a professional look that matches your style.

AUTO FOLLOW-UPS -- Trying to recover abandoned checkouts? Let Spently send custom email drip campaigns at just the right time to get customers buying.

INTEGRATIONS -- Spently plays nice with the Shopify Apps you’re already using, letting you build your store the way you like. Add our official Kit Skill to make adjustments with just a few texts!


► Drive Repeat Buyers with Upsells

PERSONALIZED PRODUCT UPSELLS -- Spently can insert smart product upsells based on past purchasing behavior right in your notification emails.

DISCOUNT CODES -- Adding an auto-generated discount code inside your notification emails - personalized with the customer's first name - gives people every reason to buy again.

EMAIL PERFORMANCE TRACKING -- Spently’s analytics help you understand when and how your customers engage with your emails so you can improve your messaging...and increase loyalty.


► Get New Customers with Referrals

REFERRAL PROGRAM -- Word-of-mouth (or keyboard) is one of the most powerful ways to grow your Shopify store - Spently can add a referral program right inside your notification emails.

SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS -- Add social links to your notification emails to send your customers to their preferred social network. More likes = more sales.


Try Spently for FREE

Install Spently to do your marketing in the emails your customers open the most - store notification emails and receipts!

Add our Starter Plan to your Shopify Store for FREE, or hop on a 14-day free trial for one of our upgraded plans to get additional features like auto follow-up emails.


The ‘Basic’ Plan gives you access to all the transactional notification emails + template themes, marketing components, analytics, and auto follow-up emails for only $19.99/month. Plans grow based on number of store orders, as more orders = more auto follow-up email sequences sent after every purchase. Upgrading is always optional.


If you have a suggestion, feature request, or need help, email us at support@spentlyhq.com. A customer support representative will respond to your request within 24hrs (Monday-Friday).


Spently - Sell More with Custom Email Notifications reviews

285 reviews
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  5. 1 star (5 reviews)

I love pretty much everything about Shopify, but I'm surprised at how basic their email templates are. I was so happy when I found Spently as my emails are all branded and professional looking now. There's a slight learning curve to use it, but it's extremely slight and well worth it!


the emails look really good now, had struggled a bit with the interface and choosing what email template set up would convert on my store and contracted the guys to set the templates up for me with images I provided, good personalised service and responsive to changes.
got a 130% open rate and a 23.6% click through rate so far resulting in a $332 ROI so far.


Really delighted with the Spently app. All our transactional e-mails now look great and way more professional. We're also able to cross-promote products and encourage repeat sales with creative header and footer visuals. Support is great too. Give this app a go!


This app is extremely easy to use. I really like how easy it is to customize to fit my website. The free trial is definitely a plus as well. I highly recommend this app to make your emails look more professional.


Love this app! Makes all of my transactional emails look so beautiful :) The customer support is awesome too! Highly recommend this app if you are looking to make your Shopify emails that are sent to your customers way better!!!


I would to add to my initial review. Customer service was IMMEDIATE - they clearly explained something I didn't know...

I LOVE this app.

This app is a MUST HAVE. Completely custom design all of your customer interactions with ease. It looks as though you spent a fortune on an email designer - but you didn't. The tracking is amazing & great customer service. This is just the best app.


I signed up for Spently after not wanting to have duplicate emails going out from other vendors like Recieptful (they were great, just not what I was looking for from a consumer experience perspective) and I wasn't happy with just sending out text emails.

Being overly busy like everyone is I finally enlisted the team at Spently to build out all my templates. This was a huge help and worth every penny to get up and running quickly. We went through a few revisions and anytime we needed to adjust something, for whatever reason, they were quick to respond and happy to help.

We've only been live for a couple of days and we've already landed a sale directly from the emails which paid for the service this month. If you are on the fence - pull the trigger. You won't be disappointed.

If you wanted to see how our emails look feel free to check out our shop and make a purchase :)


First off, the Spently crew gets it. Excellent product. Very fair price. Easy installation. Kick ass customer service. There are a lot of beautiful apps out there but more often than not you are left on your own accord to install, learn a new interface, hunt and peck, and test, test, test until you get it right or just uninstall the app in frustration. Not so with Spently's Review Notification Email Editor & Analytics. From the moment I installed the app these guys were in contact (automated and Non-automated) and made sure I had all the info I needed to use their app to it's full potential. Our personalized children's CDs have custom product options that need to be pushed into the Order Confirmation emails. So when I had a couple requests to tweak the liquid code to my specs Ren spent probably too much time helping me get it right.
Huge thanks to Ren.
The bottom line is this is how all app companies should conduct their business. If more app companies truly focused on helping their customers in the set up phase they would make more money and have more loyal customers. Thanks, Spently, you just gained another loyal customer.


Absolutely loving it. According to my spently dashboard, I've already gotten my money worth in the first day. The $19.99 was well spent.


I love the different template options available! They make notifications look so much better, though I wonder why Shopify's basics are so uninspiring. The templates are easily editable and install quickly.

From $0.00 / month

Spently's free plan gives you the basic tools to get started customizing Shopify's notification emails to drive repeat purchases. Get more info on our pricing here

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