Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping

Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping

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Dropshipping US & EU suppliers. Works with Oberlo & Printful

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Local Buzz

I highly DO NOT recommend these guys. After going to the highest plan. I had some customers order. I then tried to pay spocket but my card kept declining. They kept me in limbo finally figured out the reason and it was there system. They would not give me any other options at all to pay so customer would receive the item. At the end I got a bad review from the customer. They cared nothing about it. Hope you don’t have the same result. But you have been WARNED! Hv a great day!

Hanu - Shop All Jewels of Life

Do not fall for the promotional plan ever with these people. They charge you instantly and the premium products for most of the suppliers have no description. And they sent me an email stating that the supplier is pretty new hence no description. How can you entertain a new supplier to be on your premium list. Absolutely not recommended.

Christian Pure

The bad reviews are true.

Half of the products are crap from Aliexpress. The other half have such low margins that it's impossible to build a great business around it.

Shipping times are long. Even on the "Premium products", that are supposedly from the USA and have short shipping times, you see that most of them are from China and take 14 days to deliver.

They make false claims and don't give refunds. Their support responses to negative reviews are incredibly passive aggressive. Classic scam company.

You can still make money with Shopify, but not with this route. Source your own products and use Shopify as the payments processor. This company is trash.

Developer reply

January 20, 2020

Thanks so much for your honest feedback. This would greatly help in improvements we can make to the platform. May we please know which products you're referring to? It'd be great to know so we can do a review and see what we can do. Regarding your refund, we review each request carefully, including yours, and take the necessary steps after each assessment. We were informed that the Support team has been reaching out to you to work on resolving your case and we do hope you give us a chance to do so. Hoping to hear from you soon!

Furry Bunks


- The SAME products can be found on Oberlo/Aliexpress WITH NO SUBSCRIPTION COST.
- Same products are often CHEAPER with MORE SELECTION.
- Do not expect support from Spocket - they are more interested in helping their suppliers than their customers.

My story below:

Started with the free trial and added a few products to my store. The biggest attraction at first was some of the cool and unique premium products that were offered by one supplier. After signing up for the monthly plan I decided to upgrade to the annual plan thinking the current selection is good and should only get better. Less than month later I ran into an issue fulfilling an order from this supplier through spocket. Took several days for their support team to figure out the issue (I had merged products in one listing incorrectly because many products on spocket come in individual product listings for each size as opposed to a single listing for multiple sizes. The merging was necessary to clean up the listing).

With no solution being offered to fix the order I deleted the product only with plans to re-add it only to find out that the supplier was no longer accepting new stores and therefore could not add the product back. Again, I reached out to spocket to request to have the product added back since I was successfully placing orders days before with this supplier and was told it was not possible. In the following days, all other products from this same supplier had inventories set to zero, effectively removing the single most valuable supplier for my market on spocket. I searched for replacement products and most I came across, including premium products were the same ones that could be found on Oberlo at no subscription cost and in several instances for less money.

Disappointed, I asked for a refund on my subscription and was told that refunds are not possible on annual plans. Which I can understand if I simply wanted to cancel. I explained that the service offered to me in the form of unique products actual went backwards and at the time of this writing there are less than 7 Premium Products and ALMOST ALL can be found on Oberlo/Aliexpress, in some cases cheaper. When I signed up I was eager to add new and unique products to my store, after I signed up for the annual plan these unique products vanished and now I am stuck with a subscription that offers no value or competitive edge.

Developer reply

January 17, 2020

First of all, thanks for sharing your experience with us. We'd also like to apologize for the various inconveniences you encountered.

About the supplier and the issues you encountered with inventory, we try our best to receive updates from our suppliers regarding the status of their products so reminders can be sent out accordingly to our merchants. In this case, we're truly sorry we weren't able to come to a compromise about the supplier you had an issue with. Some cases, like a supplier deciding to deactivate their products, are out of our control as it is their decision to remove the listings they have on our platform.

About our Support team, we'd also like to send our apologies for not being able to deliver assistance that was at par with your expectations. We assure you though that we aim to offer quality support as much as possible.

In any case, thanks for taking the time to explore Spocket and the features the app offers. These are cases we can work on to prevent them from happening in the future!


My nightmare with Spocket began 6 months ago. I liked the idea to have a subscription with spocket because It was a good option to add more products to my existing online store, that has been in the market for many years with a policy of same day shipping and great reputation, until spocket showed up. What a nightmare.

The first problem that I had and kept having during my subscription, was the delay in shipments, the suppliers take more than what they say, which caused me a lot of chargeback fees and a lot of bad reviews. I still, after requesting the cancelation of the subscription, have 2 pending orders, one of those has a delay of more than 1 and a half month and the other more than 1 week delay, and this has happened many times.
The second mayor issue happened when Spocket sent me, after 20 days without shipping an order, an email saying that I had to pay extra $70 dollars to ship the product, because the supplier was saying that. And Im talking about a little fanny bag. When I complained, first they cancelled the order without my consent, and then I complained for that and they told me, that if I wanted to reopen the order and ship it, I had to pay extra $70 dollars. After many chats with ramdom customer service people, finally, they reopened the order and ship it.

The third problem and maybe the worst. One of its suppliers, that I picked to sell more than 100 products in my marketplace, is a complete scam. I had to refund and received returns of a lot orders because the photos of the products does not correspond in quality and design with the products delivered. After checking out everything I discovered that the photos of the swimshorts are renders made on a computer and are not photos of real products. (all this was shared on time with customer service, that is more like a psychologist who listen you but does not solve anything).

I even requested refunds in some of the issues that I had and I refunded the customers, but the answer from customer service was always in circles, and always saying that they were going to send my request to financial, but never ever financial contacted me, and of course, never received a refund.
My nightmare was almost every week, I got a lot of bad reputation and I never reported spocket or had a bad review, Because as a business owner I know how horrible is a bad review, and I never leave bad reviews. But after the last 1 month delay and a horrible review from a customer to my business I took the decision to tell my experience with a 1 star review. Immediately as magic somebody contacted me and offered me 3 free months to delete the message. Clearly I felt offended for the offer, I was not requesting to continue the subscription I was just cancelling this nightmare. But then they offered me refund me the value of 3 subscriptions to delete the comment. And my question was, but who is going to delete the comments of my customers on my social media?, this is insulting.
But after a lot of time expressing my disappointment with this company I gave up, and I accepted to delete the comment if they cancel my subscription and refund me the value of 5 monthly $49 subscription. That was not going to repair all the damage this company made to my business, at least they were going to cancel my subscription.
They waited on the phone to confirm that I deleted the comment, and after I did it, they confirmed me that they were going to refund me the value of 5 monthly subscriptions.
Ok, the nightmare continued when I walked up in the morning and they refunded 4 times $19 dollars, but not only that, they were saying that refunded to expired credit cards. So they do not only bribed me, waited for me to do my part of the agreement, but also they did not comply with their part of the agreement.
I dont know how this company is still in the market, and by the way guys, NOBODY is going to be rich or have a decent income, selling overpriced products, that are not shipped, that the photos are not the same as the delivered products, the customer service does not work at all, and do not maintain their word and any other marketplace sells the same products for less money.

This is my experience, and has been a nightmare since week 1. And it keeps going and going, because, they made me delete my review, they have not delivered the delayed products from open orders, but also they sent the supposed refund (to delete the comment) for less than half of what they promised to an expired credit card.
Never again Spocket.

By the Way, the following is the last message the person from financial sent me today, how charm:
"Ok thank you Andres. We do have sufficient evidence that we have provided you a full refund via Stripe. So we have maintained our end of the agreement, and we were, in fact, offering to go above and beyond. We will now engage our legal team as well if you feel that is the best course of action." Kaylee

To be clear, I have explained many times that they are "refunding" the money, which is not the amount we agreed, to EXPIRED CREDIT CARDS, that no money is going to enter my account, but they keep saying the lie, because their interest is the DELETE THE COMMENT.

I don't want to have business with a company that is damaging my reputation, but also is charging to damage my reputation, but also every time one of my customers place an order I can not sleep because I dont know if they are going to ship the order on time, or if I have to pay extra to ship it, or if the product has poor quality, does not look like the photos, or any other problem. A nightmare in progress!!!

To be clear I was bribed to delete a comment, and they never pay their part of the agreement. The never pay me any compensation for the reputational damages to my business. I have a check with the amount they told me sent, I need to know the address to send it now.

Paw Some Happiness

Do not give this company your information! I have been trying to get a problem resolved for 3 months now to no avail! They have double and triple charged me each month and refused to refund for all the overages. Currently I have been charged 8 times, should have been 3. They have refunded me for 2 of the 5 over charges so there’s that. I have asked for a phone number to speak to an actual person but of course they won’t. So 100 emails later and nothing has been resolved! Steer clear of these people!

Developer reply

December 29, 2019

Thanks for sharing this with us! We would love to extend our assistance to you as best as we can. Please each out to us at support@spocket.co so that we may be able to provide you with solutions regarding your concerns.

BeautiWonder Shop

Fellow Entrepreneurs Beware - I don’t like leaving bad reviews but I am leaving one with this app because of a bad experience I had with them that lasted over a couple of weeks. After checking out the app and the merchandise- I paid $49 for one month subscription. I liked the idea of selling products with shorter shipping times. But for some reason, the app would not push the products onto my Shopify shop. I contacted their support team and I was first told to change browsers, then try to see if I was having the same problem on my cell phone. After doing all of that, the app still would not push products to my store.

The customer service rep said he was checking with their tech support and he would get back with me. He never did. I followed up with him 2 days later. He then told me, the problem was with Shopify and that they could not help me any further. When I enquired about getting my money back- he said he said he would send my request to financial, but no one from the finance department ever contacted me.

I contacted Shopify about the problem and they told me they had no idea what Spocket was talking. So they also contacted Spocket to get the problem corrected.

A different customer service rep contacted me and said they were working to fix the problem and they would like to offer me 3 mos free in exchange to the subscription fee I already paid. That seemed fair, so I said okay. Then she asks to explain the problem I am having. So I explained in detail the problem I was having.

This same rep that offered me 3 mos free comes back with this email: “let's get this sorted and we'll come with some offer to cover for your subscription okay?” In another email she says she will contact me right away.

A couple of days go by and again no one contacts me. So once again, I requested a refund via the app. This time a different customer service contacts me and assures me that she is following up with the finance team about my refund. After all of that I finally got my refund. But it was only because I pursued them!!

Here’s the kicker, after doing some digging, I discovered that there apparently is a bug in the app and it doesn’t work on all stores. Other people have had this same problem with this app.
My problem is that, if you know that you have a bug in your system then OWN it. Don’t give people the run around and try to B.S. them. I felt this company was disrespectful in the way they handled my situation. It gave me the impression that all they cared about is collecting the subscription fee and not actually providing a product/service that works.

I just wanted to leave this review in hopes that no one else goes thru this. A

Developer reply

December 23, 2019

First of all, thanks for raising the issue you had as this would serve as a good basis for improvement of both our Support team and of course, the platform itself. We're always trying to better the what customers experience with the app and so feedback like this definitely helps. Following this, we would like to extend our sincerest apologies for what you experienced.

Our Support team tries their very best to attend to all issues and keep customers updated on developments to cases such as yours.

Please do know that the bug you mentioned is an issue we're currently trying to fix and that we are not in the practice of misleading our members. We're always trying to improve the app and find resolutions to issues that arise with its usage to give merchants such as yourself a better experience.

We wish you the best in your future commitments and again, we do apologize for the inconvenience that the bug has caused you.

The Shoe Recipe

I did not like their services, they have premium products, which most of the nicer products are premium products and with a paid account at the almost $50 a month mark, you only get to add 25 premium products. You have to pay almost $100 a month just to add premium products. Also, shipping is slow. I placed a test order to see how shipping would be, they still haven't shipped the items out and the order was placed 3 days ago. It is always best to test your suppliers prior to customers placing orders so that way you can work out the kinks. Not happy, so I decided to cancel. You can't just cancel your account, you have to talk to someone and hope they cancel your account. I ended up having to cancel my debit card instead to keep them from being able to charge me. I do not reccommend, try Modalyst instead. They ship faster and are more reasonably priced.

Developer reply

November 27, 2019

Thanks for dropping us this review! We're always striving to be better and so you letting us know which aspects we are lacking in helps us improve.

On the subject of shipping, we do always suggest that our dropshippers always get products from suppliers who are based in or near the area their target customers are located. Doing this greatly decreases shipping time in most cases.

As mentioned, we would love to know how we can be better and perhaps bring you back as a customer. Someone from the Support team will be in touch with you soon!

Rave Bae Couture

This Company LIES

I was going to use this until I read one of the "success stories" on their blog and realized it was actually a FAKE story. When the supposed owner of the store in the case study replied to my comments, she dismissed my inquiries admitting that she didn't write the article, although the entire thing is written in 1st person as if she DID write it...which in itself is very misleading.

She also couldn't even provide me with a business email from her store, to verify the story is true...and instead told me to DM an IG account that looked obviously fake (made just 2 weeks ago with only random indian guys as followers).

For all I know this app may work, but I'd rather not work with a company that lies and makes up success stories to get people on their platform.

Developer reply

January 1, 2020

Thanks so much for taking the time to review our blogs. We believe you're pertaining to Erin. We can assure you that the story is in fact, real. Erin didn't write the article, we wrote it based on the interview we had with her. With this, her answers were adapted into first person.

We're sure that a lot of other aspiring dropshippers are interested to know more about Erin so we understand why people would want to contact her directly. With the growth of her business and as much as she'd like to answer all questions, we could only assume that she attends to many tasks that ensure the her store runs smoothly.

Gabriella's Jewels

I found the products and the chat tool to be what you might expect. Unfortunately, I ran a test order to see what a customer might receive and the item sat for over 12 days with no more information than a label had been created. Via chat I worked with the Spocket team to finally receive the item and when I opened the package, I was nearly in tears. The item was not as described or pictured, the product was poorly constructed and now I am having a hard time trying to find how you can make a return. Not feeling warm and fuzzy over this whole experience. If this item was for a customer, they would surely NOT BUY from me again. I am considering to cancel the Spocket app and ask for a refund because my customers are looking for excellent products and communication / tracking on items when they are ordered. I am not confident at this point that I can trust Spocket with my customer orders.

Developer reply

November 16, 2019

Hey Gabriella's Jewels team! We feel very utterly terrible to know about your experience. This is something we will not take something for granted and we would like to get in touch with you to let you know how serious we are on matters like this. One of our support team will be reaching out to you as soon as possible!

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