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Fecha de modificación: 4 de febrero de 2023

UPDATE: Still waiting on an order that was placed Jan 18 and has been "in production" since Jan 25. Only getting copy and paste replies from customer service. Even the review reply below is clearly a cut/paste job. Me thinks the company is cutting costs so the employees have also given up and just don't care anymore. Someone reached out to me for a phone call but when I provided times they weren't available for them. I'm not going to chance someone down to give them my business. I just want this one order to be cleared so I can never do business with them again. Tried to cancel the order and they refuse. I already refunded my customer and put my etsy and ebay shops on suspend while I decide what to do. This was a fun side hustle but it's not worth the bull.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I used to love SPOD. Recently they've been getting slower and the quality is getting worse. Customers have been telling me how the designs are peeling off after a couple of washes (and not intricate small designs but large color blocked designs). Customer service is slow and never takes responsibility for anything. Always an excuse. They are starting to cost me money so I'm just waiting for them to fulfill the last couple of orders (one has been in production for 4 days) and I think I'm done with them.

BravoPapa Clothing
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Casi 4 años
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand respondió 30 de enero de 2023

Hello BravoPapa and Thank You for your review! Recently, SPOD started its migration from two facilities into one. The purpose of the migration was to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Deciding to make this decision would not only improve quality across the board, it will also allow us to create the ultimate merchant experience. Creating a place where merchants love SPOD's service and products are key for us.

Production times are currently between 5 to 7 days, but as the migration is completed, we will see production times return to normal.

On behalf of SPOD, we would like to apologize for your experience and any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank You for your service and your patience at this time. I want you to know that your concerns have been heard and we care. Your review is greatly appreciated!

19 de enero de 2023

Between the constant price increases, lack of inventory, and lack of communication, I am DONE with SPOD. I used to sing praises about them when they were constantly getting bashed in Facebook groups, but not anymore. They closed one of their US facilities overnight and apparently sent out an email the day it happened, giving ZERO time for sellers to update their turnaround times, which is apparently now 4-6 business days, rather than the 48 hours that are still being advertised.

If you care at all about your business, DO NOT USE SPOD.

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 3 años
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand respondió 19 de enero de 2023

Hello PrideCords, Thank You for your review. SPOD has went through several changes over the last year including price increases and now the closing of one of our two facilities.

As price increase was something we had to do due to the current economic supply and demand, our intent was never to effect your business. Most PODs have seen a surge in price to acquire items which directly effects the cost of those items for our merchants. We do understand how that could be hard for any business and the frustration that you may feel.

Indeed, a recent decision has been made to consolidate all production into our Las Vegas facility in order to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Restructuration at this scale has an impact on turnaround times and product availability. Production may take slightly longer than usual as we fire up the new machines and bring them online. Current production time is 5-7 days. We expect to improve gradually until the migration is complete and be back to our guaranteed 48-hour production soon.

We appreciate all of merchants, and although it may not feel like in this moment, we are Thankful for anyone who has done business with SPOD as their POD choice. As stated before, we are looking forward to providing our merchants with and enhanced experience and we do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Again, Thank You for your time!

Fecha de modificación: 14 de diciembre de 2022

Ordered a sample item to test SPOD nearly a month ago. Wasn't ever fulfilled. "Awaiting production" for a month. Contacted support. No response within the day -- Just cancelled the sample order. Just tried writing support again to let them know. We'll see if they respond. I'm sure they'll respond promptly here since it's a public review. Very disappointing experience though after a couple decent experiences. Glad it was just for me and not a customer. Hopefully they didn't charge yet or it refunds automatically.

Beach Day Gifts & More
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 3 años
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand respondió 15 de diciembre de 2022

Hello Beach Day Gifts & More and Thank You for your review! We will always respond to you because we are generally concerned about any issues you may be having. If any orders are waiting for Production over 24 Hours, you should be contacting Customer Service immediately. From my experience, there can be a few issues here such as payment issues, stock issues, account verification required, etc. Because your time line was not very clear, I do not understand if you contacted Customer Service 30 Days ago or more recently. Customer Service usually responds between 24 to 48 Hours of receiving an email.

Regardless of the issue, we want to make it right. Please let me know where I can reach you and I will send an email. Sorry to hear about your experience. Looking forward to hearing from you, Thank You again!

Fecha de modificación: 8 de noviembre de 2022

In fact, you have understood absolutely nothing!
As I told you, the products have not been deleted from my store but they are no longer visible in the application itself. When I go to the SPOD site, I select the connector, I don't have the products when I go to preview, I find the product... AND ESPECIALLY, I HAVE NOT ADDED ANY NEW PRODUCTS!
I have several problems with the application, including the fact that I cannot add the VAT number because your software does not know the number. Your application does not work at all.
So I repeat, if SPOD is not able to help me with this problem, who else can?

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 4 meses
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand respondió 8 de noviembre de 2022

Hello Brikoneo,

Thank You for your updated reply. We have sent you an email to schedule a meeting with you. We would like to do some screen sharing activities so you can take us through the issues you are having so we do have a better understanding. As stated before, we are here to help you with whatever issues you are having. If you do not feel comfortable responding to my email, please contact our Customer Service Team, I have provided you with a link. Again, looking forward to get this issue resolved for you! https://www.spod.com/contact-us

11 de septiembre de 2022

Cannot add PO card to the payment method
I will update review if you can fix reply me if you can fix

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 18 días
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand respondió 15 de septiembre de 2022

Hello Sunny000, I'm sorry to hear about your issue but this is definitely something our Customer Service Team can fix or help you with. I will provide the contact link below so please contact the Team in the region you signed up with. Customer Service typically takes 24 to 48 Hours to return any inquiries so we appreciate your patient. We look forward to helping you and keeping you printing with SPOD. Thank You!!! https://www.spod.com/contact-us

Fecha de modificación: 6 de septiembre de 2022

Interface is easy to use and seamless BUT orders dont transfer to fulfillment many of the times, there are many glitches, and when this happens, it cancels orders and/or leaves them in queue and add more processing time.I spoke with customer service twice about technical issues and was never even contacted back with a resolution. Keeping this app will be a destruction to my business to continue, I deleted it today.

Hijabi Pop
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 5 meses
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand respondió 15 de septiembre de 2022

Hello Hijabi Pop, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with us. The issue you were having is a very simple fix as I'm sure there were some settings that needed to be adjusted. Typically Customer Service responds between 24-48 Hours of an inquiry so I sincerely apologize for them not getting back to you. However, we would love to get this situation rectified and taken care of to get you back up and running with SPOD if you would like. I will leave Customer's Service Contact page but please feel free to leave me contact information as well so we can reach out to you. This is not the experience that we want to cultivate for any of our partners so I'm hoping that you will give us another chance. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you have a wonderful day. Thank You!!! https://www.spod.com/contact-us

26 de agosto de 2022

App stopped syncing orders from Shopify. Even manually requesting fulfillment does not work anymore. Support asked what browser I was using!! Basically saying it's my fault their app is not working. Then never responded again.

Old School Labs™
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Casi 2 años
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand respondió 29 de agosto de 2022

Hello Old School Labs™,
Thank you for taking the time to review our app, we're very sorry that you are unhappy with our services. By asking which browser you are using, customer service was not trying to shift any blame towards you, they are just going through the list of possible solutions, starting with the simplest - so that they do not make you wait until they get an answer from the development team, which will at first always be the quesion of which browser was used. Please also bear in mind that the emails queuing up are all given a 24 hour response time, but that this response time is also extended over the weekend since the customer service is not working on weekends and public holidays. We will monitor your case and can only ask you to be patient with our customer service and the development team, and we hope that, if you decide to stay with is, we can prove ourselves as a trustworthy partner for you and your business. Thank you!

14 de julio de 2022

This company will rip you off. We tried it, set up the store & ordered samples for the t-shirts we needed.
A week passes and I check the tracking number which shows delivered. No package got delivered. I contact them and they say I need to contact the shipping courier. Huge headache, but I did, and they said they will perform an investigation after I reported a lost package. They did and according to them, the package got delivered as it was supposed to per their data. IT NEVER DID. I contacted SPOD again for a refund or to reship the products and they say that I'm lying and the case is closed. They literally stole money from us. Now switched to Printful and they delivered the sample T-shirts within a couple days. That's the company we'll go with. Save your money on Spod.

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 2 meses
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand respondió 20 de julio de 2022

Hello LLAMAGEDDON | Board Game & NFT,

We're very sorry to hear you're so disappointed in our services, however, we could not find any communication or orders with your user name and the attached email address.
We reckon, you used a different email address and would therefore ask you to send the communication with our customer service to info@spod.com to be reviewed by the Business Unit itself to improve services.
Thank you.

9 de julio de 2022

Not all of the packages SPOD sent for me got to their destinations. They lost me at least three packages from the 14 I had until now.

Crazy Plant Lady Designs
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Casi 2 años
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand respondió 12 de julio de 2022

Hello Crazy Plant Lady Designs,

Thank you for taking the time to rewview our app, however, we're very sorry to hear you've had such bad experiences with our serivces, I had a look at the conversations you had with our customer service and could see, that one shipment was returned due to an address problem and one was delayed. I could see that your are still using the SPOD app, and if you have any more information or could pass on the order numbers of the packages you say got lost, it would be really helpful if you could pass them on to info@spod,com or support@spod.com. This way, we can in turn contact the shipping provider, who are ultimately responsible for this, and have them explain their service quality, Thank you in advance!

22 de junio de 2022

I used this app for a shirt I designed that was successful on TikTok so this was my first time ever doing POD and to my surprise SPOD provided me with the absolute worst quality product I was getting hundreds of messages from customers telling me there shirt was destroyed after a single wash and just terribly printed shirts after that SPOD said I need every single customer to provide me with a picture proof and specific SKU so I can get credited pretty hard for a 1 man team so I was left with doing almost $9000 in refunds without spod crediting me you should 100% take your business somewhere else

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 5 meses
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand respondió 23 de junio de 2022

Hello Psyxusa,

Thank you for reviewing our app, even though we're very sorry to hear that both it and our customer service did not meet your expectations. To follow up on the issues, one of our success managers will get in touch with you to get more elaborated feedback. If you have the time and energy, we'd be very happy to have your insights. Thank you!