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Bearbeitet am 6. Oktober 2022

The App Use to work fine (for about a week), now its listed as unsupported in my shopify dash. So, it does not work as advertised or lead to believe, when signing up from I've received no support from a product they endorsed and lead me to pick-up. When customers visit any artists pages at spotify, that our shopify pushes data to (Merch offers). Merchbar albums appear, if customer is not logged in to spotify. This is strange, because as the artists/representative I contacted merchbar to get more info and supply our own records. Even stranger, they did not return our emails, which drove us to start our own Merch solution with the aid of spotify/shopify. This schema is super strange, and makes the artist compete with their own products. I've contacted the vendor several times (spotify) and asked to prioritize our offers over Merchbars offers (for logged in/non-logged in users of spotify). I have omitted the original solution as we are now made to agree to shopify terms about bashing or wanting an incentive. I JUST WANT IT TO WORK AS ADVERTISED. PS: Still have not heard back from Spotify after a month. (Updated: Oct. 6th 2022)

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