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Data modifica: 5 marzo 2023

Not sure where these items are sourced from but looks kind of like Ali products. You can not sell anything on any platform but your Shopify website. They are extremely over priced for us. Sourcing yourself may be a better option unless you already have an established dropshipping only store, but for us we sell handmade stuff and just wanted crystals and accessories to go with our Spiritual metaphysical things. Most of the tarot cards seem to be knock offs which can get you in to trouble. Yes any money you pay they WILL NOT refund it seems, even if you don’t want to use their services. Read the fine print as that holds ALL the Truth or lack there of.

Spiritual Couture Collection®LLC
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Spocket ha risposto 6 marzo 2023

We deeply regret that this occurred. Would you mind sending us an email at support@spocket.co with more information about the situation so we can look into it right away?

23 gennaio 2023

Two Major Issues. 1. Intransparent free trial 2. Cost of your service for the quality of suppliers.

1. I'm not happy with advertised free trial model. I did not receive a notification about my free trial ending, and it suddenly renewed. Given the bad experience I've had, I have to conclude that there is fraudulent intent.

2. I gave your service a chance, but after placing the first order, which after 6 days still has not been processed, I'm 100% convinced that this service is not useful for my business. iI's impossible for me to recover this money with sales through my business, if your selection of suppliers cannot even fulfill a simple order.

Future Dropshippers, beware. You're going to deal with chargebacks, unhappy customers.

Clover Hearts NYC
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Spocket ha risposto 23 gennaio 2023

Thank you for your feedback! We are very sorry to hear about your experience. Our sincerest apologies if we were not able to meet your expectations at this time. However, allow us to help you with your concern. Please chat with us or send us an email at support@spocket.co so we can look into this matter right away. Thank you for your understanding and patience! - Irene

5 gennaio 2023

We have been a long time Spocket user now for over two years. We have grown very disappointed with our experience with Spocket. There have been many behavioral problems that have started to drive us away from them as our business has been scaling upward. For starters a massive order for jackets, which initially was a large issue because (allegedly according to the supplier who also failed to supply full evidence of this) the full shipping charges were not applied to our checkout. Shipping charges that the supplier wanted to increase outside of the charges Spocket was applying. Which created a delay in shipping, and withholding of items we had already paid thousands of dollars for. Spocket did rectify this situation admittingly by offering us some clarity in our agreement to them... but after considerable amounts of stress, weeks and weeks of time, and an angry customer. Now the jackets came back small and we are being expected to hold the bag on a order that costed us thousands of dollars, when our customer has even agreed to pay all return costs and other overhead incurred while even offering to buy more in addition to larger sizes! Their customer service team continues to ask our customer to provide outlandish amounts of photo evidence which they have, and continue to ask for more on behalf of the supplier without copying us to their correspondence so we have no clue if our request to pay in full for any overhead costs of returns are being communicated. We have, time and time again, asked them to copy us and we are just met with being ignored frequently by their staff. Our client is old, so shame on them for not realizing how hard it is to take a photo not to mention how frustrated he is with this experience - and we have told them the truth. He was even in pictures sent to them! Further on another small order, they messed up the return address which we provided to our customer. They omitted a 1 from the number. The shipment got sent back to our customer, and reasonably so, they are looking for compensation to send it a second time. Spocket's staff refuted us when we called them out on their mistake and said it wasn't a mistake they just missed the 1!?!? Seriously, that is still a mistake? When we press them on paying for this return because of this mistake they talk around it and also go silent.... a common trend when they are clearly in the wrong they just stop talking. We used to love Spocket as it was a great alternative to AliExpress. But now their handling of a scaling business is not working out too well. The only thing keeping us here right now is the limited availability of other alternatives to Spocket on the marketplace. Their item selection is also becoming a bit unfeasible to scale properly as their costs are growing too high.

Plain Clothing Store
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Spocket ha risposto 6 gennaio 2023

We're sorry to hear about your experience, but we appreciate you sharing it! Please accept our sincere apologies if we were unable to meet your expectations at this time. One of our account managers will contact you directly to assist with any issues you may be experiencing; otherwise, please chat with us or send us an email at support@spocket.co so we can look into this matter as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding! - Erwin

22 febbraio 2022

I used this App to stock a Shopify store. On the Shopify App store it says, "Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Our mission is to help you start a successful online business. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel your subscription at any time." Unfortunately, when I tried to cancel, I learned that you may cancel but Spocket will not give you a pro-rated refund or any refund at all. Enough said.

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Spocket ha risposto 23 febbraio 2022

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our account manager is currently monitoring your case and will work with you. We appreciate your understanding and patience. - AJ

Data modifica: 22 novembre 2022


Can A Girl Catch A Break Chic Boutique LLC
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Spocket ha risposto 2 febbraio 2022

We're very sorry to hear about your experience but thank you for sharing it! This helps us know what we can improve on and you can rest assured that the appropriate actions will be taken to resolve these concerns. We are a resolution-driven company and we would love to sort this out for you. One of our account managers will reach out to you directly to help with any issues that you may have otherwise, please chat with us or send us an email at support@spocket.co so we can look into this matter right away. - Erwin

22 agosto 2021

To not get charged by their not so upfront approach, you need to set your password within the app after downloading. It will not accept your Shopify password. Set a password in Spocket and then continue to cancel.

Urban Baggage
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 6 giorni
Spocket ha risposto 24 agosto 2021

Thanks for the feedback! If the Spocket account was created within Shopify, then it automatically logs you in when you access the account from your Shopify but if you create the account directly with Spocket, then it should prompt you to setup a password first. As you know, Spocket integrates with other platforms as well which is why we have that option. Rest assured though that just like any other subscription trials, you will not get charged as long as you cancel/downgrade before the free trials ends should you choose not to continue. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@spocket.co in case you have any concerns with you account and we'll gladly do our best to help you out! We look forward to making your experience better! -John

Data modifica: 10 dicembre 2020

Very nice app and easy to use. However, the product prices can be little lower and I also was charged transaction fees. I am not sure why I am paying this when I have been already been paying for the subscription. Very few products that we can sell and ones that are there are very cheesy. Not worth the subscription fee.

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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 3 mesi
Spocket ha risposto 29 novembre 2020

Thank you for sharing! We do appreciate your feedback as it helps us know how we can further improve our platform. Transaction fees are a standard fee charged by Stripe in order to ensure all transactions are processed securely. We use Stripe to process payments online and to ensure PCI compliance. You would find that this also applies to other dropshipping platforms as well. Please note that Spocket does not in any way earn from those transaction fees. With product prices however, we require our suppliers to provide a 20-35% discount on listing prices compared to actual market prices. Don't hesitate to reach out to support@spocket.co if you find a listing that violates this policy and we'll make sure to take care of it for you. Thank you for choosing Spocket! Looking forward to working closely with you!

18 agosto 2020

I have three orders and all seems well so far. I am not sure about many of the products because there is no way to see any reviews for any products or suppliers. The fact that you can't communicate with suppliers is a huge drawback and I hope that changes. Also being able to review products so others can read it would be really helpful. Those changes would make Spocket a five star app and I'll give five stars when I see those improvements.

Sir Barks
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 12 mesi
Spocket ha risposto 18 agosto 2020

We appreciate the suggestions! Glad to know your existing orders are going well so far. You'd be happy to know that we are actually working to implement those features similar to what you mentioned. We'll always do our best to make Spocket the best app for you! Thank you for your patience and kind understanding!

21 luglio 2020

haven't made a single sale, good luck with yours! while wasting 105 per month to add products,most take 15 days to come from China, even the ones that say ship from USA take 7 days , very little o no margin for profit when you calculate shipping, and ridiculously overpriced products that are being sold all over the internet for much less.

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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 2 mesi
Spocket ha risposto 21 luglio 2020

We are sorry to know about your situation! We certainly understand the frustration of not being able to make a sale immediately. Please note that our suppliers are required to give 25-35% profit margin on all their listings. It is true that you may see similar products being sold on the internet for less but they are usually not of the same quality or could be a similar but an entirely different product. A lot of factors need to be considered indeed. We would love to have been able to provide you with tips and guidance on how to select the perfect products for your store and how to sell them. We're sad that we were not able to get that chance but we are hopeful that we can work together in the future as we want all our merchants to succeed! Reach back to us anytime and you can be sure that we will make it up to you! Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate it!

Data modifica: 20 luglio 2020

I'm updating this again. I have mixed feelings on this app. I have had SO MANY problems with orders, but I will say that the issues were caused by the supplier and not Spocket themselves. As a result, I will share my thoughts on them separately.

Spocket has a good interface where it is easy to upload products and get your store started. They do have customer service reps who do try to help you when you have a problem. They may be slow to respond sometimes, but John specifically does really try to resolve the issues and is a genuinely nice person who has the unfortunate job of having to relay what the supplier tells him.

Where Spocket itself has issues is that it does have accountability for the suppliers it has on it's site and the supplier I worked with brought me nothing but problems (see below). Spocket itself isn't bad, but I would say suppliers need to be vetted more and held to a higher standard.

Fushia Odysseus (supplier)
If you use Spocket, DO NOT use this supplier. I had nothing but issues with them including:

- claiming they have products in stock only to have them cancel the order saying they are out of stock after they allegedly shipped the order (happened four different times)
- Forgot to send a piece of a product and pushed back when I reached out to Spocket about the missing item. The only reason the customer was able to get their complete set was because John sent a new one on Spocket's dollar
- claimed to have sent 8 packages on July 10th only to find that they did not drop off any of the packages at the post office until July 19th when they allegedly claim their processing time is 1-3 days and their shipping time is 1-3 days. They also repeatedly lied to Spocket saying they sent the items when that was clearly not the case

Overall, Fushia Odysseus will not fulfill your orders on time and how you expect them to be. They will also not accurately track their inventory causing half your orders to be cancelled. They are a horrible supplier who does not know the first thing about customer service. They do not consistently or accurately do any of the things a dropshipping supplier is supposed to do.

If I could rate the supplier negative stars, I would; however I am giving two stars to acknowledge that Spocket staff actually do care and make an effort to help you and do have the unfortunate job of dealing with Fusia Odysseus on these matters who was not communicative and straight up lied about things regarding their inventory and shipping. I would give John five stars for his effort on this, as he did really make an effort to help even though the supplier made it extremely unpleasant for everyone involved.

If you find a good supplier on Spocket, you might have a better experience than I did with this app.

Trendy On Fleek Boutique
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 2 mesi
Spocket ha risposto 11 luglio 2020

Thank you for the feedback! We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Our sincerest apologies for these issues that you've faced but rest assured that we will do our best to resolve all the issues immediately. Please know that we have your back and we'll rectify these matters as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding!