Spify Shop by Brand

Spify Shop by Brand


Delivering New Level OF Looking For Products By Brands.

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Appealing Modern Brand Pages

The more brands you have on your store, the more customers you attract. Therefore, our app help you build excellent brand page

Highly personalized brand page

Your brand page will be the most effective sale representative that are tailored to your customers' taste and your performance is maximized

Level Up Search For Your Brand

Our app allows merchants to offer another layer of navigation for customers to find their products by brands with convenience and ease

Spify Shop by Brand 정보


Shop By Brand app for Shopify enables you to create dedicated brand pages with logo, description and banners. Thanks to this Shopify app, the store owners can display all the brands on their store in an attractive way and allow customers shop for the items of their favorite brand.

Feature Highlights

  • Brand Listing Page: Shop By Brand app allows you to create a page containing all brands. On this page, your customers can: See a block with featured brands that you want to draw their attention to. Look for the brands they want quickly with instant search box. The customer just type brand name in the search box then a dropdown list will appear with suggested results including brand name, brand logo and short description. In addition, based on the alphabetical listing of brands, customers can find the brands faster.
  • Brand Detail Page: This page give your customers with detailed information of a specific brand including brand name, logo, banner, description and all products belonging to that brand with Ajax. On the sidebar of this page, customers can filter products of that brand with options such as price, size, color
  • Brand widget: Display the most popular brands in the dedicated brand widget on any site page and in any page position.
  • Brands Management Page: You can edit, delete and enable/disable as many brands as you want with ease. In addition, this app enables you use the drag and drop feature to arrange the position of brands in order to turn your pages into appealing stalls of famous brands. Besides, you can assign products to the brands without editing each product. Offer various options to change style which is suitable for any Shopify theme your store has used.
  • SEO- friendly brand listing, managed brand and brand detailed page: Optimize brand listing, managed brand and brand detailed pages for SEO with SEO-friendly URL, meta title, meta keywords and meta description
  • Management Friendly: The administrator interface is designed for an effective brand and product management

Business Value

  • Improve Brand Presentation: Shop By Brand app for Shopify gives the store owners the effective tool to attract customers' attention. Making your store more brand-oriented enhances the shopping experience of your visitors and generate more conversions
  • Promote Brand Products: Adding brands to your business model and throughout online store engage more attention and get more actions from your shoppers and increase brand loyalty.

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This app is not working at the moment and is going in an endless loop. We were using this for our brand page and cannot edit. Please fix.


I installed the app and it wasn't working. The support team told be that they were aware of this bug and it will not be fixed anytime soon. So they told me to use another "shop by brand" app.

Direct Fire Pits

The only app out there to beautifully display brands, it did not slow down my site at all and the service is remarkable. Had 2 technical issues and within 15 minutes of emailing them, I got my answer! BONUS it's free :)