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4. Dezember 2023

Terrible. Impossible to unsubscribe and it charges you after 300 impressions which happens in about 2 days. The app is super glitchy.

Zenful Yoga
8 tage mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 6. Dezember 2023

We apologize for any inconvenience. However, based on the records check, there were no charges levied against your account. The App is Free till 300 Impressions a month. The App was only installed on your account for a week. Moreover, the App uninstall process is also universal for all third-party Apps. Our 24/7 live chat team is also there to provide immediate assistance. Our customer support manager has sent an email to you to resolve any concerns. Please reach back to us. Thanks.

3. April 2024

Only 300 website impressions on the free plan. Lol. That goes in less than a day for every store.

Gamer Tech
1. Juni 2023

Get ready for the stressfull 15 minutes when you find out your new feature wheel is only giving your customer biggest prize and another 10 minutes you are trying to delete this app. Nightmare. Stay away

Vereinigtes Königreich
2 monate mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 5. Juni 2023

We apologize for the inconvenience. Our customer success manager has sent you an email. We did not receive any inquiry from your end. Please reply to us and we will make sure to resolve your concerns. thanks

12. Juni 2023

Most unhelpful "Help Desk". Pretty sure it's just a chat bot with completely irrelevant answers to your questions. Do not waste your time if you are an entrepreneur with limited resources.

306 Fitness Repair & Sales
16 minuten mit der App
9. November 2020

It's easy to use but I have no way of knowing if it does it's job because the company forces you to add a review before you have access.

Oddity Brand
Vereinigte Staaten
8 monate mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 10. November 2020

Adding the review is totally optional to use our free app and we have also mentioned that in the app. App is working fine on your shop and you can see detailed analytics to know the app's performance. Our support manager will also reach out to you for further assistance.

14. April 2021

bad app, keeps loading multiple times even to users who have alrdy played! hurts website user experience and conversion rates drastically. maybe coz its a free app its neglecting basics?

Almo Wear
Etwa ein monat mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 14. April 2021

I apologize for your experience. App is designed to reopen the popup at least after the half hour if a customer close it or win the code. Otherwise if you have enabled all the auto triggers then it will pop open once for each trigger. So only required trigger should be used.

Please connect with our support team via in-app contact form and they will help you correctly set up the app. We are so sure that once set up you'll love this free app. All the best!

Bearbeitet am 28. November 2020

Forced to write a review. I selected remind me later and it would not go further. The review had to be 100 characters before it could be submitted

Anekeh’s $5 Dazzles
Vereinigte Staaten
18 tage mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 29. November 2020

We apologize for the inconvenience. Adding the review is optional to use our free app and we have also mentioned it in the app. We hope that app will perform well to bring sales and subscriptions on your store. and you'd be glad to update the review to reflect your recent experience. All the best!

Bearbeitet am 10. Oktober 2020

It’s very easy to get started I will give another review after it’s in effect. I’ll see how manhole more sales I get by using it. I just started using this app

8 tage mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 12. Oktober 2020

Adding the review is optional to use our free app. Since the app is working perfectly fine on your store, we're hopeful it will improve the conversion. We encourage you to delete this review and add one later to reflect your recent experience after using it for a good amount of time.

12. November 2022

Not once but twice did I find this app suddenly have it's unique generated discount codes given to customers on their spin-wins stop working, causing them to go to check out and have it say the code is invalid. There is no way to tell this happens either unless you test it yourself or have a customer contact you. This happened a few days in a row without my knowledge, noting I had quite a few new subscribers sign up and win a discount, only to find it didn't work. This has likely costed me brand trust/reputation, customers and sales. I'm leaving this review as though this app looks nice and is relatively straight forward, there are still some gaps in it's design (like tab/section to manage set-up coupons/discount codes. Thas be greatly disappointing in that regard and I'd hate for other store owners to have this same issue also.

7 tage mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 14. November 2022

We really apologize for the inconvenience you have faced. As per our research, we have found out that this is an understanding issue on your side. Discount code expires after the expiry days set in the discount code setting of the app. There must be an expiry date set in your app's settings due to which the discount code is getting expired. Other than that, our application's discount code is working absolutely fine.
Our support team has contacted you via email as well, please install your application again and respond to support so that they can help you change the settings of the app.
We would love to assist you in the best possible ways.

27. Januar 2021

havent even tried it yet............................................................................................

Care Amore
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 23 stunden mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 27. Januar 2021

Adding review is totally optional to user our free app. We hope that it will help you collect subscribers and generate sales. We encourage you to add review later when you have fully experienced the app on your store. All the best!