Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping

Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping

by Spocket

Dropshipping US & EU suppliers. Works with Oberlo & Printful

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I so love Spockets's clothes! It's so trendy and the accessories will be a big hit! Thank you for coming up with a good selection. Looking forward for more!

Developer reply

January 9, 2020

We're glad our current selection of clothing items suits your preferences. Always be on the lookout as our Suppliers team regularly reaches out to new suppliers to expand our catalog. Happy Spocket-ing!

This is my time to Shine

Surpreendente. Adoro . Uma plataforma tão fácil de usar. Ótimo suporte a clientes. Melhor presente para 2020 e pronto para fazer acontecer desta vez.

Developer reply

January 8, 2020


Como sempre dizemos, uma experiência fácil para o usuário é o que queremos ou para nossos usuários. Também achamos maravilhoso ver nossos serviços como um presente, estamos sempre melhorando e procurando fornecer melhores produtos e serviços para você. Esperamos que 2020 traga sucesso a você!


Like we always say, an easy user experience is what we want for or our users. We also think it's wonderful that you see our services as a gift, we're always improving and looking to provide better products and services to you. We hope 2020 brings you success!

Make it a success this time

It's great to find an app that helps me to find products from US. So far it's been a manual process to find suppliers. Nice Nice Nice. Thanks.

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Thanks for this! We hope our catalog as well as the smart filters are making it easy for you.

Savage Royalty Couture

I love it very easy to use. And I love the fact that i can make sample orders to see if i love the orders

Developer reply

January 8, 2020

Easy-to-use navigation is one of the many things we want for our merchants. We also want to make sure that the products you import are of quality, hence being able to order samples.


My nightmare with Spocket began 6 months ago. I liked the idea to have a subscription with spocket because It was a good option to add more products to my existing online store, that has been in the market for many years with a policy of same day shipping and great reputation, until spocket showed up. What a nightmare.

The first problem that I had and kept having during my subscription, was the delay in shipments, the suppliers take more than what they say, which caused me a lot of chargeback fees and a lot of bad reviews. I still, after requesting the cancelation of the subscription, have 2 pending orders, one of those has a delay of more than 1 and a half month and the other more than 1 week delay, and this has happened many times.
The second mayor issue happened when Spocket sent me, after 20 days without shipping an order, an email saying that I had to pay extra $70 dollars to ship the product, because the supplier was saying that. And Im talking about a little fanny bag. When I complained, first they cancelled the order without my consent, and then I complained for that and they told me, that if I wanted to reopen the order and ship it, I had to pay extra $70 dollars. After many chats with ramdom customer service people, finally, they reopened the order and ship it.

The third problem and maybe the worst. One of its suppliers, that I picked to sell more than 100 products in my marketplace, is a complete scam. I had to refund and received returns of a lot orders because the photos of the products does not correspond in quality and design with the products delivered. After checking out everything I discovered that the photos of the swimshorts are renders made on a computer and are not photos of real products. (all this was shared on time with customer service, that is more like a psychologist who listen you but does not solve anything).

I even requested refunds in some of the issues that I had and I refunded the customers, but the answer from customer service was always in circles, and always saying that they were going to send my request to financial, but never ever financial contacted me, and of course, never received a refund.
My nightmare was almost every week, I got a lot of bad reputation and I never reported spocket or had a bad review, Because as a business owner I know how horrible is a bad review, and I never leave bad reviews. But after the last 1 month delay and a horrible review from a customer to my business I took the decision to tell my experience with a 1 star review. Immediately as magic somebody contacted me and offered me 3 free months to delete the message. Clearly I felt offended for the offer, I was not requesting to continue the subscription I was just cancelling this nightmare. But then they offered me refund me the value of 3 subscriptions to delete the comment. And my question was, but who is going to delete the comments of my customers on my social media?, this is insulting.
But after a lot of time expressing my disappointment with this company I gave up, and I accepted to delete the comment if they cancel my subscription and refund me the value of 5 monthly $49 subscription. That was not going to repair all the damage this company made to my business, at least they were going to cancel my subscription.
They waited on the phone to confirm that I deleted the comment, and after I did it, they confirmed me that they were going to refund me the value of 5 monthly subscriptions.
Ok, the nightmare continued when I walked up in the morning and they refunded 4 times $19 dollars, but not only that, they were saying that refunded to expired credit cards. So they do not only bribed me, waited for me to do my part of the agreement, but also they did not comply with their part of the agreement.
I dont know how this company is still in the market, and by the way guys, NOBODY is going to be rich or have a decent income, selling overpriced products, that are not shipped, that the photos are not the same as the delivered products, the customer service does not work at all, and do not maintain their word and any other marketplace sells the same products for less money.

This is my experience, and has been a nightmare since week 1. And it keeps going and going, because, they made me delete my review, they have not delivered the delayed products from open orders, but also they sent the supposed refund (to delete the comment) for less than half of what they promised to an expired credit card.
Never again Spocket.

By the Way, the following is the last message the person from financial sent me today, how charm:
"Ok thank you Andres. We do have sufficient evidence that we have provided you a full refund via Stripe. So we have maintained our end of the agreement, and we were, in fact, offering to go above and beyond. We will now engage our legal team as well if you feel that is the best course of action." Kaylee

To be clear, I have explained many times that they are "refunding" the money, which is not the amount we agreed, to EXPIRED CREDIT CARDS, that no money is going to enter my account, but they keep saying the lie, because their interest is the DELETE THE COMMENT.

I don't want to have business with a company that is damaging my reputation, but also is charging to damage my reputation, but also every time one of my customers place an order I can not sleep because I dont know if they are going to ship the order on time, or if I have to pay extra to ship it, or if the product has poor quality, does not look like the photos, or any other problem. A nightmare in progress!!!

To be clear I was bribed to delete a comment, and they never pay their part of the agreement. The never pay me any compensation for the reputational damages to my business. I have a check with the amount they told me sent, I need to know the address to send it now.

Bienestar Store

Perdón por escribir la reseña en español. Realmente estoy muy conforme con Spocket. Tal vez vendría bien un poco más de variedad en indumentaria masculina para enviar a diferentes parte del mundo, ya que gran parte sólo realiza envíos a Estados Unidos. Más allá de eso, muy conforme. Saludos desde Argentina

Developer reply

January 7, 2020

No te preocupes, no te arrepientas! Los idiomas son hermosos, así que dale reseñas en español todo lo que quieras. Muchas gracias por tus comentarios! Definitivamente, su solicitud es algo que podemos considerar enviar a nuestro equipo de proveedores para que pueda acceder a una selección más amplia. Muchas gracias también por disfrutar de lo que Spocket tiene para ofrecer!

iLux Vienna

Love it, everything is straight forward. Great that items are shipped from within the U.S and EU. And the invoices look professional

Developer reply

January 6, 2020

We wanted to make it easy for users to navigate the app, hence the "straight-forward" nature of the platform. We wanted our merchants to focus on making sales and not deal with complicated processes. We're glad to know you like the look of our invoices! All the best and happy Spocket-ing.

Steez Boutique

This company is horrible!!! stay away!!!
They charge twice as much for products and don't actually provide the shipping times they promise.
They do not let you cancel your subscription or offer you a refund so don't bother use Oberlo instead.

Developer reply

January 7, 2020

Thanks for sharing your feedback and we're sorry if you feel this way. We do ensure that our suppliers comply with the shipping times they provide and take necessary actions when they fail to do so. Regarding cancellation, this is something that we most definitely allow and process whenever a merchant requests to do so however refunds are granted on the ground that a merchant is eligible for it. In any case, we still would like to thank you for sharing as this would definitely help us grow and improve!


Irene and the team form Spocket have been wonderful to work with. They respond in a very timely manner and answer all of our questions and also help get whatever we needed done. we are looking forward to the continuation of the relationship that has been created into the future.
We highly recommend the Spocket team for they are great to work with and know what they are doing.

Developer reply

January 6, 2020

We'll be sure to let Irene and the rest of the team know about this, thanks! As we always say, giving quality support to our merchants is one of our main objectives. With this, our Customer Support team does its best to help you out whenever you need it. That being said, we also look forward to maintaining the relationship we established with you - as well as with other merchants.

Ramses Clothing Company

A very exciting app so far. Easy to use.
I recommend this app. It is something can be easily done for dummies lol

Developer reply

January 6, 2020

Thanks for this! And just know that you have more to be excited about as we're always making improvements to the app.