Spocket: US & EU Dropshipping

Spocket: US & EU Dropshipping

by Spocket

Dropshipping US & EU suppliers. Works with Oberlo & Printful

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Horrible customer service! It's been 6 days I'm exchanging pointless emails with their customer service to fix a huge issue I'm having with their app. I'm on a paid plan of 50 bucks per month and it's been almost a week I cannot use their app, contacted them multiple times and they don't provide me an actual solution to the problem. Just pointless chit chat. I have been paying them for months and this is what I got back. ZERO support on my issues. I would advise you to stay away. Im in e-commerce for 3 years, have tried multiple apps these guys suck BIG TIME!

Kpop Exchange

They don't have the type of item my store sell, not even 1 and it would have been nice to have been able to see that before being forced to sign up... Big waste of time

Inspiring Band

This application is a junk, they don't fulfill, take your money and your orders are pending for months, customer service will not answer and your money and time is lost. I wanted to test to start selling products and ship from USA, I placed 10 orders to test, 4 orders were cancelled and 2 orders still not shipping after 2 months and 1 order not even refunded to my card. I let them this money and run away because I lost my time and energy. Just stop this guys and give people their money back. And for people that want to use this please don't try not recommended at all.


This app is absolutely terrible to use, you cannot filter anything and there is just junk everywhere at inflated prices. SCAM! SCAM! The items are not unique, the brands are selling themselves through their own websites, amazon and even etsy stores and are all easily found Google. This is insane all those reviews and case studys; and not even 1 single product can be sold uniquely as you verily claim on those case study's. Also there is a massive problem with your filters; you do not give enough options to select a small group of products or just products that only have 4-7 days shipping. In my opinion to make such false claims and then charge such amounts can only mean one thing; its just a SCAM!

Lily Plum Boutique

Terrible! DO NOT USE! Shipping time is horrible for ‘US based items’ people received items in ‘Shein’ packaging (if you don’t know then they are dirt cheap clothing from China) which would of been cheaper if I ordered from Shein and sold the items! Also cancelled my membership they offered a cheaper option and then still charged me $200! Stay away from these guys!


Had to start a free trial just to see products. They don't have any items that fit my store's niche, and their items cost 10 times more than Aliexpress. No way to cancel on the app. Had to go through their live online help to request cancellation. Very inconvenient!


I do not recommend this app. I removed it from my shopify store but they are still charging me. I could not find any button in the dashboard to cancel my subscription. Still searching to figure out how I can stop them from charging me every month.

The Twisted Tulip

I was all excited to use this app, however that was short lived. I wanted to test it before diving in so I pushed 24 products to my store front - had 11 orders from them including 3 samples I ordered to see product and shipping times. I have been battling with them for a while as all these items state anywhere from 4 -10 days delivery. I will share the orders and their status below. Yesterday I had it, I told them how I felt and that they needed to get better suppliers or a better system (you can not contact the supplier, you have to have it all go through spocket and wait for an answer) They read my messages yesterday and STILL have not replied to me! I am fuming - I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP!!!!!

#1648 ordered on 1/13/2020 - delivered FAST
#1663 ordered 1/16/2020 - still has not shipped, was told 6 days ago they would reship.
#1665 ordered 1/16/2020 - delivered
#S1 ordered 1/18/2020 - never shipped still trying to get a refund
#S2 ordered 1/18/2020 - delivered
#1680 ordered 1/19/2020 - delivered
#1684 ordered 1/20/2020 - never shipped still trying to get a refund
#1711 ordered 1/26/2020 - never shipped still trying to get a refund
#S3 ordered 1/28/2020 - delivered
#1741 ordered 2/3/2020 - never shipped was issued a partial refund
#1742 ordered 2/4/2020 - never shipped was refunded

total 11 orders:
5 delivered
1 refund
5 fighting to get refund

Elite Online Star

What lack of professionalism they have, I placed an order from January 24 and to date I have not received my product, I talked to them several times and I thought they were going to solve the problem, but it was all a lie, a request that I made should take 4-7 days, I hope they learn and take some professionalism because I see that they do not have it.

Developer reply

January 30, 2020

We greatly appreciate the 5 stars, thanks so much! We can definitely promise you that we'll continue to provide quality service and help out merchants such as yourself as best as we can. All the best!

Local Buzz

I highly DO NOT recommend these guys. After going to the highest plan. I had some customers order. I then tried to pay spocket but my card kept declining. They kept me in limbo finally figured out the reason and it was there system. They would not give me any other options at all to pay so customer would receive the item. At the end I got a bad review from the customer. They cared nothing about it. Hope you don’t have the same result. But you have been WARNED! Hv a great day!

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