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7. mars 2024

They ship out quickly, but my customers are constantly receiving the wrong items. Many times items we do not even sell! Their turn around times are great, but their quality control is severely lacking!

My Adventure Challenge LLC
Over 3 år bruker appen
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand svarte 12. april 2024

Hello My Adventure Challenge LLC,

Thank you! We appreciate that you are taking the time to leave us a review! We are constantly trying to improve our quality standards and assortment. In case your customer received the wrong item, we highly encourage you to reach out to our dedicated customer support team.
They are available to assist with any order discrepancies or concerns you may have.

Kind regards

Sabrina SPOD Team
Project Manager

20. desember 2023

Been using them for a couple years and at this point only use them for one item because their prints wash off after a few washes for most of their items. Love the actual hoodie garment itself. High quality! I just wish their print was more consistent.

The Original Deer Mullet Shop
Nesten 3 år bruker appen
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand svarte 21. desember 2023

Thank you for your review and feedback! We appreciate your business with SPOD. We have recently upgraded our machines and completed some much needed maintenance to help address issues with print quality. Hoping to see much better results, but if you need any additional help or support please reach out via

16. desember 2023

Leider kann man die für Kunden zur Verfügung gestellten Designs nicht in Kategorien einteilen. Der Kunde scrollt ewig, bis er ein passendes Motiv hat. Die Ladezeit ist auch viel zu extrem. Ich habe mehrfach versucht den Support über Probleme zu informieren. Außer einer netten Frauenstimme passiert da nicht viel. Einen Kontakt zur Technik gibt es nicht.
Die Versandkosten sind einfach nur lächerlich. Kein Kunde zahlt für einen Hoodie, nur weil er einen gewissen Preis übersteigt, 6,50€ Versand. Hier sollte man sich an DHL usw. orientieren. Die Produktauswahl ist auch eher langweilig. Mit der Auswahl kann man sich definitiev nicht von anderen absetzen, eher dahinter verstecken.
Löscht man die App, haben alle Produkte keine Anbindung mehr nach Neuinstallation. Katastrophe!!!
In der App fehlt auch eine Möglichkeit, die Preis einfach anpassen zu können. Um eine Übereinstimmung zwischen Customizer und dem Produkt zu erhalten, muss man ständig den Preis mit anpassen. Es könnte so einfach sein...

Es gibt noch viele Dinge, die einfach viel besser sein könnten.

3 måneder bruker appen
4. mars 2020

I'm having a little difficulty creating products. Why isn't there a list of templates instead of going in and copying a template from the store?

The Wanted Tees and More
Over 4 år bruker appen
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand svarte 5. mars 2020

Hello The Wanted Tees and More,

Thanks for leaving your feedback, this feature is currently on our roadmap and we hope to have it released in the near future. We will be sure to announce the release when it is complete.

20. juli 2020

I used this app to print on mugs and t-shirts. It did a good job printing on mugs and the mugs were high quality. While the premium t-shirts are also good quality, the print quality is hit or miss. Black print on white t-shirts comes out faded, streaked and with ink residue spots. Would be fantastic if they figured out a way to provide consistently good print quality on t-shirts. It would also be great if SPOD expanded their product catalog to include more home-goods (picture frames, art, full throw pillows instead of just pillow cases, and more socks). Lastly, I'm waiting on full color mugs to return as not having them in stock is really hurting my sales.

Maggie & Ace
Over 3 år bruker appen
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand svarte 24. juli 2020

Hello Maggie & Ace,

Thank you for reviewing our app and for your honest feedback on our print quality. We're always grateful for examples of what can be done better to achieve a consistent print quality, so you can feel free to email us pictures of the prints to and we can then approach our colleagues in the production facilities to find out what can be done better. Thank you!

Redigert 12. januar 2022

Overall, I'm satisfied with the products and prices from this supplier. However, there is no way to sync the different shipping tiers from SPOD to the store via the app. SPOD offers 3 tiers of shipping: Standard, Premium and Express. However, I can only select the type of shipping I want if I place orders via the app. If a customer places an order via the store, the app assumes that the order shipping is standard (even if I have set different tiers in my own shipping methods on my store). According to Shopify's Support Team, SPOD needs to activate "App Shipping Profiles" in order for the correct shipping method to be allocated to each order.

Nesten 3 år bruker appen
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand svarte 13. januar 2022

Hi ZERMANK Apparel,

Thank you for your feedback and I'm happy you are satisfied with our products and prices.

When it comes to the shipping profiles, we currently do not use the "App Shipping Profiles" but we are working on implementing it. However, it is possible to use the different shipping tiers for your customers, without placing the order yourself. You can find all the information here:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support:

Your Spod Team

19. desember 2019

I like the app, i dont LOOOOVEEE it.
1. no mockups for alot of things
2. shipping is expensive
3. no etsy intergration
4. quality of print can be better
5. everything smells like vinegar and thats a big turn off with customers.

it is really great for the price tho and i will keep using it for certain hoodies that i like.
check out my website to see what ive created

Space Cadet Clothing Co.
Rundt 2 år bruker appen
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand svarte 19. desember 2019


Thanks for the feedback, I will go through and answer your topics.
1. no mockups for alot of things - We have mock ups for a lot of products but not everything, our aim in 2020 is to have mockups for every single product. In the meantime you could use a service like for moore mock ups.
2. shipping is expensive - I am sorry to hear you find our shipping expensive, if you take a look at our competitors SPOD has the cheapest shipping prices. We would love to lower the prices in the future.
3. no etsy intergration - We do not have an integration for Etsy, but you could use apps on Shopify's app store to upload products to Etsy.
4. quality of print can be better - I will look into your orders and see what we could have done better.
5. everything smells like vinegar and thats a big turn off with customers. - Unfortunately this is the nature of Print-on-Demand. We need to add a pre-treatment to make the ink stick to the products, this is gone with a quick wash.

Adam from SPOD.

13. juni 2020

the app is fantastic but the shipping rate is very high and it take a long time this is the only issue with this app

Rundt 2 år bruker appen
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand svarte 19. juni 2020

Hello hakonah,

Thank you for your feedback! Sometimes, suppliers calculate the shipping rates into the product prices to offer lower shipping. That means, in turn, higher product prices.
We want to be transparent about our prices so that you have the possibility to decide, what prices you want to offer your customers in turn.
You can find some useful information on this subject in our FAQ pages:
As for the delays in production: we know this is frustrating, we're currently working on increasing our capacities so we can again offer a quicker turnaround on incoming orders. We try to keep our merchants up to date on this designated faq page:

ou can see our COVID-19 updates here about our current situations -

5. mai 2020

Good products variety.
But mockups are pretty standard for dropshipping and in-store display,
The modification of images and adjustment is also limited. Otherwise the use is correct.

Café Latte Shop
Nesten 2 år bruker appen
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand svarte 7. mai 2020

Hi Café Latte Shop,

Thanks for leaving the feedback, it is great to see you are happy with our products. As for the mock ups, whilst we are continuously trying to improve our variety of mock ups, if you are not completely happy their are external services such as PlaceIt that offer more specialized images.

Redigert 28. september 2020

SPOD has good communication, but the backend on shipping isnt the best, the free shipping took 4+ months (and no one had any info on the whereabouts), i asked for a refund because 4 months is unacceptable, but no refund provided. Also some of the prints were a bit shoddy.

Rundt 1 år bruker appen
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand svarte 28. september 2020

Hey there,

Thank you for the review. We are sorry that you experienced trouble with the shipping of the order. I would like to point out that the issue is in the Canadian Customs process and not with SPOD. The customs process is unfortunately not very reliable nor fast by any means.
The order was placed on July 4th (not 4 month ago) and was shipped on July 9th (due to holidays). After it was shipped we rely on the shipping providers and the customs process as any other provider does.

In our documentation I can't find any request for a refund so I assume this was why none has been processed. Just did this now so that you do not have to pay for the flawed customs process.

Kind regards