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Spin Win Optin - Exit Intent Interactive Email Popup

Spin Win Optin - Exit Intent Interactive Email Popup

Developed by Spin Win Optin

Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Customizable lead generation popup. Interactive exit intent pop up that grows your email list while letting your customer win putting more money in your pocket.
  • Skyrocket email collection while boosting sales and conversion rate.
  • Fully Customizable multi trigger popup. Exit intent, time on site, and even tab triggers to drastically improve email collection

Spin Win Optin changes the game of email collection by gamifying the experience for users making it fun and interactive. Spinning the game wheel will skyrocket your email list to new heights, increase conversion rates, and generate many more sales for your store.

With a single price point and many powerful features, Spin Win Optin is the the only interactive exit intent popup that you will need on Shopify.

How It Works

Spin Win Optin uses a process of engaging users with a unique and customizeable popup that allows the visitor to spin a wheel for a prize. When a visitor enters in their email address, they are allowed to spin the customizable wheel in order to attempt to win a discount at your store. Since visitors are not automatically handed a coupon, but instead play a game and win to win big, they are more likely to use it since the perception of value is much larger.

Spin Win Optin helps you lower acquisition costs by grabbing emails of potential customers so that you can retarget them later. As it is always said, the money is in the list! Spin Win Optin is here to help you skyrocket the size of that list.


Full Customization

Spin Win Optin gives you the full control over everything! This includes text, colors, coupons, and chance to win. You can set it up to match your store colors with correct branding and icons. Set up coupons, free shipping, or change what percent chance they have to win. Unlike other apps, Spin Win Optin actually allows you to set losing slices if you choose.

Desktop, Mobile, Tablet Exit Intent Trigger

Target visitors that are trying to leave your website with these exit intent triggers. These will work on multiple platforms when the customer is scrolling or about to exit off your site. This is great for increasing conversions on customers you would have lost otherwise.

Desktop, Mobile, Tablet Time On Site Trigger

Set up a custom trigger to pop up after a certain amount of time on your site. This is great to tempt the customer to pull the trigger on purchasing after they are already engaged with your content.

Desktop, Mobile, Tablet TAB Trigger

Set a pull out tab to show up at the side of your screen that will bounce and wiggle around tempting the visitor to click on the tab trigger. This will bounce until clicked on, where the interactive spinner wheel will pop up and can be played. This is great to enable on top of the other triggers for maximum coverage.

URL Filtering

Set Spin Win Optin to only show on certain pages of your site or to exclude certain URLs. This option is great for larger sites where you may not want to collect leads from a certain part of your audience. URL Filtering gives control back to you because one solution does not always fit your entire website.

Automated MailChimp and Aweber Integration

You can now automatically add your new subscribers to your Mailchimp or Aweber account. Capture your emails and then send them an automatic email through these services to make sure they use their discount. If you do not have an account at either of these mail services, you can always just export the collected emails as a CSV for use later.

Custom Fields

With the addition of custom fields to Spin Win Optin, you can now set up your spinner wheel to ask for more information about the visitor. The more data you have, the more you can do but be careful, the less data you ask for, the better results you will typically see. Ask for phone numbers, addresses, or anything you want by creating your own custom field.

Fully Responsive

Spin Win Optin is fully responsive so that it will look and function great on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. We have tested this on many devices to ensure that the visitor has a good experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Spin Win Optin Responsive?

  • Absolutely! You can use Spin Win Optin on any size screen and it will display perfectly.

  • Does It Work On Mobile?

  • Spin Win Optin works on mobile and always will. Since Mobile is quickly overtaking desktop usage this was a priority in development.

  • How Do I Export Emails?

  • Spin Win Optin allows you to integrate with 2 of the biggest email marketing softwares out there: Mailchimp and Aweber. If you use something different, you can export your list with the click of a single button.

  • Can I Change The Text?

  • You can change the text as well as the colors to blend in with your shop brand and color scheme. Customize the look of Spin Win Optin until it looks perfect for your site.

  • Will A User See The Email Optin Twice?

  • No they will not. We have a cookie duration setting so you can display how often the popup displays. If you do not want the visitor to see the popup again, they will not see it. If you want to clear your cookies, there is also a setting for that.

  • Can I Use Spin Win Optin On My Foreign Language Site?

  • Yes you can. Simply translate the different options into your own language and then put those into the Spin Win Optin options so that these changes reflect to your visitors.

  • Will I Keep Emails If I Cancel?

  • You can download your emails any time you would like and you will keep these emails even if you decide to cancel.

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