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  • Interactive Spining Wheel to Attract Your Users and let them come back to your store again and again
  • Give Your Users a Dynamic range of Discount percentages and let them try their luck to win one discount code
  • Increase Your User email logs and enhance your sales, Give free spin to your visitors when ever you want.

Spin to Win is a customized way of attracting your users and increasing your store sales by giving a custom discount and let your users feel lucky today.

How does it work?

When a user is intending to leave your stores page the Spin to Win PoPup will appear and ask the user to spin the wheel and get discount code.
When the user spins the wheel it will stop on a random section and and ask the user to input their email or login through a social media like Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. When the user inputs their email or logs in through social media it will generate a discount code with a winning percentage producing the code for the user.

How the Discount Code is Generated

We generate a random text for a discount code and create a PriceRule for the shop with a win percentage (percentage on which the spin wheel stops). After creating a PriceRule with the winning discount percentage, we then create a discount with random text for the current store using Shopify's Newly introduced Price Rule Api.
In this way all the discount codes are secure, unique and associated to the shop, one discount code can be used only once!

Demo & Appearance

Demo Store for a live preview

Spin2Win wheel will appear when your user intends to leave your store, and appears before click on leave button.
This is customizable by the store owner also can customize the appearance and timing of the PopUp. The store owner can select the PopUp to appear just before the customer leaves, or after x amount of seconds after loading a page etc.


Spin2Win is based on a lucky wheel, we have customized it to make it look great and attractive, your store visitors will want to try their luck and spin.

The Following Are Main Features

  • SpinToWin allows the store owner to choose the number of wheel sections and percentage of each section individually.

  • The wheel section range can be between 3 to 15 and percentage and
    each section is restricted to 1% to 100%. A store owner can change the percentage on each section and also can change the
    number of total sections.

  • The SpinToWin popup will appear when the user intends to leave the page or store owner can change its appearance time through our admin dashboard.

  • When the user spins the wheel it will start rotating and stop on a
    random section (We have applied several math equations to select
    the random section).

  • The user will be informed with the winning percentage and asked to
    enter their email or login through social media.

  • Spin2win also has integrated social media logins like Facebook,
    Gmail and Twitter.

  • After taking the users email or social login info SpinToWin will
    generate a custom discount code with winning percentage.

  • A discount code will be generated while using Shopify Newly
    introduced feature Price Rules.

  • A discount code can be used once with the given email with a two day expiry

  • The store owner can choose when to give user a discount code i.e once
    a week, once every 15 days, or after 30 days etc.

  • Spin2Win also maintains logs and gives the store owner the
    user logs with the user emails, location and other information on
    Sin2Win Admin Dashboard.

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