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12 juin 2021

Quality controls are very poor. Have had multiple returns due to misprints or damage. Worst off all, the lack of quality controls ruined our shot of our first wholesale retail partnership. First bulk order lost in the mail. Second order arrived with 20% of products damaged beyond use and one product from someone else’s order.

Love & Pawsitivity
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26 août 2022

App stopped syncing orders from Shopify. Even manually requesting fulfillment does not work anymore. Support asked what browser I was using!! Basically saying it's my fault their app is not working. Then never responded again.

Old School Labs™
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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand a répondu 29 août 2022

Hello Old School Labs™,
Thank you for taking the time to review our app, we're very sorry that you are unhappy with our services. By asking which browser you are using, customer service was not trying to shift any blame towards you, they are just going through the list of possible solutions, starting with the simplest - so that they do not make you wait until they get an answer from the development team, which will at first always be the quesion of which browser was used. Please also bear in mind that the emails queuing up are all given a 24 hour response time, but that this response time is also extended over the weekend since the customer service is not working on weekends and public holidays. We will monitor your case and can only ask you to be patient with our customer service and the development team, and we hope that, if you decide to stay with is, we can prove ourselves as a trustworthy partner for you and your business. Thank you!

9 juillet 2022

Not all of the packages SPOD sent for me got to their destinations. They lost me at least three packages from the 14 I had until now.

Crazy Plant Lady Designs
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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand a répondu 12 juillet 2022

Hello Crazy Plant Lady Designs,

Thank you for taking the time to rewview our app, however, we're very sorry to hear you've had such bad experiences with our serivces, I had a look at the conversations you had with our customer service and could see, that one shipment was returned due to an address problem and one was delayed. I could see that your are still using the SPOD app, and if you have any more information or could pass on the order numbers of the packages you say got lost, it would be really helpful if you could pass them on to info@spod,com or support@spod.com. This way, we can in turn contact the shipping provider, who are ultimately responsible for this, and have them explain their service quality, Thank you in advance!

Modifié le 18 octobre 2021

I started to use spod because their base prices were really good but after a month of using them they raised their base prices. This is horrible business on their part because I never got a change to plan for this. Please change the prices back asap. Also your profit margin calculate doesn't even count tax. so its not even a calculater because the tax make a huge different it like 20 percent of my profit magins. I put in all of this hard work just to find out their prices aren't that cheap and when they change the prices they changed my profit margin form 9 to 6 dollars without even emailing me and I lost money all because of this. please refund me those 3 dollars and change your price back and include tax in the profit margin. I might just use teespring instead because they have the tax included in the profit margins so your know exactly what you are getting

Dating Merch
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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand a répondu 21 octobre 2021

Hi Dating Merch,

thank you for your feedback.

The price increase that you are mentioning can be explained by our 3-year anniversary discount that we offered from September to October. We didn't increase our prices without announcement. This information was available on all of our social and communication platforms. I understand though your confusion.

When it comes to the taxes, we are currently selling worldwide, which means the amount we charge for taxes depends on a lot of different factors, which is why we cannot calculate it in advance for now.

Thank you again for your review and I wish you a good day.

Your SPOD Team

11 mai 2021

The app is fine, but the product is absolutely horrendous. The printing on every shirt with other designs were all faded and the poorest quality I have EVER seen. If it is not resolved, I will completely delete the app and NEVER use SPOD again because their printers are HORRIBLE. No person can build a successful business with this type of quality...or lack there of. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP.

Organic Justice
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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand a répondu 12 mai 2021

Hi Organic Justice,

thank you for your review. I'm sorry this is the experience you had so far with our product. Did you already contact our customer service about it? Please send them pictures of the shirt you received or your customer received, so we can find a solution for you. support@spod.com

2 novembre 2020

I sent the ticket but I have not seen a reply. I can't handle big orders and no one will support me.

Etsy Store
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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand a répondu 6 novembre 2020

Hello Etsy Store,

We're sorry to hear that you're unhappy with our services but please be fair and truthful in your assessment of it: I've had a look at your conversations with our customer service and you usually received answers within 24 hours or your enquiry, unless there was a weekend when our support team is not in the office.
Please make sure that our replies to you are not routed to your spam folder. Thank you.

Modifié le 29 octobre 2020

Super negative experience with SPOD, Did a samples order 2 months ago, and it never showed up. Yesterday contacted them for a refund since it is clearly lost and the tracking they gave me doesn't return any information in my country's post system. Their answer was they won't refund it since it has arrived in my country over a month ago. Just be aware of how things work with them... Won't ever trust my client's orders to anyone who's acting like this, and will never work with them again.

Rasika Designs
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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand a répondu 6 novembre 2020

Hello Rasika Designs,

We're very sorry to hear that you had such bad experiences with us. Indeed, we can only offer tracking for international Express shipping, not for the standard shipping, and in cases such as yours, parcels almost always get delayed at the customs department of the shipping country. We understand your frustration that we as the fulfiller cannot refund for the potential failures on behalf of the shipper. Of course, we will be taking your feedback into consideration, hoping to improve our services. All the best for you and your enterprise!

Modifié le 30 avril 2021

After about five months of using SPOD, we are still conflicted. We like their catalog and fast production times, which is usually 24 to 48 hours. However, sometimes it can take 4 to 5 days, which is a problem if you want to advertise an item based on expected delivery times. This leads me to my next issue. Their customer service is the worst compared to the other POD companies we use (three of our other POD companies have live chats, which is fantastic). SPOD doesn't have a live chat and can often take 48 to 72 hours to respond. And when they do, they only include their reference number, not ours. This requires us to go into SPOD to try and identify the order they are talking about. This poor customer service is unacceptable and will be one of the reasons we stop using them. When our customers contact us (who are indirectly SPOD customers), we need to be able to get back to them with an answer. Anything more than a few hours doesn't cut it in today's competitive market. When we phone them, we always receive a friendly response but no follow-through. Compared to other POD companies, like Printify and AOP, we are having a higher number of issues with their products. These include: the wrong item being sent (either from our catalog or worse, from another one of their customers), prints printed upside down and crooked, goods delivered broken, and they are constantly going out of stock. For example, they ran out of a particular back-pack in early April. I asked when would they restock it, as I would like to sell it on pre-order. They responded saying it would be restocked at the end of April. When I followed up on 30 April, I was told it would be late May, and this is after I had accepted over $500 in pre-orders based on what SPOD told me (surely they can manage their inventory better, after all if they are out-of-stock we are not selling their goods, which can't help their bottom line). We will likely stop using them once we find the time to migrate our designs to a different POD company. We will definitely miss some of their unique products, but the reputational risk is too high. We definitely won't miss the high number of tickets they help create. [PS. We are not, I imagine a big customer for them with YTD sales of over $47,000. But what they don't get is that if they more reliable, with better customer service, we would send them much more of our business. SPOD represents less than 10% of our sales]

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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand a répondu 3 mai 2021

Hi URevolution,

Thank you for that feedback. First of all, we take that sort of feedback really seriously, as we want to make sure your experience with us is at the best it can be.

We are really sorry you are having some issues with our customer service and we will take into account your feedback. Live chat is a great idea, which we are looking into.

For now, I will contact you personally to see what we can do to help you resolve this situation.

Thank you again.


Success Manager at SPOD

11 juin 2020

Customer service is terrible and even though my shop is marked to stop selling an item that is out of stock, SPOD sold it anyway and then tagged it as out of stock with no option to change to a color in stock. Insteand I have to cancel an order or wait....unacceptable for a first time shopper to my store. and the rollover rep who took my call was terrible sounded so annoyed from the get go and definitely didn't go the extra mile. Told me all about the limitations of her job. So why bother with this spod? I have purchased alot but I am done...sorry you should have done better when there's more choice out there....gotta work harder for my business!!

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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand a répondu 12 juin 2020

Hi ShopAOKFitness,

We appreciate your honest feedback, and it is true we have had some delays in responding to customer service inquiries. We are experiencing a huge influx of new sellers that have pushed our Customer Service team to the limit. We now have additional staff in the team and seem to have reduced the backlog.

We are sorry to see this feedback as we have produced 12 orders for you over the last seven months without any issues.

We cannot import an order without stock as SPOD has live stock states in your Shopify store, I can have one of our engineers look into the logs of your store to see what happened with your order.

We wish you luck with the future of your business and sorry it did not work out this time.

27 octobre 2019

These guys are amateurs of the worst kind. BEWARE, they show your full name and address in your clients shipments and there is no way to hide it. Not to mention that the quality of their products is much worse than PRINTFUL and other alternatives, and the t-shirts run small...

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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand a répondu 30 octobre 2019

Hi there,

I am overly sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with us.
For the address: This can be changed w/o a problem. Just drop us an e-mail and it will be adjusted within hours. That we use the Shopify store information per default is related to the fact, that we are sending the products on your behalf and that address problems that cause a return can't be covered by SPOD.
For the print quality I am convinced, that we have a great quality as we are printing with the latest equipment. It would be really appreciated if you could send us a picture of the product. If there is anything wrong this would help us to refund you the order and discuss optimizations with our production team.

Kind regards
Robert from SPOD