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Drop shipping US/EU Winning Products. Works with Oberlo & Loox

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I don't mind paying for the subscription but I would like others to be aware. A supplier named Indigo Shadow is fake. I placed 7 orders all are cancelled because they were out of stock. Wow! What an embarrassment. They definitely destroy a business due to disgruntled customers. After reaching out to Spocket, they said they were sorry. I did not see that supplier again. After a few weeks, I saw the supplier again so I placed another order. The same thing, it was cancelled after two days. The other one was cancelled after 5 days. I think INDIGO SHADOW is just there to lure dropshippers into the subscription because they have really nice items but I could now say it's a fake supplier. Spocket do not do anything about it.

Easier Journeys | On-the-Go Gear

I wouldn't even give this app one star. The app is a great idea but execution is exceptionally poor. [Huge opportunity for someone to develop a similar app that actually works with good customer service!!!]. Speaking of customer service it is simply atrocious. Rarely helpful, often I was left on chats waiting for up to 30 minutes with no response. I had to always follow-up to see if someone was there. They just disappear and stop responding if they can't help (I don’t think those at customer service have actually used the app themselves in real life scenarios; they assume the answer is always something basic and simple but I’m long past understanding the basics of the app, I’m having real issues placing customer orders; it’s also always your fault – never theirs). Some great products on the app, especially for Canadian sellers, but the app in terms of integrating with Shopify, tracking inventory, placing orders never worked (I’m supposed to do a manual fix for an issue – so what’s the point of the app and the fee??!!). I spent more time and hassle then this app is worth (in terms of the profit you can make on items, the work involved in using the app and interacting with customer service and especially given its annual cost; even with the app being cumbersome and unintuitive and basically not working they won’t give refunds – beware). Steer clear. I'd be happy to chat with anyone about my experience with the app. Feel free to reach out to me via my store.

Developer reply

April 28, 2021

Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate you sharing your experience to help us improve our services. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused you! Rest assured that we will do our best to resolve all of your concerns and we'll have one of our account managers reach out to you directly to help you faster! Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

Green Tribe Co.

BEWARE OF THIS APP. It's honestly not worth the price in my opinion. The vendors are EXTREMELY UNRELIABLE. Falsely advertised shipping times. There is no way to directly contact distributors, and this service greatly affected the success of my business starting out. You will actually notice there are many dropshippers already on this platform selling products at ridiculous prices compared to market. There are very few real wholesalers on this app. Many of the distributors do not update their inventory correctly, or update order status at all. I would be left not having the status of the package for WEEKS until I contacted customer support. Who then had to contact the vendor and told me to wait 5 days for a response - how do you possibly explain that to a customer? After another several days the order status was updated in the system. 1/50 vendors will actually input tracking numbers and shipping, most of your orders will not. As you begin adding products to your store, beware that many of them will randomly go out of stock. I had entire catalogs I had to ditch due to vendors discontinuing many items at once with no notice at all. Or discontinuing them after a customer has already placed an order....yes this actually happened I'm not even joking. Spocket promises to refund you if suppliers take more than the advertised processing time, I never received ONE refund! I honestly don't know what the point of customer service is because they literally cannot enforce anything, they need to scrub all of their suppliers and literally start over. Management needs a much better process in place to vet these suppliers. This app should absolutely not be anywhere close to $50 a month. I would not even use it if it were free.

Developer reply

April 17, 2021

Thank you for sharing your experience and opinion! We greatly appreciate it as it helps us know what needs to be done to avoid such circumstances. Please know that it is absolutely unacceptable for suppliers on board with us not to provide reasonable prices and a tracking number for every order they receive thru our platform. It is a requirement for them to stay on board with Spocket and we'll surely take the appropriate actions to rectify this. We do promise that if an order takes more than the advertised processing time + shipping time, that order should be valid for a refund but please note that only business days can be counted. We checked on the 10 orders you have on your account and it seems like you have received a refund for those orders that was requested to be refunded. If this is not the case, or if there was anything we missed, we would be more than happy to further assist you with it. We will have one of our account managers reach out to you directly to help however we can. Rest assured that we will do our best to make things better for you! Thank you for your kind understanding and patience!

Daily Revel

My experience with Spocket was absolutely awful. They have very low inventory, poor technical support, unreliable suppliers, hyper-inflated prices that don't allow you to make a profit, and charge an exorbitant monthly fee to boot. No thank you.

Developer reply

March 22, 2021

We're very sorry to hear about your experience but thank you for sharing it! This helps us know what we can improve on and you can rest assured that the appropriate actions will be taken to resolve these concerns. It makes us sad that the circumstances were not favorable but we are still hoping to do our best in making things better for you! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@spocket.co anytime. Thank you for giving us a chance and we wish you all the best!

28 North ADK

This app is not worth it. They have drop shippers selling to drop shippers charging outrageous prices. Their premium prices are even worse. Shopify needs to find suppliers that are true wholesale. Can't make money on this overpriced merchandise. Removed the app today. Updated review: In response to Spocket's response to my review. How would I be able to report any of your suppliers since I deleted your app? You should look into your suppliers on your own, especially your 'premium' suppliers. You are taking advantage of Shopify merchants and you are allowing your suppliers to do the same. I can't find one single app on Shopify that doesn't have drop shippers selling to drop shippers inflating the prices and shipping to outrageous levels. You should all be ashamed. You should be seeking out true WHOLESALERS to sell to and dropship for Shopify merchants. 20-35% discount on actual market prices? Do you mean retail prices? If so, you need to do more research and police your own suppliers because most of them are way above that. I wish I could find a supplier app on Shopify that is honest and isn't charging OVER retail and taking advantage. We all want to make money but all you're doing is driving prices up for everyone. I'm disgusted.

Developer reply

March 17, 2021

Thanks for sharing your experience! We want to make sure that the suppliers we onboard on our platform only sell within our policy. We require them to provide a 20-35% discount on actual market prices to assure that there will always be room for profit.

If you find that it is not the case, we would be more than happy to investigate and take the appropriate actions against that supplier. We would like to make sure that your concern was properly handled by our representatives and that a proper conclusion has been provided to you. Your experience is more important to us! Please don't hesitate to reach back to us at support@spocket.co.

Retail Stallion

I do not recommend this app or this company at all. After going with their $99 a month plan and importing a large slew of products, I realized that 90% of my products had absolutely outrageous shipping costs (even if they were shipping from the USA), while others were shipping from outside countries with even more ridiculous shipping cost and delivery times ranging from 15-30 days if not longer. After cancelling my membership with Spocket, I immediately lost access to all of my products (which makes sense, but what doesn't make sense is the fact that I cancelled my membership shortly after being charged for it, then lost all of my access without ever receiving a refund - I've since asked Spocket for a refund and am awaiting their response). I only received one order of Spocket products, and this order was COMPLETELY mishandled causing severe issues and frustration with the customer. Not only did it take seven days just to ship the item in the first place, but once it was shipped, it then took another week or so and ended up in Texas when the shipping address for the customer was CLEARLY in Oregon. Now since my account is cancelled, I'm unable to submit order inquiries and try to resolve the situation with my customer. I will not be using Spocket again, ever.

Developer reply

March 17, 2021

We're sorry to hear about your experience but thank you for letting us know about your feedback! Your feedback is very important to us as we use it to further improve our platform. We apologize if there was any misunderstanding about our process. We would be more than happy to clarify or help regarding any changes to your account. Please feel free to reach out to us as well via support@spocket.co and we'll gladly assist you.


Very expensive products, with shipping times that aren't what they show (sometimes more than 30 days). Suppliers are liars and they make you waste time, money and customers. But the worst thing is that you are not protected by this "company" even if you pay their most expensive plan, they always win and they never take responsability from the bad service of their suppliers... don't recommend it if u wanna be succesful... try others like eprolo, sourcinbox or cjdropshipping, I've never have problems with them, they have rasonable prices, and don't steal your money making you pay for a suscription to access products that are always out of stock

Developer reply

February 28, 2021

Thank you for sharing your feedback! We're sad to hear about your experience. We are very strict when it comes to what our suppliers declare which is why if a supplier fails to deliver within their specified timeline, your orders would automatically be valid for a refund. Also, we make sure to remind them to always restock their products or they might get deactivated from our platform. Rest assured that we do not tolerate them at all! We would be more than happy to rectify any concerns you may have and make sure they are resolved immediately. We'll have one of our account managers reach out to you directly to assist you. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience!

K.B. Shaw's

Do not use this platform. There refund policy is hidden, because you won't get one. Suppliers will not ship products on time. In order to contact them you have to chat with spoket, and wait days for a response. I had an issue with a vendor that took a week longer than advertised to ship. I requested a refund, as my sales channel refunded the customer due to long times. 2 days after said request, Supplier shipped the order. 3 weeks later Supplier requested the product. Yea. Right. A customer gets a free product at my expense. So fk me. Spoket will not refund my annual account. Again fk me. So fk spoket. My bank is processing both returns, and labeling spoket as fraudulent because they do not display there refund policy clearly. At least someone knows how to provide decent service.

Developer reply

February 20, 2021

Thank you for sharing your feedback! We appreciate you letting us know about the issues you encountered. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused. Our Annual Subscriptions are indeed non-refundable as stated when you signed up because yearly subscriptions are heavily discounted. Our refund policy is very open and can be found in our help center. We are very strict and we don't tolerate suppliers that do not stay true to their claims especially with their processing and shipping times. While we do understand that some of our suppliers are on a limited workforce schedule due to the pandemic, you can be sure that we will take the appropriate actions necessary to prevent any issues moving forward. We'll have one of our account managers personally reach out to you to make sure your concerns are resolved. Your extended patience and kind understanding is much appreciated. Thank you!


If I could give zero stars, I would. I love the idea of this app but it has terrible flaws. The products are very limited. The prices are outrageous. And Shipping Times Are Falsely Advertised as 1-3 day shipping... Worst of all they actually want you to pay $ for this app... I'm based in the US maybe the app is better in the EU but from my personal experience it's not worth the download space...

Developer reply

January 30, 2021

Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you feel that way. Spocket currently has over a million active products on our platform with thousands of direct suppliers so there are plenty of products to choose from. Regarding your concern with shipping times, please know that our suppliers' processing + shipping time should be adhered to as they advertised otherwise your order would be valid for a refund if delayed. Please feel free to test it out for yourself. We're glad you love the idea behind our app and we're certainly open to suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to reach out to us at support@spocket.co and we'll gladly assist you however we can. Thanks!


WILL THEY GET YOU TOO? I downloaded it for the 14 day FREE TRIAL?? I was literally shocked how bad it was the prices were insane the selection was terrible and the shipping times a complete joke So I uninstalled it and went on with my day flash forward 2 weeks later I get charged $99 thinking this has to be a mistake I contacted the company and they told me It was my fault for not downgrading my account before I uninstalled it... Whisper:
"By all means, make your paper boo boo."

Developer reply

January 30, 2021

We appreciate the feedback but were sorry to know you feel that way. Spocket is different from aliexpress in a sense that our suppliers are mostly direct from the US and the shipping times are usually faster than 8-14 days. Please feel free to test it out yourself using our sample order option. We'd also be happy to take a look into your account and investigate about the charge that you mentioned. We'll have one of our account managers reach out to you directly to help sort things out. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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