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SLP Sippy Cups and More

I like the ease of designing my products. I have tried to place two sample orders, but have been unable to do so. I have reached out to customer service multiple times on each order. The second sample order I have reached out 3 times with no response. If I cannot get a response on a sample order, why should I continue to use SPOD for my business?

Developer reply

July 24, 2020

Hello SLP Sippy Cups and More,

Thank you for your honest feedback, we're sorry to hear that you had such problems with the sample orders and with reaching customer sercive. At the moment, it can take up to 4 business days for our colleagues to get back to requests since we still have a very high intake of emails and calls every day. We try to be transparent about this in our designated update page: https://faq.spod.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012726799-COVID-19-Updates-#article

Also, I could see that after the two sample orders that didn't work out, the customer orders shipped already and you have a new sample order from yesterday that is already being produced. It seems that you are still willing to be using our services, so we hope this cooperation will work better from now on.

La Petite Mort

I've found some disturbing images in the design section while creating products. Such as a radio labeled as "Ghetto Blaster" and a hooded man with a handgun labeled as a "Rapper". This is clearly labeling stereo types and depicting negative ideas to a culture that you don't understand nor represent. I will be posting pictures of the said images to those that can create change on this site or have them removed.

Developer reply

July 23, 2020

Hello La Petite Mort,

Thanks for your feedback about our design tagging - we take your claims very seriously. Our selection of free designs and their tags were purchased from a 3rd party business. Upon closer review, Ghetto Blaster is a common term used to describe a boom box / portable stereo and we see no negative intent in tagging this design this way. The design with a hooded individual and gun is a common description of a gangster rapper, and while we understand not all rappers use guns in their imagery, we also saw no ill intent here. We will however review the tagging of rapper to avoid any misconceptions.

We're sorry that you are unhappy with our service due to this issue, and hope that the background and our review will change your mind about using us in the future. If you come across any other tagging/content issues, please reach out to us at shopify@spod.com and we'll take a look.


I don't understand how you change a Long Sleeve price from $9.84 to $11.57 (Long Sleeve Premium Shirts) without any warnings. I have to redirect my whole production to different providers. It's an 18% raise.

Developer reply

July 10, 2020

Hello Art-O-Rama,

Thank you for taking the time to review our app, it's great to hear that it's working for you and we very much appreciate the input on our assortment - we're always grateful to know our merchant's needs and wishes. You can also feel free to send us any suggestions to support@spod.com. Thank you!


AWFUL !!! I used to send this guys most of our orders about 80% in 2020, now they are getting 10% even less, their prices increased a lot, their customer service is awful, if they send a bad print to the customer they will not care in giving a refund. An order was more than 10 days in production and never shipped even after calling customer support 3 times and sending more than 4 emails. DO NOT WORK WITH THEM! Go with Printify, their customer service is a looot better, prices are good and Monster Digital is great quality and they take care of the customer when a bad printing is sent.

Developer reply

July 6, 2020

Hello Planet4Life,

Thank you for your review, we're happy to hear that our app works so well for you, especially since you have experience in the POD business. We look forward to supporting you in the future!

The Only Standard

Print quality is trash. I ordered a shirt with a PINK graphic and received a shirt with a faded white graphic instead.

Edit: I've already contacted support with pictures and have yet to receive a response.

Developer reply

June 26, 2020

Hello The Only Standard,

Thank you for giving us your honest review, we're so sorry that the print quality did not match your expectations. Please reach out to our customer service via support@spod.com with a picture of the print so we can find a solution for this and also find out what went wrong.
It's crucial to us to have this kind of feedback with pictures so we can improve our service, otherwise we cannot do this. We see that you have another order with us that is still being produced, we hope this one will meet your expectations.
It's important to keep in mind that, due to the print on demand nature of our business, we are printing with DTG and not screenprinting. Let me send you our FAQ article on what this means in terms of how a DTG print will look: https://faq.spod.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019511033-Differences-in-Colors-Monitor-vs-T-Shirt#article

Gorilla Vibe Apparel

This app is NOT usable if you already have products and have spent months building up SEO rank and reputation for your listings. There is no way to import your existing products and there is no manual fulfillment option on the backend so that you could keep your listings and just fulfill manually as a temporary solution. I wanted to love SPOD because pricing is great and the app works well but this really misses the mark on what store owners need. Please fix this as soon as possible I would have been happy to move over 5000 skus over to SPOD but I can not lose the many months of work already put in.

If you already have a store with products you will be sadly disappointed. If you are just starting this might work for you. Its really a Shame I have two brands and two different stores I wanted to switch over to SPOD. I will have to go with Shirtly or someone else who allows business owners to not throw away months maybe even years of work just to use you guys. I hope you guys will take this into account and find a way to help existing brand owners.

Developer reply

June 26, 2020

Hello Gorilla Vibe Apparel,

Thank you very much for your honest feedback and sorry to hear that the app doesn't meet your needs so far. I can see that you still have some orders with us and it would be great if we could find a way of working together. Therefore, we would be happy to get detailed feedback on what you need from us via support@spod.com so we can forward it to our app development team to review and maybe find a solution. Thank you!

Trinity Mom

The prices are great but it has taken too long to complete orders and respond to my question via the support channel. My customers all said and I have seen with my own eyes the quality of the shirts. The design is too small and has the faded look and the shirts were wrinkled.

Developer reply

June 26, 2020

Hello Trinity Mom,

Thank you for giving us your honest feedback, we're so sorry to hear that you were unsatisfied with our services.
We did struggle with reduced capacities in our production facilities over the past weeks as well as a very high backlog of emails and calls in our customer service which is why we had to up the production and response times.
On June 24th we were finally able to reduce production times to 4 business days for ca. 50% of the orders and 6 business days for ca. 90% of them. Also, we now have more people helping out our colleagues in customer service and try to get back to all requests within a maximum of 4 business days.
We know that this can still be frustrating for our merchants and try to be transparent about this and to update our merchants as best we can on the following FAQ page: https://faq.spod.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012726799-COVID-19-Updates-#article

I can see that your store is closed now, perhaps you would still consider sending us pictures of the orders that were not to your satisfaction to support@spod.com, so we can try and find our what went wrong and maybe still offer you a solution for compensation.

Official Teamize

This company has the worst customer service ever! I called in to their department and they said they could not help me with my request. They sent my customers wrong packages and also packages that contained nothing! USPS and my customers contacted me and told me the packages arrived empty.

I’ve sold a lot of products with them and I should have switched to a new service a long time ago. Sent it two emails and called over 7 times and nobody has answered my emails it’s been 3 days now.

To be honest it’s actually disappointing.

Developer reply

June 19, 2020

Hello Official Teamize,

Thank you for your honest feedback, we can completely understand your frustration and are very sorry that you had troubles with both the orders and getting in touch with our customer service.
At the moment, we are trying to tackle the huge amount of emails and calls coming in, but are still trying to get back to merchants as quickly as we can.
We will get in touch with our colleagues to take another look at the orders that were faulty to see if we can find the best solution for you (if not already happened) and understand what went wrong internally and how we can fix it.
Thank you again, feedback like this is always valuable to us as we're constantly striving to improve our services.


Customer service is terrible and even though my shop is marked to stop selling an item that is out of stock, SPOD sold it anyway and then tagged it as out of stock with no option to change to a color in stock. Insteand I have to cancel an order or wait....unacceptable for a first time shopper to my store. and the rollover rep who took my call was terrible sounded so annoyed from the get go and definitely didn't go the extra mile. Told me all about the limitations of her job. So why bother with this spod? I have purchased alot but I am done...sorry you should have done better when there's more choice out there....gotta work harder for my business!!

Developer reply

June 12, 2020

Hi ShopAOKFitness,

We appreciate your honest feedback, and it is true we have had some delays in responding to customer service inquiries. We are experiencing a huge influx of new sellers that have pushed our Customer Service team to the limit. We now have additional staff in the team and seem to have reduced the backlog.

We are sorry to see this feedback as we have produced 12 orders for you over the last seven months without any issues.

We cannot import an order without stock as SPOD has live stock states in your Shopify store, I can have one of our engineers look into the logs of your store to see what happened with your order.

We wish you luck with the future of your business and sorry it did not work out this time.


Terrible customer service. Impossible to get a hold of over the phone and takes days to reply to emails. We understand there are delays but communication is key, would not recommend.

Developer reply

June 12, 2020

Hello TLBTees,

We are sorry to hear you had not had the experience you expected with us. We have been in contact with you over the last few days and have explained our backlog in Customer Service. Our phone lines are extremely busy right now so it can be difficult to get through. We now have many additional people working through the contacts we are receiving and we have reduced the backlog. We wish you luck with your future business. You can see our COVID-19 updates here about our current situations - https://faq.spod.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012726799-COVID-19-Updates-#article