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12 juni 2022

Ich nutze SPOD um mein Sortiment zu erweitern, allerdings finde ich es suboptimal, dass der Kunde die Bestellung bekommt, ohne einen Hinweis auf meinen Shop. Ich kann weder Logo auf dem Lieferschein ändern, noch den Absender auf dem Paket bestimmen: überall steht Spreadshirt drauf. Daher fürs Branding eher schlecht. Technisch läuft sonst alles sauber & rund.

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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand heeft geantwoord 17 juni 2022


vielen Dank, dass Du Dir die Zeit genommen hast, unsere App zu bewerten. Dass Pakete mit Spreadshirt-Branding verschickt werden, sollte eigentlich nicht mehr passieren, seit wir white label packaging eingeführt haben - dafür möchten wir uns entschuldigen! Wenn nicht schon passiert, melde solche Fälle immer gerne dem Kundendienst, damit wir entsprechend einen Fall mit der Produktion eröffnen können. Eine Personalisierung der Verpackung ist definitiv ein Projekt, welches wir angehen werden, besonders da es sich viele Merchants wünschen. Sobald wir den Service anbieten können, werden wir selbstverständlich alle Merchants informieren.

1 mei 2022

So let me start by saying that SPOD has super quick turnaround, a decent selection of products, and extra free graphics for you to use on your products. Where they lack is customer service, sometimes it takes 3-5 days for a response and for a company that sells these POD items, faster customer service is a plus. The other problem is constant price adjustments and blaming it on suppliers and postage. Do your homework, and compare their prices to other similar apps. I find these costs to be much higher than some other apps and makes me wonder if they do market checks against competitors. Yet again, while they may be more premium in their prices, quality is great, so just know you are getting a quality product, just more expensive.

Inspired Gift
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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand heeft geantwoord 2 mei 2022

Hi Inspired Gift.

Thank you for taking the time to review our App.

I'm sorry it took so long for our customer service to answer your request. I will investigate it and make sure we stick to our normal speed, which is maximum 1 working day. However, I completely agree with you that considering our turnaround time, we should answer as soon as possible, to match that speed.

Thank you again for taking the time to review our app.
If there is anything else, don't hesitate to contact us again.

Your SPOD Team

Bewerkt 12 januari 2022

Overall, I'm satisfied with the products and prices from this supplier. However, there is no way to sync the different shipping tiers from SPOD to the store via the app. SPOD offers 3 tiers of shipping: Standard, Premium and Express. However, I can only select the type of shipping I want if I place orders via the app. If a customer places an order via the store, the app assumes that the order shipping is standard (even if I have set different tiers in my own shipping methods on my store). According to Shopify's Support Team, SPOD needs to activate "App Shipping Profiles" in order for the correct shipping method to be allocated to each order.

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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand heeft geantwoord 13 januari 2022

Hi ZERMANK Apparel,

Thank you for your feedback and I'm happy you are satisfied with our products and prices.

When it comes to the shipping profiles, we currently do not use the "App Shipping Profiles" but we are working on implementing it. However, it is possible to use the different shipping tiers for your customers, without placing the order yourself. You can find all the information here:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support:

Your Spod Team

Bewerkt 5 november 2021

Customer Service is great! Print quality is not!
I was very excited that the SPOD app provided a more rounded customise option for my customers, without having to spend even more money on an app add-on. I was also impressed by the reviews in general. So I linked it to my store and spent the next THREE WEEKS developing and syncing products.
It was not until I ordered my first sample product (delivery time was fine) that I realised the print quality was totally unacceptable. I had used a simple graphic design on a women's premium long sleeved t-shirt. But the colours bled into one another and the smaller details were completely unrecognisable. Dreadful quality!
Perhaps my quality expectations are greater than other people. Although I doubt it. However, if I had just listened to the small percentage of reviewers who highlighted an issue with quality, I would have saved myself a wasted three weeks of work!
Yes, it may have been a dodgy print, but how many of my customers would also receive a similar quality? I couldn't risk the reputational damage to our young company.
My advice? Try it, but order yourself at least one decent sample STRAIGHT AWAY. Then you will know if the print quality is up to your personal standards, before potentially wasting so much time creating products that are simply not up to scratch. So disappointing.
SINCE THIS REVIEW, SPOD customer services have reached out to me. They are extremely friendly, approachable and helpful. There is much I like about SPOD in general, but for now I will continue to avoid it until I can be more sure about the quality consistency issues.

Needs Mutts
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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand heeft geantwoord 3 november 2021

Hi Needs Mutts,

Thank you for taking the time to review our App.

I'm sorry you received a low-quality print. To what you are describing, it sounds like you received a print mistake. Have you already contacted our Customer Support? If you send them a picture of your product, they will be able to refund the faulty item.

This is not something that happens often, but I'm sorry that it had to happen for your first product. I understand that it is frustrating for you, after 3 weeks of work.

I will personally contact you to fix this issue together.


Your SPOD Team.

Bewerkt 21 april 2021

Produktkatalog und Funktionsumfang ist an sich gut und ausreichend. Support antwortet zügig bei Fragen oder Problemen. Produktions- und Versandzeiten sind sehr gut. Ein absolutes "No Go" ist jedoch, dass die Firma Spreadshirt auf dem Versandetikett als Rücksendeadresse auftaucht. Ein Whitelabeling Versand ist in Deutschland auch nach Monaten immer noch nicht möglich - warum auch immer?! Es wirkt für den Kunden sowie für den Shopbetreiber wirklich sehr unseriös, wenn hier die Daten von Spreadshirt auftauchen. Sobald ein Whitelabeling Versand möglich ist, gebe ich auch 5 Sterne, da diese Funktion Super wichtig ist!

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een jaar
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand heeft geantwoord 23 april 2021

Hallo ChroonZ,

danke für dein Feedback. Auf dem Etikett sollte eigentlich nicht "Spreadshirt" auftauchen. Wenn dem so ist, dass handelt es sich um einen Bug dem wir nachgehen werden.
Eine individuelle Rücksendeadresse ist allerdings nicht möglich in DE.
Unser Versandteam hat lange mit DHL und anderen Anbietern gesprochen. Aktueller Stand ist, dass für ~ 15,-€ Zusatzkosten (pro Sending) eine individuelle Adresse angegeben werden kann.

Viele Grüße

1 april 2021

I can't see the whole page while trying to upload products. And some of the buttons don't load so I don't know what they are for. Pretty frustrating.

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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand heeft geantwoord 19 april 2021

Hi, 1212Designs

Thank you for the review. Would you mind letting me know what screen resolution you are using and which button exactly isn't loading?

Thank you again for the review and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

26 maart 2021

New to the App, works great but shipping out side the USA with a USA based store has proved a nightmare so far leading to a lot of headache. Not sure if it's because of the pandemic, but there's no warning telling you orders may be subject to delays. The items go out and then no change on status for weeks now. So mixed after a fantastic start for me.

One Stop Hip Hop UK
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App gebruikt gedurende 12 maanden
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand heeft geantwoord 19 april 2021

Hi One Stop Hip Hop UK,

Thank you for taking the time to review our app.

You are absolutely right, delivery outside of the US from our US-based production is causing us some issues. We are however working really hard to find better options and improve international shipping.

If you are selling a lot of orders to Europe, I would suggest creating another store and use our Europe-based production, as you will save on shipping cost and delivery time.

I hope I could help.

Thanks again!

8 februari 2021

First, I wish there was a function for customers to edit their photos in the same designer tool. Like incase they want a clear background or want to crop images into a circle or something. Second, with pixels and dpi nobody is really going to know what’s their image size dpi and pixels. If they can’t stretch it on the product they want, they’re just gonna close the website and here we go another lost customer. Third, the designer tool should really prime the products section, i think a lot of people are not aware once you’re in the designer studio that there is a section to choose other products. If these three conditions improve this will be the best POD out there. I wish your team all the best!

Printa Custom
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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand heeft geantwoord 9 februari 2021

Hi Printa Custom,

Thank you for your review. I'll answer your points in the same order.

1) More functionality for the customizer is a great point, and we are already looking into it. However, with the current technology available, it is really hard to delete background from a picture automatically, without doing it manually with a graphic software.

2) You are absolutely right, here. We need a better way to show why a design can't be stretched, or what size it needs.

3) Here, this is already something you can do in your shop, with the help of deeplinking. You can find more information here:

Thank you again for taking the time to review our app!

10 december 2020

I use this app for dog bandanas but come to find out they're just regular bandanas. One size means the biggest you can find? Very disappointed with this product.

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SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand heeft geantwoord 22 december 2020

Hello BadDoggo,

Thank you for you feedback! We're sorry to hear that you are not happy with the assortment we provide. Indeed, if you have a different supplier for bandanas or specifically dog bandanas, we would be happy to receive your suggestion at Thank you!

4 november 2020

The app is great for setting up products. The production and shipping is great. I created and ordered several sample t-shirts. They looked okay-the colors weren't great if you are printing color there are better vendors. What was terrible is after washing several of the shirts 3 times, the design could easily be pealed off. If your looking to have long term customers, I wouldn't send them a shirt from this place.

Midwest Quest
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een jaar
SPOD - Spreadshirt Print On Demand heeft geantwoord 6 november 2020

Hello Midwest Quest,

Thank you for leaving your honest review, we're sorry to read that you had problems with the print. These things shouldn't happen but if they do, please make sure to inform the customer service at, so we can refund the order and take the problem to the production sites to ultimately improve our services. Thank you!