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With multiple warehouse locations in the country, the SplitOrder app has made allocating items to a specific fulfillment warehouse easy. I love how this app allows you to split orders by product SKU, location, etc, or a combination of each feature. With this app, we're no longer limited to just one fulfillment location with all of our inventory. It reduces your shipping cost significantly and transit time to your customers.

Andover Audio
使用應用程式 10個月

SplitOrder is fantastic! It is the ONLY solution that was able to allow us to split orders into separate fulfillments and allowed us to purchase/print multiple labels for orders with two or more items. The fact that this isn't native Shopify functionality is shocking. Shopify needs to buy SplitOrder and make this part of the native experience. The customer support team is very responsive and helped us transition from purchasing labels through Shopify to ShipStation.

I can't recommend SplitOrder enough!

Like Air
使用應用程式 大約1個月

This is the best app! Accurately splits orders based on various criteria. Easy to set up and the absolute best support of any app we use in our Shopify store. This app has saved us tons of labor and increased our efficiency ten-fold.

Hudson Valley Seed Company
使用應用程式 1年多

I would like to say that SplitOrder was the only app that could help us solve our use case and namely to split combined orders when immediate delivery + pre-order articles were bought together. We appreciate all the support we have got from Jesse, it made the setup so easy to grasp and ultimately, solve our problem. Thank you, we highly recommend your app!

使用應用程式 7天

We have a subscription service which customers purchase multiple boxes in one order that need to be split. Since Shopify doesn't have the option to split items in an order, we came across this app and it has been a huge help. Customer support is great as they helped to set up a service that would work for our business. Thanks!

SugarMuses® MidnightMuses™
使用應用程式 大約1個月

Very helpful support and a great app.

使用應用程式 6天

SplitOrder app is exactly what we needed. It's a pretty simple app with easy settings. We started doing splits manually at first to get familiar with the app and address any questions before we set everything to be automated. They were very responsive to our emails and we worked through any issues. We are now using the automated feature and it's been smooth sailing.

使用應用程式 12個月

SplitOrder does everything it claims to do -- splits orders based on any criteria you provide. Being able to split directly within ShipStation is a huge bonus. This has been a major time-saver for us. The support is incredible as well. Buy with confidence.

Shibumi Shade
使用應用程式 3個月

SplitOrder truly helps us when we were in a bind and out of options. The app was super easy to use, and it helped solve our problem. Their Customer Service team is so helpful and patient.

Le Prunier®
使用應用程式 14天

So far this has been exactly what we needed. We have a subscription box and ecomm shop, and people often order a mixed cart of these things. Our subscription ship in one big batch per month, and the only way to split mixed orders was manual. This is totally worth the price :)

Smartass & Sass
使用應用程式 5個月