Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping

Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping

by Spocket

Dropshipping US & EU Products. Wholesale suppliers for Shopify

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Out of sync inventory management with shopify and suppliers, lost orders, poor supplier management, limited women's fashion products for US market with no product descriptions, extremely slow and ineffective customer service, inferior and cheap outsourced technical team that takes days to investigate and fix technical issues, and no escalation channel for urgent customer and live paid order/shipping issues. If you want to mess up your brand, hurt your revenue and push your customers away with embarassing situations on the orders, this is the dropshipping app to go for. We have spent thousands of dollars in marketing to draw customers and improve conversion rate, and as the orders have started coming through, we are facing challenges in almost every other order. We are giving this feedback so that the owner/management wake up and address their issues, compare their product with oberlo and other apps, make it better! They have potential, but have got lazy and over confident along the way. We have tried Oberlo, Spocket and other dropshipping apps, there is huge potential for new apps in the US dropshipping market to compete and grow. Smart dropshipping app creators should take the hint and build something nice for this market.

Crooked Tree Baby

***WARNING*** This company uses deceptive techniques to entice customers to purchase an annual subscription. I made the mistake of purchasing the Pro subscription and choosing the annual billing option since it was more affordable with the false assumption that their 7-day "trial period" still applied. When I discovered that this app did not meet the needs of my business, I attempted to revert to the free plan and receive a refund, but was told by support that because I chose to pay for an annual subscription, no refund would be given. TL;DR - don't sign up for an annual plan and hope to get a refund, they will keep your money.

Developer reply

July 17, 2019

Thank you for your feedback on this matter! Please know that we have always been transparent with our users when it comes to charges as this is stated on the upgrade page that your annual subscription will start as soon as you proceed. We're sorry to hear about the outcome of your request, but please know we would never process a payment without you agreeing to our terms and refund policies.


Don't Install this app !!!!!! Old products and don't refund if you buy premium plan. Can't Change/Cancel Subscription

Developer reply

June 24, 2019

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review and we're sorry if you felt that you were not able to change or cancel your subscription. We have checked and everything seems to be working normally on our end. Nevertheless, someone from the Support team will be reaching out to you so we can get this sorted for you as soon as possible!

Appalachian Bittersweet

Unfortunately I have tried Spocket for several months and even paid in full for the Premium services. However, about 90% of my test orders and real orders came back as unable to be fulfilled by the suppliers because they had dropped that particular product. This information is NOT updated accurately by either the suppliers or Spocket, or these “premium” suppliers are not properly vetted. DO NOT USE this service if you want to be able to rely on the dropshipping products offered. Trying to save someone else the money and time that I wasted.

Developer reply

June 20, 2019

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us. We will be looking into those orders for you so we can get to the bottom of the issue. Sometimes it is inevitable that suppliers cancel these orders because of manufacturing issues. Nevertheless, it is truly unfortunate that this happened to you but please know that the team will be taking steps in order for this to be resolved! We'd like to make it work for you. Someone from the team will be reaching out to you soon.

Lions Mane Enterprises Ltd

Nice products but not happy about having to call Shopify in order to get my $99 refunded after subscribing to the Empire/Pro plan and I am STILL waiting around for my refund of $99 which they have refused for no apparent reason. App uninstalled and all items have been deleted from my store. I am using an alternative.

Developer reply

June 18, 2019

Thank you for your review and for liking the range of our products! We really do appreciate the feedback. Regarding the subscription charges, we always let our retailers know the reason if a refund has been approved or not and I believe yours is still in progress hence you might have thought otherwise.

Nevertheless, it's sad for us to hear that you have already had the app uninstalled and items deleted from your store. We hope we can work something out!

Boutique by Paula

I tried to use this app. And I suggest everyone NOT TO USE THIS APP AND BE CAREFUL.
I add some items (which should be shipped from US) from this app into my shopify store. After I sold some of those those items I saw that supplier doesnt really ship from US but ships from China.
My customer saw this too and asked me for refund and told me she wont ever buy from my store again..
I asked spocket "support" to solve this problem but the only answer I am getting from them every single day is that they "are sorry" about this.
I dont really understand how can Shopify approve such a frauds..
I really DO NOT recommend this app.

Developer reply

June 13, 2019

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! We'd like to make sure that this has been addressed by Spocket. While most of our vendors are based and located in the US, Canada and Europe, we do have suppliers that who hail from other regions as well. We have always been clear as to where the items will be hailing from and their origin was never hidden from view.

Nevertheless, we'd like to make sure that there’s no further issues remaining on your end, so please reach out to us any time at support@spocket.co.

The Whimsy Crystal Shop

HORRIBLE BUSINESS. I signed up for yearly, but after I contacted them days after signing up to cancel because it didn't fit the right products for my store than I originally thought, they refused to give a refund of the $900 I was charged. How is this fair? I had to cancel and take the entire loss. BE WARNED. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR YEARLY.

Developer reply

June 13, 2019

We would like to sincerely thank you for your feedback!

We want to assure you that Spocket will never charge you for anything other than what you have signed up for or purchased. Please know that it is our goal to make to provide a more streamlined process for our customers especially when it comes to payments so if you have suggestioons that you would love to share with us, we would truly appreciate it.

Fit Living Forever

This is the worst dropshipping APP! I would stay far away. I imported their products and had them listed on my site and was getting emails about copyright claims. I reached out to Spocket and they didn't respond. Their customer service is absolutely terrible. It is definitely not worth getting sued so I deleted the products.

Developer reply

June 13, 2019

Thanks for letting us know about this! When concerns are raised with specific suppliers, our team investigates these instances specifically. Furthermore, we require all suppliers to verify that they lawfully reserve the rights to sell their products so if a supplier is found to be in violation, then we remove the product immediately without question.

Please also know that we have been trying to get in touch with you, but have not heard back so we would be more than happy to accommodate if you reach to us at support@spocket.co.


This is FAKE, not serious apps, they were putting in their checkout that you have 6/7 days testing and then you will be subscribed..I just discover that they charge me all the year automatically 760euros!! I will see with my bank for fraud payment.

Developer reply

June 13, 2019

Thank you for voicing out your concerns! As mentioned, we would like to assure that we would never charge our customers something that they did not purchase or signed up for. Users are automatically on the Basic plan (Free) when they create an account with us and it is only when our customers get on a premium paid plan that we charge our customers for the subscription fee.



I am not sure what's everyone else thinking but I just found out there is a "hidden cost" in this app. No one need to pay the hidden cost.

For Example:

Let's say your customer JOHN buy a shirt "A" cost at $20, the shipping would be around $6.99 & maybe another $2 for each extra shirt. So your cost already at $28.99 for the shirt.

JOHN then buy different shirt "B" cost at $10, the shipping for this shirt "B" is at $3.99, your cost is already at $13.99

The messed up part is the shipping cost would be $6.99 + $3.99 (they charge per item) SHIPPING TO THE SAME ADDRESS

Other app only charge you flat fee for shipping or depending on the qty, they don't charge you shipping PER item and then the HANDLING cost for additional item to SAME CUSTOMER TO SAME ADDRESS

I hope you see this break down and beware of the hidden cost. Your margin would be crazy low and you dont want to mark up so high because your customers can do a single Google search and find it way cheaper elsewhere.

Have fun

Developer reply

May 14, 2019

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us! We're sorry if you felt that the shipping fees were a hidden cost. Please know that Spocket does not take commissions or generate any revenue from it. Please also know each product listing on Spocket clearly shows the shipping rates set by the supplier themselves whether it's shipping to US, Europe or Asia.

Furthermore, when users process orders, they are shown the break down before allowing them to purchase a sample product or before they process an order for their customers. So we have always been transparent as to what comes with the cost of processing orders on our platform.

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